Verdict – Will I Live Or Not?

Today was the verdict and I have to say although I was thinking I would come out clean I still had that little nagging voice in the back of my head that was saying ” die, die and die again.”

I don`t feel sick and I have not felt sick since I moved from the old home place back in 2008. Well I have had a cold or allergy attack but not sick, sick.

My regular doctor told me last year when I went in for a check up and to get refills for my hormones, “you`re sick and I am sending you to the specialist.” I thought ” okay, but I don`t feel sick.”

I took the stress test, I took the echo, I took the ekg…. I took all of the tests and the verdict is in as of today.

I hate to tell everyone but I am gonna live! Yes I do have an extra heart beat, sometimes, but I was told I have a strong heart and I have nothing to worry about.

I passed the stress test so no clogged arteries, I have excellent blood pressure so he was not sure why I was sent there in the first place.

He said he would keep a check on me and for me to come back a couple times a year, Maybe, maybe when I get old And he rolled his eyes as he said “old” you might need a pacemaker.

I asked should I follow a specific diet or exercise plan and he told me ,” No, just keep doing what you are doing now.” 🙂

I reckon that my enemies are disappointed that I am gonna live but they can just suck it, they`re not God.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

8 thoughts on “Verdict – Will I Live Or Not?”

  1. Some doctors can not stand to see a person healthy. All they can think of is how to get them onto pills that will need another pill to counteract side affects. Then another and another. Glad everything is great

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