Unbecoming Behavior

I had a wreck last year, nothing serious but the jolt of being hit did mess up the alignment of my neck and back. I have been going to the Chiropractor, the same one I have been going to since he established business.

Over the years he had several more doctors in office to help, although I think he is better than the rest, One was Dr. C and I adored him but after his contract was up he moved his practice back to his home town an hour away.

That left the door open for new doctors. He hired two, one is older and one younger. Both are good doctors.


I noticed something after a few visits and its not nice.

The younger doctor would complain about everyone, for the most part the staff and his boss. He told me how much the women make per hour, at the smaller office in the college town, He said they were no doing their jobs.

Next he began to tell me about how some peoples breath stunk so bad. This was not nice ..” One older woman took a deep breath and it came out and went all in my face and mouth.” And this one. ” This one guy has naturally greasy skin and my hands are full of face greasy after he leaves and the staff asks me why I wash my hands.”

Well the main doctor gave me my schedule to visit for check ups and I know when something is out of place. I go in a couple times a month as ordered.

I stopped by to talk to one of the staff and I he told me they are moving, he did take the old grocery store building he had told me about it back in the Winter. I asked ” are you going to keep the other office open and he told me the ” if” and I wanted to tell him to say bye bye to that office but I could not because it would have been over heard.

No professional should ever talk about people to another patient, regardless if names are used or not. I do think this hurts a business. And this man`s business has been good so far for 30 years.

What do you think? Should I tell the doctor about this employee?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Listening To People

Yesterday was a very trying day for me. I needed to get work done but everyone wanted to “hang out ” and gossip.

But what I noticed was that I was supposed to care what they had to say but no one cared to hear me.

ALL day I kept telling myself, I wished I had just one person tell me ” its gonna be okay and you can do this.” But that was not the case because I had to close the doors and work alone to get what I had to do half way done.

First I got caught while opening up a rental to air out before people arrived to view it. The old tenant came over and wanted to chat but she did not keep me long.

My tenants : The elderly ladies stopped me on the hill as I was pulling out of this driveway and I was afraid of getting killed by a speeding car sitting in the road so I pulled over but not after having to yell about getting us killed. ( they have mental disabilities and really Don`t care) She started about her nerves and her stomach, asked what to buy to make her go potty.

Next as I was unloading the paint and working tools from the car it was the gossip lady. This is painful. To hear the same things over and over each time she traps you. I escaped when she got good news and ran to her house.

Again, more neighbors asking for junk on the yard, take it because its just going to the dump I said. As I was walking in the house here ran one of the elderly ladies, I said I don`t have time to talk I have to work, she told me to shut up and listen to her, so and so wants to buy that brown shelf, I answered rudely, she can have whatever she wants from the trash pile and walked inside.

I managed to get the bathroom painted and I took a break and sat on the front porch. My sister was walking to the store and stopped for a minute and the elderly woman seen me sitting down , she lives across the street, and here she came. My sister took off and I went back to work. Tony was outside showing the hired help what to take to the dump.

The elderly lady sat on the porch, after about 15 minutes Tony knocked on the door an told me she wanted to talk to me. I went out and she asked me when was I going to mow their yard. I told her maybe this week, if I can ever get this work done. She did not care, she just wanted me working at HER house.

Its not that I don`t want to be social, I am just working but no one seems to understand that painting a house is work and you cannot have them underfoot. I pray today is different and I can mange to be nice but not talk at all!

Ever have these days?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Things Change

In a blink of an eye things can change. Some people think that things just happen but I am not one of those people. I am thinking more toward ” it was meant to happen.” Even death.

I also believe that we have in us what we are supposed to be in life. I am often doubted for my abilities to make some decisions although I have done whatever successful many times before , the doubt is mainly because I did not go to college to learn ” how” but school is about reading books on the subject, right? I read several books and I can do this, I have done this.

Getting comfortable is what we are look to achieve, planting ourselves, making roots, but what about getting stuck instead of just being comfortable, that we should not stay in one house in the same town forever?

I was like this, I wanted better but I already had a home. I often prayed for better but went about my days like I did every day before the other one. Then one incident happened that sent my world spinning, not knowing where I would end up.

That one evil thing sent me to a better life, one I never thought I would ever have. Every single evil thing that this person/ people did God gave me more, gave me what I should have and not what was taken away, it was old and worn out, I was meant to have a better life.

Another thing that happened was by “a pack of evil doers” and God gave me the knowledge I needed, without going to school, to conquer all of them in just one day and alone. Sending me out to a new destiny.

This past few month I have seen the evil doings of this one person toward me but with every evil deed she does, God gives me the words and actions to conquer her evil intentions.

Yes things change and they can in the blink of the eye but be sure that God has the best coming your way. Give the problem to God. Just have faith and don`t worry. You have amazing things still to come.

No one ever said you would not meet evil doers.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Who Taught Me?

Since my normal morning routine was interrupted I went to a couple of other sites,to write and read like nobodies business and there I did get some inspiration to write a story I would not normally write.

Since I grew up without a mother from twelve years old up with my dad being both parents, I did not learn everything from him.

First my mom, she taught me how to sew and how to tend to Cactus. I am sure I watched enough to remember what spices she cooked with because family has often said I cook like my mother. I learned what a Tiffany lamp was because my mother loved them.

Oldest brother taught me to play baseball and basketball. How to ride a bike, well any sports.

My brother closest in age to me, five years older, taught me how to cuss and I learned to run fast to get away from him 🙂

My oldest brothers first wife Susan taught me how to swim at the age eleven and how to drive a car at the age thirteen years old.

My friend Debbie taught me how to make biscuits when I was fourteen years old, she was seventeen and married.

My eldest sister taught me how to sell stuff at the big trade days when I was a teen.

Mrs. Smith taught me to make the best coconut pie ever.

Tony taught me how to fish and hunt, but I have not killed an animal.

God sent me a step mother to teach me patience.

My dad taught me how to use a hand saw, how to cook a mean pot of dry beans and well…. he taught me that I can be whatever I put my mind to being and that to have anything you will have to earn it, nothing is free. My dad taught me responsibility.

Well , that is enough for at this time, how about you? Got anyone that you can say you learned a thing or two from?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

The Money Post – Life Is Odd

Note: Some of this content may sound strange and unreal but actually happened.

Since this will be the money post for me, cash out time, I think I will tell you a little about what I have heard about something that is not supposed to be talked about…. One : witness protection, read on to find out more.

I have met so many people in my lifetime that its unreal. I tend to talk to all walks of life, although I am shy to a point I still will be nice and seems people “trust” me with their secrets and have no problems spilling the beans, so to speak, I reckon to fill in the void of silence. I have learned to use a poker face, so not to offend.

When I was helping to promote a band on a zero budget I would travel to wherever they were playing and video tape and take photos for the website and youtube. The band played at any type of place from restaurants to bars to company picnics. But there was this one place they played all the time and this is where I met some really bull stories.

There was this guy that worked at this place and his live in girlfriend was the owners sister, he took pictures for the restaurant web site and he also knew that I was taking pictures for the bands site. Most of the time he stayed hid in the back or helping in the kitchen but he was still there all the time. I caught several pictures with him in them and as an added bonus for the restaurant I ” showed the food and the clean kitchen” to boost sales and to have more people coming.

I guess he finally looked at the band site and seen himself. The next weekend the band was there and he pulled me aside and said ” you have to take my pictures off the site.” I asked ” why? they are good pictures.” And this is where it got weird. He said ” I am in the witness protection program, I busted an online porn site and I was relocated here.”

Okay!! I had no words for this one! Finally I said, ” alright I will when I get home.”

Later I asked the owners sister and this guys girlfriend ” how long has ____ ___ been in the program? She had no clue to what he was talking about.

Time rocked around and I did not see either so I asked the owner, that was usually always drunk, ” What happened to them?” He said many cuss words then ” She moved to Florida with that lying A hole, that is where he is from.”

Was he really in witness protect? or full of bull crap? I figured he was running from the police because he probably owed to much child support.

What brings this old memory back? I just found out that someone MAY be interested in one of my rentals that is also in the witness protect program. I am most certainly denying this application!

Maybe for the next post I will tell you about the guy who got away from Jeffery Damner the serial killer, no this one was never on T.V.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry – Hid in the open.

Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News

Another unplanned fly by the seat of my pants day, I did work but not as you would think.

First I had to talk to someone about a mentally challenged person so I went to the count mental health center, They wanted me to take to someone else in a different office and if that did not help to come back to them. I also seen one of Tony`s family members heading inside :/

Next I wanted to check and see if I could get my blood test results from a few weeks ago so I would know what to eat and how much more to exercise. The news was not good but I did not expect it to be, my sugar a1c or whatever the tests name is, is still high so I have to get that down and I have not had a cholesterol test in a year and its up a little at 256 which is not real bad but it needs to be around 199, with the tri`s only 40 points over normal so I was told to do what I know to do, get back off animal products.

I made my three month check up today because the computers were down when I was there last. I also made Tony an Appointment and this is why….

I call in Tony`s medication and when I asked the guy, the guy we know that works there, to look up and see if he had a refill left on his testosterone he told me he would when he got time and I said, well how do I know if I need to make him an appointment, he told me to call back later. This made me mad and I did intend on reporting him but when I stopped by to pick up his medication today it was filled and will last ten months, with no refills left. The other lady said that was his weird sense of humor, well to me it just makes a mess or things.

Since he got his testosterone he went over and signed in for the nurse to give him a shot, now maybe he wont feel so tired he has been out over the time he usually has his shot.

Now I must work on me, I will become a veg head again.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Two Years Ago – Life In Photos

I was looking for inspiration of what to write about this morning, since I am sure many are tired of hearing about all the dirty rentals I am redoing.

So I decided to do a what was in the photos two years ago. Two years ago I was still writing for bubblews and I often used my ow photographs as I do now, so lets take a look now.


FISH! Fish was it. The guys went fishing and had an awesome time catching fresh water fish called “Crappie” and this is one of my favorite fresh water fishes.


After a few was cleaned I then cooked them up with waffle fries and cole slaw.


Well…. okay I was working on a rental house. I had to have this done because it was becoming a huge pain in my backside. I had two of the rental houses on one water line, I bought them like this and after years of people not paying the bill and I had to pay it I bit the bullet, so to speak, and I forked out five hundred and fifty dollars to have a new water meter installed, but I still had to get the pipe in from the meter to the house. I helped dig this ditch with two men. One man wanted me to slow down to drag out this job but since I was paying him I worked harder than he did. But it got done and I got big muscles 🙂


I snapped a few photos of all the beautiful blooming trees on my way to work that day. This is a Bradford pear tree in full bloom, these are male pear trees and they do not bear fruit but are necessary to have, to make fruit on the female trees.

What happened in your world two years ago? Can you look back and see?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

It Could Be Worst – Part Two

Now back to my day and its not even over yet.

She was complaining about the pollen and how bad she feels and the doctor gave her a V pack, she said ” you`re not sick?” I replied “no, I just sneeze occasionally.” Then I asked her if she would look out her window and see if those people finished moving the stuff. Her answer was “No.”

Me Working from home :

I did my usual morning interacting and I wrote a Blog, My Monday minimalism post. I even took time to stop at mylot for a few minutes to let my friends there know I am still alive.

I watered the tomatoes and the bell pepper plants, the rest were okay. The possibility of a freeze will pass tonight and I can take the plants back out tomorrow, the temps will be around 70° F. I will be glad to build the green house because I have an entire room filled with vegetable and fruit plants, and a part of another!

Since no one moved that stuff out of the yard at the Newborn street rental and the living room is full of furniture, I called the lady and reminded her that I need to show this house on Wednesday, she told me they were going this evening and get it done if it took all night. I want to believe her but I cannot. I will see because I will be working tomorrow if its Gods will. I really don`t want any of this stuff, it all old and used up and I would not even be able to sell it in a yard sale.

I also found out that the tenant that took the bigger house has been moving her stuff all day. I am glad they are moving to the bigger house.

Wow and its just a little after five pm.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

It Could Be Worst

I took the day off, I could have went out to work as usual but I needed to catch up with life here on the homestead. Tony`s Uncle came and got him so I had a peaceful day to myself.

All of me :

The dogs were out of food so I went to walmart to get kibbles n bits, I had a two dollar off one bag coupon and its always around nine ninety eight. Next stop was the little grocery store chain for Tony`s meats cause he was out and they are cheaper than th rest.

I had plenty of people looking at me ,smile and walk on. I thought nothing about it because some days people are nicer than other days.

Then I got home and looked in the mirror, no wonder they were looking and smiling, My hair looked weird! The wind is blowing really hard so I sloppy bun the long part and hair sprayed the bangs. The bun was still okay but the bangs were sticking straight out in front, making a weird stuck up in the air look. I bet they were thinking ” here comes a crazy lady smiling, just smile and keep going” 🙂 I am glad I did not see anyone I knew.

At Home:

I gathered up a small load of towels and wash clothes to wash. I got those done and washed a blanket and sheets.

I washed all the dirty dishes and put on a pork roast for Tony`s dinner.

I cleaned the “everybody`s” Bathroom, it`s always the first to get cleaned.

I was feeling tired so I took advantage of the peace and quiet and laid down for a nap. I drifted off to sleep right away. Thirty minutes later the phone rang and my mistake was putting in on the bedside table. I looked at the number and turned over, went back to sleep. Another thirty minutes passed and it rang again, I looked at the number and it was my sister. I answered.

This is not all of my short day… wait for part two coming your way 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

What Was I Thinking?

In a single day I can think about many things and people and not once does it ever connect to what I am doing at home or work.

Never once did I think about dinner but I came home from killing myself trying to get that house cleaned out so I can start back making a payday from it. Anyways I walked in the kitchen and made goulash and garlic toast, no thoughts on cooking at all, my mind was elsewhere and I made a wonderful meal.

I am often so deep in thought that I will drive somewhere and never remember the trip itself, its like I know the way without thinking.

I can mow the lawn and the time will pass fast because I am always thinking of days to come or what I need to do tomorrow or before bed.

Tonight I am wondering about someone, I guess I will just have to call even though I do hate talking on the phone.

That reminds me I have to write down another call to make tomorrow and that is to call in Tony`s medications, All weekend I have a ” do Monday list” on the counter to write down stuff so I wont forget.

But while I am writing all of this I am thinking about how I am going to word and write out the bill to the previous tenant, her damage deposit did not cover even the materials, much less the labor. She will own me just a little over one thousand dollars! Think I will get this money? Tony says No but I am not so sure, I will add that she can make payments.

I have to bite the bullet and go restock the meats for Tony. I don`t mind eating chicken but he insists on pork and beef. He doesn`t need all that red meat, he has already suffered with clogged arteries.

I know, I think to much, right?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry