New Size Woman

Diets? Been there and done a ton of those! Exercise? Just name it I have tried it.

No I am no longer considered obese. Yes I was considered to be obese because I weighed thirty pounds over what they think I should weigh.

But not once did any doctor take in consideration my muscles. Yes I have nice size muscles. I have little fat on my legs and hip area because I do walk and run , a little old lady arm fat but I also paint houses and mow lawns with a push mower.

I carry all fat in my tummy area. BUT I am loosing weight and in the tummy area. No diets and no more exercise than I already get by working and walking and running.

So…. How am I doing this weight lost?

I am doing what I heard two doctors say, once to me and once to someone else.

Don`t worry about what you are eating so much as how much, Tony`s heart doctor said ” fix your normal plate and then take off half, you will lose weigh.” And then I was getting a diabetes check up and my doctor said ” drop twenty pounds and I am sure we can get you off the pill. He added ” just eat half of what you eat now and get up and move more.”

So not extra anything, just cut it in half. I did this and before I knew it I had lost eleven pounds.

I got out my Summer clothes and they are all to big! I dropped another size! But I still feel the same.

Last summer I was a size 13/14 in shorts and I wore extra large in shirts.

Today I bought me two new outfits, Shorts size 11/12 and shirts are now a large.

I almost busted out in song while in the dressing room trying on clothes 🙂

For me to drop a size is amazing.

I have to thank God for helping me because he is putting the right people in my life at the right time.

Now, do you want to drop a few pounds? just eat half!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Check In For April – Resolutions 2016

WOW! April went by so fast. So what did I accomplish? Or what do I need to work on more? Lets go through the list and see how thing went for the month of April.

One – Stop shopping so much and use up the stockpile. I am happy to say that this one is a big accomplishment. I am spending seventy five percent less on foods and household supplies and I have not bought any Hair or body products. NO stockpile items added.

Two – Start a new business. This is coming along, slow but I am making it. Most of the vegetable plants went into the garden, so this will be produce to home can and sell. I have four people on the list. I showed Tony how the people were going crazy over plants at this gas station set up and I told him that should be me, he agreed and told me to sell those houses if I wanted and to do the plants for a living. That is my intention. I will say its a fifty/ fifty on a scale.

Three- Replace the old worn out, things and thoughts. I am still looking for the right car/truck/van to drive, okay, I don`t want a van so scratch that one off that list. My car turned over to 310,000 today. As much as I would love a electric car I am not sure it`ll be in my best interest to get one at this time. Old thoughts? I am looking at things at a different angle and when I always said I would stand up and face all the crap, well its turned into a shit storm and I got sense enough to walk away and let it hit whoever wants to stay. this one of a NO/ somewhat Yes.

Four – Be more selfish and do for myself more. Fail, fail and fail. You can bet that May will be my month to move this one to the top of accomplishing.

Now, how are you doing with your goals since four months have gone by?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Disease – Its Not You!

I am not a believer when it comes to a disease being a part of a person.

Why? you may ask.

If I have cancer its a disease that has invaded me and its not me.

If I have a bad back, its still not me its a condition.

I cannot understand why so many people are being brainwashed by the medical field these days. A doctor speaks and the patient begins to feel what he or she is asking, except me that is because I am looking this person in the eyes telling them ” I am not sick.”

I take care of sick people and I have noticed that when a person is told they have a condition or a disease that they become a part of the problem, they take a zillion pills that do a zillion other things to there system. I see people killing themselves because someone said ” you`re sick.”

I am not telling anyone to stop taking medication, I am asking people to use their head, get more than one doctors opinion before freaking out and taking medication.

The mind is this great, wonderful organ that can be told what to do or it can be a leader and tell others what to do.

This year I was told I have three health problems by one doctor, all the time I am saying ” I am not sick!” He said ” we`ll see go see this specialist and take these tests.” So I did because I really like to prove people wrong ( that is why I wanted to be an attorney!) or go back and say ” you`re a good doctor!”

But I let this doctor get into my head, yes I did a little, and I would think ” was that pain something or because I painted 5,000 rooms with a roller on an extension pole?”

I seen the specialist and he asked me, ” you got pain?” I said ” no!” and then he read my tests, asked me what I did daily and I told him.

I found a GOOD doctor that did not want to push pills on me, that did not want anything to limit my life and he said ” Go live your life and come back when your OLD and sick, maybe then you`ll need my help.”

Now lets see how other people viewed my news.

My sister was over while I was working on painting a house, I walk up and down the hill coming and going while I am there. She said” Since you have _ _ should you be doing that?!”

Or ” you have asthma! you don`t need to be doing that!” I have not had an asthma attack in over twenty years!!!!

This one I love:

“Do not pick that up! you have a bad back.” I answered ” I did have a bad back till I got it popped back into place!”

Now what you have to do is not let a condition or a disease be you, don`t let it stop you from being what God wants you to be and to achieve. Get out of bed, get dressed and walk outside, wave at strangers and smile at mean people, do what you have always wanted to do, be happy anyways.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

How To Get The Share Media Buttons Back – And More

First – Go to your site (blog) Dashboard.

Second – You will see a like of actions on the black sidebar.

Third – Go down to “Plugins” and click.

Fourth- Scroll down till you see the ” Super socializer” option. Click activate.

Now you have all the share buttons back on your site. If you have more than one site you will have to activate the ” Super socializer” for each.

See that was easy! Right?


NOW to receive notifications through email.

First – Go to your site (blog) Dashboard.

Second – You will see a like of actions on the black sidebar.

Third – Go down to “settings” and click.

Fourth- click ” discussion” and scroll down to “Email me whenever” and clock the option that you want.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ” save changes.”


How to Leave your referral link on your social media.

Hover over your name at the right hand top of the screen and a drop down menu will appear.

Hover over Profile and another drop down menu will appear, click ” view.”

And you will see you referral link.

Left click your mouse and drag it across and it will turn blue.

Then right click your mouse while pointing to this link and when options appear click copy.

Now you can paste this on your facebook feed or whatever site you use for social media to ” invite” people to your site / Blog.


I have to say that I am by no means a know it all nor am I much good with computers, but I do learn fast and I am sharing with others what was hard for me to do but now I can.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry – Nickname Angie

How Did I Get Over It?

I woke and dragged myself up out of the bed this morning at seven am, after only sleeping five hours, when the alarm beeped.

I called Publix and asked ” did anyone turn in car keys?” The person looked and said no.

Next call was to my friend that pulls in our broken down cars, I call him friend now because he has pulled us in so many times over the years. He told me he was on his way to pick the car up.

He called me to tell me it was at Dodge service department.

I then called the dealership for the bad news, how much and how long will it take. The guy said ” $140″ I like to have fainted! For one key. I asked what time and he told me in two hours.

When I pulled in the dealership lot I seen my car in a parking space and knew it was ready, I went inside and paid and I asked why it was so much and the lady said ” yours is cheap some have been $400!”

As I was walking out of the dealership the phone rang, “Hello” I said when I answered the unknown number ” Hey Andria, this is Beth.” See I dont know a Beth, I said ” Yes maam” and she said “I have good news, we found your keys! they were in a shopping cart.” I thanked her and told her I would be down as soon as I could. Know what is weird about this situation? One of the employees pulled out every shopping cart last night with me looking for those keys and they were not there! I think someone took my keys off the top of my purse, felt guilt ( I had prayed) and brought them in this morning.

SO I just bought a $140 key and they just found my keys.

I drove over to Uncle Cuz house and dropped off the truck he allowed us to borrow, chatted a little.

But still how did I get over hitting rock bottom? Helpless when I had no car, carless means no way to go and now moneyless means go no where and buy nothing.

I came home and had a sandwich, watched some robot show and then I said ” I going to bed and I will set the clock to get up later,” Tony said ” go ahead and wake me when you get up.” I took a two and a half hour nap and got back up at six thirty pm.

When I got up I went straight outside and mowed some grass, at my house, all for me. Tony brought out the dogs and I walked them around a couple times and then tied Harley to the tree and he was happy to watch me, Roscoe laid in the tall grass and watched me.

And I had watermelon for dinner!

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Horrible Day!

Now all of my day was not bad, I have a wonderful morning online and canning and cleaning my house.

I had several calls about the rental houses and I took a quick application and they all work and have no pets, I had one showing today already planned.

But I went out…..

A couple weeks ago Tony`s truck broke down and ‘I’ paid for it to be hauled to the shop, The insurance gave those fee`s back but the the check was in his name, no problem he has endorsed his checks over to me before. But then I got the witch from hell at the bank.

For the past several months I have had problems getting transactions dine in the drive thru , I am always asked to come inside. This is the first time I was asked for Tony to come inside, show his drivers license and give a thumb print before giving me my money back, via check. I looked at this woman and through my ID on the counter as well and said ” You know I am not a new customer, I been with this bank for years AND this is not the first time ghe has paid me back money he owes with a check like this.”

OMG! This woman come off with people stealing social security checks and I could not help say, those are not paper anymore nor do they get mailed out. SHE ARGUED WITH ME! saying oh yes people still get paper checks mailed to them, then I made a real bitch face and held up this $65 check and said” its freakin $65 not $700!”

If I did not have to have Tony at this doctors appointment I would have closed my bank accounts out that minute but it`ll keep till Monday. I can go to the other two banks of wells Fargo and the people are very nice and polite, but not this one and its the closest. I refuse to drive across town just to receive respect.

The doctors office was empty but the back was full! I waited in the lobby for three hours and today was crazy people day!

After the doctor I hurried out to the rental house a few minutes late and what did I get, dope heads! How do I know this to judge them? When they are practically worshiping people who have been in and out of jail for making meth, taking meth and hell blowing up the house doing his meth thang. She told me to call her back when I got the laundry room painted and the house was done…. Nope I aint doing it! I will not rent to these people, let it set empty.

BUT that is not the worst part.

We stopped by Aldi`s on the way home and got fruit and veggies, we did not see any worchestshire (whatever) sauce so I went down to publix. I decided to take my blood pressure as I usually do, I took my car keys out of my pocket and lay them on top of my purse.

When I get outside, I have NO keys. Me and Tony looked this store over for an hour, asked everyone. I dumped my purse out on their counter, we searched all the shopping carts, no keys!

The worst part is I only have one key with the chip in it for this car, I do have a spare to open the car doors but the car will not run without the key with the chip. I call my wrecker man to come drag this car home but he tells me ” NO, let it sit till the morning and I will take it to the Dodge place, he tells me where to take the keys and asks do I have a way home.”

I called and got a ride to uncle cuz house and he gave Tony his truck for the night.

I just hope the person who has my car keys does not steal the car tonight, I left all my working stuff in the trunk.

I can say I am broken, hit rock bottom! A bitch at the bank, dope heads wont leave me alone about renting houses and I have absolutely no way to go, no car.

I cannot think what I did to deserve this day.

Goodnight cruel world.

By Andria Perry
Art by Andria Perry

Never Know What I`ll Say

If you think I take life serious all the time you will be completely one hundred percent wrong!

Just when you think things could not be worst, just wait for it 🙂 For instance last Friday I moved that gross , filthy stove out of the rental house that was left behind ( it had dead dried up maggots in the over! ) when I got to the front porch with it I asked Tony to put it to the side of the road and I write free on it. It was light and easy to move, I just walked it through the house one side at a time, Well Tony gets to the bottom of the steps (three) and it lands on his toe, he sits down and removes his shoe in serve pain. It was bleeding and I looked at it before going for a paper towel and I told him I can fix it, he said “how” I walked over and said “I can spit on it.”


When Tony was talking about how hard it was coming in and out from under the house where the pipe was busted. Then he admitted how out of shape he is, WELL?! What an opening for me 😀

I said ” You know you do need to get in better shape so try this for a week” and I paused, he said “What?” I continued with ” When we get home you need to crawl across the field each day, then you can do it like a pro next time.” The look on his face was priceless 🙂 He said ” Are you crazy?” I said ” HEY! you aint no better that the men in the Army, I seen them training and that is what they do!”

I have heard him tell a few older men ” I want to tell you what she told me to do….”

Do I just pick on Tony? Nope. If you are there and you open it for me, you`re it! 🙂

Life is short so ” Laugh, love and live!”

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Hey! I Know You!

Today has been awesome so far and its because I stayed home, no going to Anniston or the old neighborhood.

I took Tony to his Uncles house and dropped him out to go fishing for a few hours,So since I am down in that neck of the woods I decided to hit up a few places that I had made friends before the last move. Pell City, Alabama The place where red neck meets aristocrats, this always happens when there is a major river/ lake nearby. I put myself in the middle class, I got a little bit of red neck and a little bit of aristocracy. (okay we all know I am full of it but I am a dreamer 🙂 however I do know millionaires and crack heads …LOL.

I stopped at Walmart and I am SO glad I did not see anyone there that I know because if I had I would have been there talking for an hour. I breezed through grabbing me and Tony a new pair of sneakers each, yes those cheap ones that we can work in and not give a damn if thy get ruined, because the last ones are all messed up and not even presentable enough to go out in public wearing. I needed, no I wanted the generic brand of Splenda. I needed super floss to clean under my permanent bridge. I separated the cart and I paid for the shoes with the money I have made from eBay.

I think I am good with money, Over the years I have seen that spending money everyday is not necessary and that I don`t have to have a heart attack of I pass something by I really really want.

Okay back to my old friends.

I went to Publix in this city, where I learned to use coupons at the extreme level, where I taught people how to do it, where my nick name was ” coupon Queen” Where I rarely paid for food and any household item. I seen Amanda but she was with a customer and I know I heard Lisa but I did not get to talk to either. I went through Randy`s check out line and he told me he has missed me 🙂 and wanted to know why I have not been shopping with coupons, I had to tell him I was cheating on them with the Oxford Publix location. But I got a hug from Brittany out in the parking lot, we always shared the coupon deals and I gave her coupons and she would give me coupons.

One last stop, the post office. To bad she was busy because I like talking to Rebeca, seems we have family that we do not know but can talk about 🙂 to each other. Its good to know people who does NOT know any of your family.

I am home now, in the peace and quiet, only the dogs barking on occasion.

How is your day going?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Running On Empty

Here it is nearly six am, I have been up since before five am because of all the noise.

What noise? Cars driving on the road headed to work and Tony coughing.

It was cold in the house this morning, I forgot to turn the heat to come on when it got under sixty eight degrees.

After tossing and turning I got up and Tony was watching ” a preacher” one I do not agree with, Morgan is his name. He talks about nothing but money and is always asking people to sow seeds of one thousand dollars, to take that money you have been saving and sow it to his church, or take out a loan and send this money and he guarantees you COULD get ten thousand back from god. It would not be so bad if he preached about how much God loves us and will provide in out time of need if we only ask, but NO we have to send him money.

I did not get to sleep till well after midnight so I will be running on empty today.

First think is fixing that water pipe at the rental house, I think Lowe`s home improvement center opens at seven am and then I have to pick up Tony`s medication and its not open till nine am and closed for lunch at one pm. When I get back home I have to make doctor appointments for Tony, he needs to be checked out again because he is not feeling good anymore.

My usual Monday will not be happening so what I do today will be put off till tomorrow.

I really need a good break in life, a change with things as they are now because I do not want to be seventy years old and still doing what I am doing now and as my daddy told me, social security may not exist when I am old enough to apply for it. When I think about the next twenty years I am always going back to living off the land and using solar power so I need to get obsessed with that I reckon.

How is your Monday going?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

The Preacher Man

Its Sunday here in Alabama, USA. I have to say that I don`t go out to church as I once did when I was younger and its a big plus that I found a preacher on T.V. that I enjoy watching his uplifting messages.

Joel Osteen can take a verse from the Holy Bible and open your eyes with that one small verse, all about God`s goodness.

Today He preached on closing out all the bad, shutting out all the negative in your life. Drama as most people call it.

I am sure everyone has those worry wart friends that are constantly thinking their world is ending if they don`t do that one thing and they just bug the heck out of you about it, wanting you to agree with them, when all you can do is roll your eyes till your brain hurts and wish in your head for them to shut up!

Or people just won`t be your friend unless you gossip with them or agree about what others do that is not right in their book.

My life is filled with these personality types. AND that is why I moved away back in 2009.

But when my sister moved back to her place, after being away for five years, She tried to do this to me. Everyone was doing this or that and it was driving her crazy. Calling and calling, day or night, even midnight a couple of times. I was about to go insane and I asked for advice from a friend and I was told ” just don`t talk to her.” So I stopped answering the phone and when I did go to her house the only solution from me was ” Call the police.” I gave that advice because I cannot make people MIND me, I don`t rule the world, its a free world. After a couple weeks she settled down.

There was another woman that was in my life and her words were always ” If I was you I would____” and if you did not follow or disagreed you would become the object of her obsession to destroy, destroy your life.

Yes that telephone can become an evil object.

I have to say that the best thing that was ever invented was voice mail, 99% of the time I do not answer the phone. I let all calls go to th answering service and than IF I want to call back I do, if not then it was one of those toxic people that I an avoiding.

How about you? Is your life filled with people who thinks the world is ending if you dont jump and run to help THEM? Or have you learned to block them out and have a days rest?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry