All Jumbled Up

March 11, 2016

I think I have lost a few days somewhere in March, as I cannot believe that it is the eleventh of the month.

My plans were all jumbled up today because Tony had plans of his own and it was not going to work with me, but he is not supposed to be alone for long periods of time.

And my hired help has become on one day off one day and back on and so forth.

BUT, I played lets make a deal. I take him where he wants to go and I will still go to the rentals and show one and do a little nit picking stuff. Okay it was on.

I loaded the car with what I needed and Tony got him a few diet Pepsi and put them in the car cooler that I carry with me.

First stop Post office to mail off a ebay sell.

Click. Click. Nothing.

The car would not crank, so we beat the battery, still nothing.

I asked Tony if he could drive and I would deal with the car later, he said ” I guess” and went back inside for his keys while I switched everything over to the truck.

I did make it to the post office and to show the rental house and then he wanted to go to the chiropractor because his arm and shoulder has been hurting. We did and I ended up getting an adjustment too.

Next stop was Lowe`s home improvement center where Tony buys a saw, brand new was $50, then went on sale for $42 and now it was $20. When I looked it had a note ” missing a part” I said ” you don`t want that!” and that is when the store manager said “the only thing missing is that bolt” and pointed to it, it was a display and has never been used. Tony bought it.

I had to get some bathtub sealer, you know the special calk for bathrooms. I did find a deal. I found a clearance on what I needed just in the tube and not the calk thing. It was $2.41 per tube and it was on sale for .52! I bought ten 🙂 This stuff is not going to rot and I have two houses to repair besides this one.

I went back by the rental and locked up. I took the trash down the hill to the one house that I pay for pick up, they have not been home, so I used the service this week again. When the sheriff hung the notice they disappeared. I have not seen them since. I took the trash early because I may not get back by Sunday night to have it ready for pick up.

I did not cook tonight. We went for Chinese food. AFTER Tony hooked up the battery charger to my car battery. Come to find out I have a problem, the fog lights are coming on and not going off. Its always something with an older car.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Todays Random Junk

Being in the old neighborhood I get to hear all the latest gossip and some of he old gossip and sometimes in a few different versions 🙂

Rodger Dodger – Most everyone knows that they did not move their stuff out and that I went to get the court order to have them set out and its an automatic filling in the small claims court when you do this.

One – They have not seen anyone stying there, no lights and no people, no noise. BUT someone came and got the swing set with a trailer hooked to a truck. This one is believable, because I seen this.

Two – The guy is sleeping there at night but something happened to his car, so no one knows he is in there. LOL. No I do not believe this one because I know the man that Was renting there and he is so lazy he would park on the grass by the front door instead of parking in the driveway and using the sidewalk to the front door.

Three – No one is there, no light and no care for a week. This old couple came and get the swing set in a truck with a trailer, they had a little boy with them. This one I believe I see this too.


My Uncle was sitting out on his back porch and this man walks up and sits down, Uncle did not know him, never seen him before. The man asked him to work him, he wanted to trim his trees. Uncle told him they were just trimmed and he did not have any work for him.

The man said ” How about giving me a ride down to the store?” Uncle replied ” No, I`m not taking you no where. ” the man left.

I do believe this one because today I seen a stranger walking down Mountain View road and ALL the dogs was barking, because he was a stranger in the neighborhood.


Now you know I cannot just leave and not give out something so that the people will have something to talk about, right?!


I know everyone is curious about why those survey stakes are gone.

So I let it out about how BAD the surveyor was and could not read a deed and that 100 feet is not the same as 199 feet so I fired him 🙂

I also let it be known that I am going out of town to get the next surveyor, no locals to be bought off by the neighbors.

How about you, heard any interesting gossip today?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Verdict – Will I Live Or Not?

Today was the verdict and I have to say although I was thinking I would come out clean I still had that little nagging voice in the back of my head that was saying ” die, die and die again.”

I don`t feel sick and I have not felt sick since I moved from the old home place back in 2008. Well I have had a cold or allergy attack but not sick, sick.

My regular doctor told me last year when I went in for a check up and to get refills for my hormones, “you`re sick and I am sending you to the specialist.” I thought ” okay, but I don`t feel sick.”

I took the stress test, I took the echo, I took the ekg…. I took all of the tests and the verdict is in as of today.

I hate to tell everyone but I am gonna live! Yes I do have an extra heart beat, sometimes, but I was told I have a strong heart and I have nothing to worry about.

I passed the stress test so no clogged arteries, I have excellent blood pressure so he was not sure why I was sent there in the first place.

He said he would keep a check on me and for me to come back a couple times a year, Maybe, maybe when I get old And he rolled his eyes as he said “old” you might need a pacemaker.

I asked should I follow a specific diet or exercise plan and he told me ,” No, just keep doing what you are doing now.” 🙂

I reckon that my enemies are disappointed that I am gonna live but they can just suck it, they`re not God.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

My Breaking Point

I felt fine when I woke this morning although I was a little sore in my arms and back muscles but that is expected when I do work that I have not done in months. I also have sore hands from using the scrub brush for hours, another I knew it would happen but I had no choice.

I often hear people telling me ” I would not do that job, sell it and get out” or ” Hire someone you`re rich!” But I cannot do either. Why? For one where is the money going to come in if I don`t have a a job? And I have been doing this as a job for twenty years so who is going to hire me? Sell them? To who? That takes a lot of time, its not like I can post it today and have the money next week to pay the power bill.


Today was another breaking point for me. I do everything, I have no help. If I want food I have to cook it, if I want clean clothes I have to wash them. But I am sure that most women say ” big deal, so do I.”

So I want to do a week in review, it poured rain three of the five days and I could not stop and wait the rain out.

Sunday at work. I had to get the keys back from a tenant that moved, I had to clean the trash up so that I could make sure it would be taken and and left for me to haul to the dump even though they tried to hide the trash in the mounds of leaves,next I moved the trash to the curb from an eviction because they wont do it and it was full and smelling. Refill all medication boxes for a week For Tony so I will know if he took his meds or not.

Monday, I checked in with the two evicted people to see if they were staying and willing to be put out and taken to court, one asked for two more days, one was not moving and I will have to throw them out. Next stop was the paperwork to file to have them tossed out.

Tuesday I got the survey back that was not right because he did not actually survey my land. I collected rent.

Wednesday I had an evening doctor appointment so I went and gathered paperwork to see where my lines are at because I knew that three hundred and fifty dollar paper was way wrong by looking at it. One tenant did move and left the key in the door, The other evicted tenant sat on the porch all day showing defiance about moving. I am thinking this is the same day that I had a trespasser and I had to call the police. I also collected rent.

I don`t even remember Thursday.

Friday I worked all day, scrubbing filth.

Seriously I am not sure if what I did on those days are the right days, I just remember doing that last week.

Now don`t get me wrong about my job being all that hard, its mostly talking and when they move cleaning and repairing.

What brought me to my breaking point today is I am doing all the paper work, handling all the money, that means making sure everything gets paid. Eat? cook if I want food and I have to feed Tony. Clean? If it gets done, it me. Dogs? they only get food and water from me, they only get attention from me.

Then today I had this old man come over and tell me that my food plants need to be outside. After all the work I am doing growing them I think I know not to put them out in the 32° nights! Oh and I take care of the plants daily.

I like to write but honestly, Its getting hard to find any time.

I quit today!

I went to bed and slept for 1 1/2 hours.

But the problems were still here when I woke. Dirty dishes and no food cooked.

I want a new life, I need to give away all this control and live a little.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Interesting Day

I had made plans for the day and I can say that a little investigative work can reveal more than you could ever think.

I don`t like paying three Hundred and fifty dollars for a piece if paper that is not correct an told that it is.

So I spent Three dollars more to prove that a man once again is trying to take advantage of a woman, thinking that the woman is stupid and will believe anything and everything that is told to her. But he don`t know about Angie 🙂

Tomorrow I call out this man, if he doesnt want to correct the problem I am at liberty to report him to the state.

I am one fired up woman after I read four separated documents that range from 1942 to today. ALL of them are not wrong. He is.


Follow up with the doctor. I told my doctor about the steroid shot and how sick I was and how I medicated myself in order to keep diabetes under control. He told me he was impressed with how I handled the situation.

I also told him that since that happened about the muscle cramps so he took blood to test my vitamins.

I was told keep up the good work and sent away with three month supply of medication, a prescription that is.


I went to pick up medication and they had NOT filled Tony`s and I called it in on Monday. They filled something but it was not mine because I don`t use creme nothing.

I asked ” where is Sam?” and Steve said ” He got promoted so he wont be back.” I replied with “I am mad at him!” and the Woman in the back said “Don`t be mad at Sam, Steve did it.” And I said ” Tell him “I am mad he left.” Steve said ” HEY!” the woman in the back was laughing and yelling ” I love it!”

I finally got out medication before they closed for the evening.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Just Go Home!

Today has been one of those days when to many people want to hang under me to listen to my business and the Witch had to come out.

First I was at the bank, and the woman wanted me to “say” the amount I was depositing and I told her ” I do not want my business know to everyone in the car, send my stuff back.”

Then when I was in the bathroom at a restaurant that I took the same people to with me, I was in th stall and they walked in and this is what they said “I wonder what business she didn`t want us to hear?” the other one said ” I don`t know but its not my business and I don`t care.”

Next I got the call about the survey and I told the guy to meet me at the house of the survey and walk me through the lines of the property. He pulled up in front of me. We was walking on the side of the neighbor and that neighbor walked out and just stood there, he was listening to what this man was telling me about th lines. I looked at the man and I said ” lets walk to the other side for privacy.” He looked over and said ” sure.” That neighbor went inside but had the window up.

That was not the end, The evicted man that is two houses up the hill came and stood where he could hear, after a minute I looked over and I asked ” What do you want?” He told me he wanted to talk to Tony, I told him “go home.” He turned and went home, he knows I know he just wanted to see what was said.

And the best for last…..

I went to the house the GOOD tenant moved from and I wanted to post no trespassing signs because sometimes people move and they don`t tell people that they no longer want around, and a lock for the gate. Well, I pull up and there is a man walking in the yard toward the house, I stopped in the road and asked ” can I help you?” he smarted me up and said ” I am looking for my phone! what is it to you Botch?” and that is when Tony came out of the car and told him “well its her house thats what!” and now its on. I got Tony in the car and we drove to the gate and he opened it but this guy would not leave the yard and began cussing and slinging his arms wildly while walking back and forth. I called 911.

The guy jumped the fence twice, then they left and came back, they had a trash barrel burning when the police came. I told him I wanted a report filed. The police went over and after a little bit he called me to the fence and asked me to tell him to stay away if that is what I want, that is what I wanted so the policeman brought him to the fence and I said this ” Sir I would appreciate it if you would not come back in this yard again.” He went on about the phone and I could not help it and I added ” you should appreciate your phone and not throw it clear across the fence and into yard.”

Tony hung a no trespassing sign on the tree that faces his house. As I was walking back to the house the guy said ” they moved they even live there anymore,” the police said ” That lady is the OWNER!”

And that is a small part of my day!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry