Dreams – What Do They Mean?

Since the beginning people has wondered about dreams and what do they mean, these little movies that play in our heads while we are sleeping.

I dream and I dream a lot, most nights I remember them and other nights I don`t and that is because I took medication for allergies.

I did take allergy medication last night but a couple came through this morning and one I have no clue what it means.

But first a dream from a few nights ago is still in my mind, the snake dream.

I was with my sister and we were in the old neighborhood and this was a huge snake and we came out of a house and I jumped over it and warned my sister, it did not get killed in my dream.

I have always heard my entire life that when you dream of a snake or snakes that its a warning of a enemy and to watch your back.

But the weird thing is, I was talking to an ” enemy” earlier that evening before that nights snake dream, she thinks she plays me but I can sense how she really feels about me and I know she is plotting to harm me.

With the snake dream I was not taking any medication.

Now to this mornings weird dream.

I was in this outside room, like the backyards you see on the t.v. show ” yard crashers” and I was with someone and he was dressed nice, I knew him and it was as if we were a couple, I came to this place and I was greeted with a hug and kisses, yes more than one but it was the close mouth kisses.

After sitting and talking on this outdoors sofa he was called away by a neighbor and I went to the main house, which was no house I had ever been to, And a little later he was coming back down the walkway as I was going to clean up the outdoor area and he stopped to help me and we talked.

But what the talk was about was also strange, he said ” I can only stand so much noise and I had to leave.” I replied with ” Her voice will drive anyone crazy.” and I woke up.

With these dreams I was actually in them and I could feel, I could feel touch and in the snake dream I could feel fear for a moment.

Do you have dreams and wonder why or what they mean? Do you feel in your dreams?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Sweet Revenge

Revenge is best served cold. By someone, this is why I do not quote many because I cannot remember who said what. 🙂

I once read this book and it was about this young lady that was overweight and was picked on by all the other children ( picked on is an old school term now its called bullying) and there was of coarse one small group of the “pretty” girls that were the worst.

And you know it, when she grew up she was slim with a natural hour glass figure but those words were still nagging her in the back of her mind. She too seen the words ” Revenge is best served cold,” and that is when it all began.

Since she also was a successful business owner she just went ahead and signed up all the beautiful school mates for cookie of the month club. Its new and it worked this way, someone unknown would send the free cookies every week and the ladies would love the idea of having a secret admirer.

It was just a matter of time and there was school reunion . What sweet revenge she had gotten when she seen ” the pretty girl group” all overweight. She introduced herself, smiled and walked away.

Now lets get to the sabotage of real life. I guess some people do not know they are doing this but many do, and they do it with evil intentions, the saboteur.

Last week I was talking among a small group of people of all sizes and shapes. To me the size of a person makes no difference if I like them or not. I have been skinny and I have been fat, at the moment I am neither, but I know how people treat each other.

Nowadays if your skinny you MUST be a crack or meth head. If you are fat then you are seen as having no self control. I just don`t judge because I do not know the medical history of everyone and its not my place to judge.

Back to the group and chatting about everything and anything. I had mentioned that it took me a very long time but when I cut down on eating bread I lost 11 pounds and explained that it was hard because I like bread and then I added I am trying to go all the way meatless again, And everyone said ” NO way I have to eat my meat!”

A couple days pass and I go and talk to one of those people that was in the group and she offered me something, someone gives them boxes and boxes of this all the time, Bread. I did take some of the bread but its not for me, Tony eats bread even though the doctor told him to stop. And I will hand my sister a loaf of the chocolate banana bread. I tossed it in the freezer.

My mind went straight to that book that I had read… intentional sabotage or just being a nice person and sharing?

Do people really hunt down other peoples weakness and then find a way to tear them down? Heck YEAH! all the time.

The good book has always told me that God is the one who will seek revenge, to make it right what people have done wrong to you.

What do you think?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Healthy meme

It’s been a while since I did any fun meme. So here’s one from Sunday Stealing: Tag – @ShalooWalia

Healthy Meme

When was the last time you got a nose bleed?
I was 17 years old and just riding in the car and it happened for no reason.

Do you keep magazines by your toilet?

If you were a waiter/waitress, would you make good tips?
Yes, most certain.

Have you ever stolen a road sign or traffic barrier?

What are the best kind of Girl Scout cookies?
I don`t eat them.

When was the last time you purchased alcohol?

A couple years ago to make homemade cough syrup, I do not drink.

Do you find it attractive when a guy actually shows his feelings?
As long as he is not a whiner. 🙂

Are you a fussy eater?
No. I am getting of meat again but Its not hard to get around that.

List everything you ate and drank today:
Coffee, no food yet.

How are you sitting?
Upright in the chair at my desk.

Waiting for something?
Yes a million dollars 🙂

Do you like pretzels?

Do you wait until you’ve completely finished a certain makeup product before you buy a new one?

Did you wake up before 8:00 a.m. this morning?

Have you ever told anyone you were okay when you really weren’t?
Yes all the time because people don`t care to hear your problems.

Do you have reason to cry right now?
No not at the moment.

How many sodas a week do you have?
To many.

Do you shop at Victoria’s Secret?
When I have the extra money to blow.

Are you into sports?
Yes, somewhat.

Can you easily touch your toes?

What did the last shoes you wore look like?
Nasty work shoes 🙂

What do you currently hear?
The t.v. playing from the living room.

Have you ever done yoga?
Yes but not recent

Do you text a lot?

Do you have a fax machine at home?

Do you know anyone who has diabetes?
Me and so many others.

Have you ever had to block anyone online?

Are you afraid of thunder and lightning?

Are you a shop-a-holic?
No not really.

Are you healthy?
Yes I am.

Thanks for reading. Join me in this fun meme and don’t forget to tag me in your post so that I can come over and read your responses.

Photographs And Art ( of photos and art)

I have read many different opinions on how to use photos and personal art online with my articles. I do agree with some people but I have to disagree with others.

I do use the same photo many times but only when the article I am writing calls for an expression on my part and I have the perfect art or photo that is exactly how the article should be taken.

Other times when I find that the article is neutral I made a photo of my name and that is it.


When I am talking about new occurrences and the photo is exactly what is happening at that moment then I have that brand new photo for that article.

Maybe I am working on my house and its taking a month, I will post that photo on that article because its about this house.

Now what I am wondering is am I using photos and art wrong.

This is my art:


This one is about having a bad day or bad life and is expression that the day has blown my mind but not in a good way.

This one is about not having a voice and sticks and stones being thrown.


This one is my funny art, About Mars and the aliens.


This one is the bottle tree, I had a dream of three houses and a bottle tree and I painted it. A while later I was across the state at a cousins house and there was my dream, three exact homes and she had a bottle tree in her yard, spooky right?

Photographs of mine:


This one is an actual pill but its a big giant fake pill Tony got in some bag from Walgreens. I use this one often when I talk about medications or doctors.


This sky I use all the time, not really for any certain articles.


I use this money photo when I am talking about money.


I use this one when I talk about coupons.

Now is the big question, do you read an article if it has the same photo or art on the heading? And do you add the photo or art before or after you talk about the subject in the photo or the art?

By Andria Perry
Photos and art by Andria Perry

Uplifting Messages

There are days when I feel like everyone is just plain out messing me over and I cannot get ahead for nothing.

Yes this positive, get up and go make things happen woman does get discouraged because it seems like everything I am building and doing right is just torn down by people who do not care about me or what God has provided for me.

I try to live by ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And ” God just wants us to love one another.” I was brought up this way.

I was taught to respect others property and I do so, I would never destroy or break something that was not mine and not replace it, no matter the cost because it was on my doing.

I want kindness and love so I try my best to be this way and it seems that people take this as a weakness and use me for their door mat.

Then when I have to take someone to court to recover what they did to my business, I am all the sudden the worst person in the world.

I give to the poor, or maybe they would not be poor if they did not drink and maybe be doing drugs, but nonetheless I felt they were hungry and took them food. I hired and paid the young man to do a little yard work and he worked one day, I paid him more than he asked for, The next day I went and asked him to work, he said yes but never showed up. I did not ask again but I see him walking everywhere, sometimes with his face stuck in his cell phone.

Life has not been good to me and my body feels the pain.

Then I read an uplifting message and it bring me back down to earth, Don`t worry because God is in control.

God has my back and he knows best so I ask him to guide my words and ways today.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Crazy Day

I have to say that I was not in a good mood all day. I did not get but five hours of sleep after working extremely hard yesterday, I still have sore muscles in my back, hands and arms.

I “HAD” to have my car at the shop at eight am, by ten the latest. I made it there around nine thirty. I had no choice but to wait in the lobby till it was fixed.

It cost more than I expected so my account was overdrawn and the bank took the money from the small savings account to cover the change and give me a zero balance in checking, Plus they “TAKE” a fee for that. If I would have known running the card as credit would take the money out right away I would have made someone take me to the bank for cash.

The car is fixed.

Next I got the letter in the mail I have been waiting on from the courts, Tomorrow I will file another …. something to the judge for the court ordered eviction to be final with pay that they owe me. BUT if hard head Tony would have listened to me I would not even have to do this, I do the paperwork for a reason and that is because its legal and I stand by it as will a court of law, I have won cases before and its all based on the lease, my attorney made this lease for me based on Alabama state law and he uses it for his rental houses.

I have people watching this house and I will know if they come back. I have not seen anyone in thirteen days.

All day Tony has told me I am wrong when I say anything about anything. And twice he has had to tell me I am right.

Once about allowing him to rent a house, it always goes bad. Anyone that asks him and he says yes, BAD! they always mess me over.

Then about the truck insurance, he said it could be put on hold because money builds up on the policy, I told him no it doesnt. he insisted he was right so I pulled into the insurance company and I told him to go put it on hold.

He came out and said ” you`re right.” But he did not cancel it, I told him they would send a half of a months pay back to him, he told me to do it.

I stop to get produce from Adli`s and a call came in that I was waiting on and it was about the retarded man, he got put back in jail because he has a problem walking around naked outside, not they will send this retarded man to prison to be mistreated, he needs to be in a mental ward.

And the best part of my day, I am in Oxford and there is a stuck semi, half in the muddy median and the rest blocking a whole side of traffic. I said, right there is my turn off, reckon I can go around those two cars and turn off? Tony said ” yes do it!” And as I inched up slowly and cop jump out in front of my car with his hand up ” stop!” I was thinking oh crap, this can`t be good. He asked for my drivers license as he chewed me out for ” passing” as he called it. He run me and then made me wait till ALL the other cars going straight went before and continued to make me wait, till the policeman on the other side of the road got pissed and yelled something at him, then he let me go. Smart A Tony asked him did he want one of his cookies. I can say this cop has never been stuck in a wreck on I-20 because the side of the road is used to ” help ” get traffic flowing again, I almost said that but he was already pissed and I did not need a ticket. He never once asked for my insurance or said a word about Tony not wearing a seat belt.

Finally at home, Now I will take that nap to maybe make me feel better and not so … Witchy. I lay down and flip and flop around like a fish out of water, cant sleep. I am to tired to sleep!

I hope you day is better than mine.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Dead Battery and Dead Truck

This past weekend was something else when it came to the car and truck.

First my car battery was completely dead when I was leaving Saturday so Tony drove me to the meeting. When I got back I had Tony to put the battery changer on the car battery. It charged but he noticed something, the fog lights on, this happened once before about 10 years ago and th guy at the service department broke it and I took it to another shop to have it fixed. I wonder what happened this time!

Saturday, Tony`s truck was making a weird sound besides the normal tick it had, so he thought he needed the oil changed and bought that, got new oil and slick fifty for the tick.

Sunday Tony took his Chinese friend fishing, teaching him how at the local creek. The man caught a mess of fish and Tony took him home. On the way home the truck got weak and would not pull, he pulled off the road and it died. He called me and told me what was happening and he would call back in a few minutes to let me know if the truck cranked.

He called but it was to tell me someone was coming to pull him home.

This morning I am headed to work, click click. Nothing! So Tony puts the charger on and this is not working, its taking to long so he jumps me with his truck, that did crank but he seen steam coming up as he was charging my battery, he thinks he has a busted ring.

I get my car cranked and then he takes his battery out of the truck and puts it in the truck of my car, he rides to work with me , jumper cables too, just in case.

But I figured out something, if I put the blinker on before I turn off the motor the fig lights stay off.


I made an appointment with the shop to check it out this week.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Its Only In Your Head

Superstition – An irrational belief. No I didn’t say that, that’s how its defined in the Webster`s Dictionary. Now I have to admit that my mother was superstitious to a point that it made me and my little sister scared to do things. Once My sister spilled salt and my mother told her that was bad luck, she fell down 3 little steps, which were huge to her being a small child but that made a believer out of her. And me. Rachael Ray now tosses salt over her back on each show, how messy.

The black cat – Well this didn’t only apply to a black cat but cats in general, They were bad luck if they crossed the road in front of you while driving, unless another car was in front of you and then they got the bad luck. You could cross out that bad luck by making an X on your windshield, my can window was funky with my finger prints.

Chain letters – oh this is my favorite, “Don’t break the chain or something bad will happen, you have to pass this letter doing exactly what it tells you to do! ” This one has always been a superstition to scare people. Even On FaceBook “share and you`ll get money.” Not real!

Now I am in my twenties and we are driving down the “New ” Highway 202 going toward Coldwater to get on I-20 and that’s when it happened, the day I said “this superstition shit is going to kill people. ” There was a line of car in front of us and all the sudden a cat ran across the road and this woman stomped her brakes sending not one or two but 10 cars bumper to bumper or sliding side ways and on the shoulder because of a cat. The lady did a U-turn and went the other way! That’s the day I stopped being superstitious.

By the way we always had a cat around the house or outside but we wasn’t afraid of cats in the first place.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

The Aliens Did It

A couple days ago there was an all day marathon about aliens in space and some living on earth on one of those ” free ” for a month channels I never did watch.

This was right up Tony`s alley, I went to work and came back, still on, I went and did the landlady thing came back still on. (I did insist on one hour to watch Vikings)

While I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner Tony started a conversation about how aliens can observe us and we cannot see them but every now and then, and what happened to their space craft when we did see them.

So I answered with things like, “well their cloaking system must have went down and that is why you seen their spaceship” ( star trek conversation 🙂

Tony said ” I am sure its something like that and I wonder how that works. ” Yes he really said that with a straight face.

I said, “You could always get in touch with the invisible man and I am sure he could tell you all about that stuff.”

A minute passes and Tony said “Oh, your a real smart a**. ”

I could not help myself . Never again in a conversation will I ever be able to say ” ask the invisible man. ”

But he never once thought that me saying their cloaking system was down as not being serious!

I am sure there are others out in this big old universe but I am not so sure about some of the stories on t.v., Most of them are just theories of people who have nothing else to do in this world but think up weird stuff to amuse other people because they are tired of talking to themselves 🙂 AND the sad part is that most people do not listen to ” what if” while they are talking and they think what these guys are saying are actual account of sightings and more.

I have talked to Tony about this and now he HEARS ” what if” when these shows are on.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry – Inspired by Ancient Aliens

I Quit For 30 Days And Six Months

Back when I first began to use coupons I went to walmart and I also priced matched or some call it ad match. Then when many others began doing the same thing as I was they got stricter with their policy, after all we { the coupon people, money savers) were cleaning out products because we got them all free. But seriously it was no skin off their back because the manufacturer was giving them every cent back in cash.

But the problem was not with me shopping there with coupons but because I was there other things got bought, that is actually why they added the grocery section in the first place.

I did the 30 day cold turkey quit going to walmart to shop. I shopped at all the other stores.

Do you want to know what I discovered?

I discovered that the other stores were cheaper and with better quality of goods. I actually got more free food at Publix and Winn Dixie because they doubled the coupons, which made up for the price being a little higher. Clothing was cheaper at the ” Mall!” Store like Sears and old Navy.

I do go to Walmart now but I just had to stop and see if there was a difference. The best thing I can say about Walmart is that they are open 24/7 and sometimes I do need something at 2 am.


I have always worn makeup but I have never felt like I had to wear it. I am comfortable in my own skin.

But last year I had allergies so bad that it hurt my eyes to wear mascara and why use base makeup when you are blowing your nose often?

Before I knew it six months had passed and I had not worn makeup!

I was treated no differently than the painted up ladies by men or women, well… a few women snubbed their noses up at me because I guess I was not made up, or some said because of jealousy but naa, I think they were just snobs.

Have you even broke an addiction cold turkey? For whatever reason.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry