The Dream

I woke from a nightmare early this morning, hours before the alarm clock was to wake me. In this nightmare I was being abducted.

I had gotten out on the passengers side and had the door open and standing beside the SUV, although I was driving, to punch in a “check in card” and I had been thinking about giving it up for the night, I was working this undercover job as a policewoman.

That is when a couple pulled in behind me, a black male and female in some type of big SUV, I did not know them but I figured they probably worked as I was, undercover. The male went around the drive up check in box that I had placed my card in and was waiting on a officer to respond, but I did not get a verbal response from the dispatch as I usually did.

As my eyes followed the male and I nodded, this took all attention from the female, she walked up fast behind me trapping me into the corner of the open door and she stabbed me with something in the lower side toward my back, a needle maybe.

I began to get drowsy as she went passed me into the drivers seat through the passengers door, I dove in on top of her and I flipped the door lock to open, I was trying to open the door to shove her out……..

That is when I woke up.

But I was not laying in the bed.

I was on the side of the bed and I was pushing the nightstand. I stopped and I laid back in the bed, got under the covers, I was freezing. But I never did close my eyes. I was awake. Wide awake.

I looked over at the clock, 6:34 am. Great!

I got up and made coffee and began my day. I was thinking I cannot watch Criminal Minds and the Dexter back to back before going to bed ever again.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

6 thoughts on “The Dream”

    1. No @irenen1 I remember many of my dreams and sometimes I wake each time a new one begins and an old one ends, It used to be worst when I was a sleep walker. I have always had a problem remembering dreams. I wish I didn’t.

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