Just Go Home!

Today has been one of those days when to many people want to hang under me to listen to my business and the Witch had to come out.

First I was at the bank, and the woman wanted me to “say” the amount I was depositing and I told her ” I do not want my business know to everyone in the car, send my stuff back.”

Then when I was in the bathroom at a restaurant that I took the same people to with me, I was in th stall and they walked in and this is what they said “I wonder what business she didn`t want us to hear?” the other one said ” I don`t know but its not my business and I don`t care.”

Next I got the call about the survey and I told the guy to meet me at the house of the survey and walk me through the lines of the property. He pulled up in front of me. We was walking on the side of the neighbor and that neighbor walked out and just stood there, he was listening to what this man was telling me about th lines. I looked at the man and I said ” lets walk to the other side for privacy.” He looked over and said ” sure.” That neighbor went inside but had the window up.

That was not the end, The evicted man that is two houses up the hill came and stood where he could hear, after a minute I looked over and I asked ” What do you want?” He told me he wanted to talk to Tony, I told him “go home.” He turned and went home, he knows I know he just wanted to see what was said.

And the best for last…..

I went to the house the GOOD tenant moved from and I wanted to post no trespassing signs because sometimes people move and they don`t tell people that they no longer want around, and a lock for the gate. Well, I pull up and there is a man walking in the yard toward the house, I stopped in the road and asked ” can I help you?” he smarted me up and said ” I am looking for my phone! what is it to you Botch?” and that is when Tony came out of the car and told him “well its her house thats what!” and now its on. I got Tony in the car and we drove to the gate and he opened it but this guy would not leave the yard and began cussing and slinging his arms wildly while walking back and forth. I called 911.

The guy jumped the fence twice, then they left and came back, they had a trash barrel burning when the police came. I told him I wanted a report filed. The police went over and after a little bit he called me to the fence and asked me to tell him to stay away if that is what I want, that is what I wanted so the policeman brought him to the fence and I said this ” Sir I would appreciate it if you would not come back in this yard again.” He went on about the phone and I could not help it and I added ” you should appreciate your phone and not throw it clear across the fence and into yard.”

Tony hung a no trespassing sign on the tree that faces his house. As I was walking back to the house the guy said ” they moved they even live there anymore,” the police said ” That lady is the OWNER!”

And that is a small part of my day!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

12 thoughts on “Just Go Home!”

      1. End this line of your business. The stress has got to be working on your health. If you sold all the houses, would you have enough to invest in an annuity to pay yourself?

  1. Mmm. There are some days we just don’t need to be around other people.

    For the bank teller, she might have not been sure she was reading the deposit slip right and wanted you to speak it to clarify. (I don’t know what your handwriting is like, but mine is HORRIBLE, and people have to ask me sometimes.)

  2. Some banks have announced as a policy recently that, because they “can’t afford” to offer perks that entice people to use banks more, they’re adopting policies of hassling people who deposit or withdraw cash. “If you don’t pay us to handle ALL those money transactions for you, you’re a freak” is the idea. If a few people had the fortitude to cash out their accounts, saying out loud “Until you learn to respect people who are competent to handle cash, you can’t work for me,” the banks would give up this very bad idea.

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