Saturday – Free?

Wow! I cannot believe that I got a Saturday off from work! I did it though.

Well, I did make a few phone calls to a couple tenants but that is all and it was a have to not a want to.

Then we went for a ride. We did end up in the old neighborhood but it was not for work, just a ride through. The old nosy man came out and put his two cents in, told me to forget about this and that, he knows what is what because its been like that since before he was born, I don`t know if he got this but I said” thats antique now !” But those words was enough to get my hairs up on my back (meow) and I will make that call on Monday.

I rode by and checked out my old home place, looks the same and that is lonesome, the flowers are coming up all over the yard.

Then we just got on the back roads and rode around, looking at all the tree`s in full bloom. The red buds that are actually purple and the red blooming tree`s that I don`t know the name of because I always called those red buds 🙂 Many, many tulip tree`s are in full bloom, I have seen pink and a deep pinkish purple so far. Camilla`s are also a late winter early spring bloomer. Daffodils are everywhere in full bloom!

We ended up in a little town north west of Anniston and we had Chinese food for dinner. I swear I cannot eat as much as I want, one plate was all I could hold this time and it was so good. I reckon thats a good thing since I am supposed to lose weight. I was good and stayed away from the rice and noodles 🙂

Next I went to Walmart in Oxford, I have been out of ink for the printer for a month. I bought it today. I need the ink. I have been hand writing the evictions, well everything!

At home I had plenty of daylight left to play with and walk the dogs. They love their me time with me 🙂

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

6 thoughts on “Saturday – Free?”

  1. Saturday was a busy day for us. Shopping, more shopping (food and other things) then babysitting whilst our daughter and her husband went to meet the parents of a friend who is getting married shortly. It was midnight before we got home.

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