Dead Battery and Dead Truck

This past weekend was something else when it came to the car and truck.

First my car battery was completely dead when I was leaving Saturday so Tony drove me to the meeting. When I got back I had Tony to put the battery changer on the car battery. It charged but he noticed something, the fog lights on, this happened once before about 10 years ago and th guy at the service department broke it and I took it to another shop to have it fixed. I wonder what happened this time!

Saturday, Tony`s truck was making a weird sound besides the normal tick it had, so he thought he needed the oil changed and bought that, got new oil and slick fifty for the tick.

Sunday Tony took his Chinese friend fishing, teaching him how at the local creek. The man caught a mess of fish and Tony took him home. On the way home the truck got weak and would not pull, he pulled off the road and it died. He called me and told me what was happening and he would call back in a few minutes to let me know if the truck cranked.

He called but it was to tell me someone was coming to pull him home.

This morning I am headed to work, click click. Nothing! So Tony puts the charger on and this is not working, its taking to long so he jumps me with his truck, that did crank but he seen steam coming up as he was charging my battery, he thinks he has a busted ring.

I get my car cranked and then he takes his battery out of the truck and puts it in the truck of my car, he rides to work with me , jumper cables too, just in case.

But I figured out something, if I put the blinker on before I turn off the motor the fig lights stay off.


I made an appointment with the shop to check it out this week.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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  1. The van is still down here. That means when my boyfriend f=goes sees his brother I will be here with no vehicle again. Good thing I can order things online.

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