A Quick How To Use Blogjob

I have noticed so many new members that are still looking around but I know the problem, How does this site work?

Always hover over the words/ my sites/ your name at the top of your page for the drop down menus.

First create your own site – Meaning your blog. Careful what you name your blog because the name is what everyone will see.

Next write a good blog about what you know. If you are just a life blogger as I am then do your thing.

SHARE! post your blog on all the media sites so that it will be read, each visitor that reads gives you a point. Interact with other bloggers to get people to view your blog.

Now to the points :

How to make 150 points per day? Easy!

Write two blogs that are well over 300 words = 100 points

Comment on other people blogs = 1 point each

Log in once a day = 2 points

Forum interaction = 1 point each

Update your wall = 1 point once or twice a day

Visit other members profiles and talk to them via wall = 1 point

AND there are more ways to make points, check out rewards.

Now if you think this takes all day you are wrong. I usually spend a couple hours a day here blogging and making my points and then I go to work, I raise food to eat, take care of someone who is ill and mylot a little each day.


Of course it pays! I have cashed out many times and for that golden $100 cash. The best part is that usually, okay always for me, I get paid the same day as I cash out!

REMEMBER: If you delete a comment, you take a point away. But by no means should you leave a comment that offends you. This site is awesome about catching spam so no need to worry there.

I hope this helps everyone get started, I look forward to reading all the new articles that you`ll be posting.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

24 thoughts on “A Quick How To Use Blogjob”

  1. This is very helpful for newbies like me (hehehe). Thanks for putting this. I have read somewhere on discussions that the new daily limit for new members is 100 points.

    1. Thank you for the insight and the workings in and out of blog job. I have to admit, I am one of those new members who did not know exactly how everything is done. But I still have my main problem: I still do not really know what to blog about. I have not found my niche yet, like they say. But it will come up eventually I hope. Again thank you for your post.

  2. You do not get a point if someone reads your content. Only if they comment. You and them both get a point for leaving a comment on a blog. It is a win win on both ends.

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