Interesting Day

I had made plans for the day and I can say that a little investigative work can reveal more than you could ever think.

I don`t like paying three Hundred and fifty dollars for a piece if paper that is not correct an told that it is.

So I spent Three dollars more to prove that a man once again is trying to take advantage of a woman, thinking that the woman is stupid and will believe anything and everything that is told to her. But he don`t know about Angie 🙂

Tomorrow I call out this man, if he doesnt want to correct the problem I am at liberty to report him to the state.

I am one fired up woman after I read four separated documents that range from 1942 to today. ALL of them are not wrong. He is.


Follow up with the doctor. I told my doctor about the steroid shot and how sick I was and how I medicated myself in order to keep diabetes under control. He told me he was impressed with how I handled the situation.

I also told him that since that happened about the muscle cramps so he took blood to test my vitamins.

I was told keep up the good work and sent away with three month supply of medication, a prescription that is.


I went to pick up medication and they had NOT filled Tony`s and I called it in on Monday. They filled something but it was not mine because I don`t use creme nothing.

I asked ” where is Sam?” and Steve said ” He got promoted so he wont be back.” I replied with “I am mad at him!” and the Woman in the back said “Don`t be mad at Sam, Steve did it.” And I said ” Tell him “I am mad he left.” Steve said ” HEY!” the woman in the back was laughing and yelling ” I love it!”

I finally got out medication before they closed for the evening.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

6 thoughts on “Interesting Day”

  1. Day was another one of my daughters episodes. Ugh! My boyfriend and I left and rode through the Independence Damn to relax. my RA is kicking in bad from all the stress. My teen son was babysitting my grandson. His daddy (my oldest son) went to work out the Y. he pays my teens on a bit to give him some spending money to babysit. My grandson being 21 months has a good arm. As he threw a plastic ball at me when I wasn’t looking. It hit me in the chest. Knocked the wind out of me. I think my grandson will make a good ball player in the future if he keeps that up.

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