The Humorous Side Of Life

I just cannot let work keep me stressed so I put work away when I am other places so not to sour my mood toward others not involved in the situation.

While I was at the courthouse getting the appropriate paper work for the court ordered eviction there was this elderly black lady walking slow in the parking space in front of my car, she stopped and looked at me and said ” will you pick me up and tote me to that building?” I replied ” If I were that strong I most certainly would!” Tony yelled from the car, ” Help her inside.” She told me “no” but I held out my arm and told her “take my arm however you are comfortable and we`ll walk inside.”

There was many people coming and going and I told this lady to tell the guards she wanted strip searched today, well the passer by`s got a laugh out of that as did th old lady.

When we made it inside to the area you empty your pockets I looked at the elderly guards and said ” This lady insists on being stripped searched today!”

That was a Kodak moment 🙂 One said ” I should have took today off.” I was smiling as I walked off.

I got in the car and found out she had asked Tony to tote her inside too. 🙂

Next was the bank.

As I was walking up there was a younger woman than me but not to much younger that waited and held the door open, I said ” Thank you! Thats nice of you to help the elderly.” She smiles and one teller did that was listening.

In Walmart I was buying paint for all the up coming empty houses and the elderly door greeter looked at my buggy that had a five gallon of paint, rollers and naps. I said ” Do you need to see my receipt?” she looked down and said softy ” No you`re good.” I replied ” Yeah, if I was gonna steal it sure wouldnt be working materials.” and I got a chuckle and ” you got that right.”

Then when I got home and sat for a minute to rest I read the entire court order and found out that when I have the tenant served to move that I am automatic entered into small claims court, Yay! And that made my day.

So I don`t want people to think that I am always in witch mode because that is not so, I prefer to smile most of the time. Although all of the comments were corny, At least I got some smiles.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Resolutions – Check In Time February

Wow! Another month has already passed, so how have you, or rather me, been doing with those new year resolutions?

I always make four, two that I should accomplish pretty easily and two that will take a lot of trying. I don`t always accomplish all of them but I am still trying to better myself in the meantime.

One : Stop shopping so much and use up the stockpile.

I am proud of myself and I have accomplished this resolution this month, I did not shop but around half as much as I would have. For the most part I have only bought fresh produce for myself and bread and meats for Tony.

Two: Start a new business.

I have been working at this but I may not make it. Unlike before when I did my own business and I ran the other roofing business I did have help with the roofing business. But running two and doing so much of the work alone is hard and either I do one or the other. I have to make the rentals my priority as it pays my bills and work slower on the new business. I am doing this but its hard.

Three: Replace the old with new.

This one is a complete fail! I just don`t have the time or money to shop, not yet anyways. I am looking for another car, truck or SUV.

Four: Be more selfish.

What is being selfish? Okay I am doing this a little. I refuse to be forced to eat what others eat when I really don`t like it or want it and I am cooking more of what I like, they can eat it or starve 🙂 I have also been enjoying more time on the computer, although ninety nine percent of the computer time is for making money but I still enjoy reading and hearing of other peoples life and points of view.

How about you/ How are you doing on those resolutions or life goals?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Saturday – Free?

Wow! I cannot believe that I got a Saturday off from work! I did it though.

Well, I did make a few phone calls to a couple tenants but that is all and it was a have to not a want to.

Then we went for a ride. We did end up in the old neighborhood but it was not for work, just a ride through. The old nosy man came out and put his two cents in, told me to forget about this and that, he knows what is what because its been like that since before he was born, I don`t know if he got this but I said” thats antique now !” But those words was enough to get my hairs up on my back (meow) and I will make that call on Monday.

I rode by and checked out my old home place, looks the same and that is lonesome, the flowers are coming up all over the yard.

Then we just got on the back roads and rode around, looking at all the tree`s in full bloom. The red buds that are actually purple and the red blooming tree`s that I don`t know the name of because I always called those red buds 🙂 Many, many tulip tree`s are in full bloom, I have seen pink and a deep pinkish purple so far. Camilla`s are also a late winter early spring bloomer. Daffodils are everywhere in full bloom!

We ended up in a little town north west of Anniston and we had Chinese food for dinner. I swear I cannot eat as much as I want, one plate was all I could hold this time and it was so good. I reckon thats a good thing since I am supposed to lose weight. I was good and stayed away from the rice and noodles 🙂

Next I went to Walmart in Oxford, I have been out of ink for the printer for a month. I bought it today. I need the ink. I have been hand writing the evictions, well everything!

At home I had plenty of daylight left to play with and walk the dogs. They love their me time with me 🙂

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Saying I Don`t Care

I don`t care. What is the meaning of those words?

How many times have you said those three words? I cannot count the amount of times I have said ” I don`t care.”

Now saying ‘I don`t care’ is all about when you say it and how you are using those three words.

I am often speaking about how I don`t care what others think about me or say about me, I feel its just gossiping and if they want to talk about me then I reckon I am popular enough to be the center of their world. Either its love or jealous, right?

When I am talking about going somewhere and I say ” I don`t care” how I look, Its nothing fancy. That would mean that I don`t care that I am just dressed in my work clothes and shoes. Its not saying I don`t care how I look, as I do brush my hair and teeth and I am wearing clothing that is covering my body.

Now there are times that “I don`t care” can mean a whole different thing. For instance: when someone has lied and lied so much to you and still they did not deliver on what they had promised and they come out with yet another excuse I will look them in the eye and say ” I don`t care” and its not my problem. Its like this with me, I caught you in one lie so I will never believe you again.

And yet another use of those three little words, I have guest over and their children are going to make a mess and I know this because they are children and the parents are going nuts trying to, well, not be embarrassed by what the child is doing so I will say ” Its okay, I don`t care if they make a mess, we`ll clean it up later.

One more. I am home and the boyfriend comes up and asks, “DO you mind if I go out for a while with the guys?” I will respond ” No, I don`t care, Have fun.”

Now how much do you say ” I don`t care?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

The Dream

I woke from a nightmare early this morning, hours before the alarm clock was to wake me. In this nightmare I was being abducted.

I had gotten out on the passengers side and had the door open and standing beside the SUV, although I was driving, to punch in a “check in card” and I had been thinking about giving it up for the night, I was working this undercover job as a policewoman.

That is when a couple pulled in behind me, a black male and female in some type of big SUV, I did not know them but I figured they probably worked as I was, undercover. The male went around the drive up check in box that I had placed my card in and was waiting on a officer to respond, but I did not get a verbal response from the dispatch as I usually did.

As my eyes followed the male and I nodded, this took all attention from the female, she walked up fast behind me trapping me into the corner of the open door and she stabbed me with something in the lower side toward my back, a needle maybe.

I began to get drowsy as she went passed me into the drivers seat through the passengers door, I dove in on top of her and I flipped the door lock to open, I was trying to open the door to shove her out……..

That is when I woke up.

But I was not laying in the bed.

I was on the side of the bed and I was pushing the nightstand. I stopped and I laid back in the bed, got under the covers, I was freezing. But I never did close my eyes. I was awake. Wide awake.

I looked over at the clock, 6:34 am. Great!

I got up and made coffee and began my day. I was thinking I cannot watch Criminal Minds and the Dexter back to back before going to bed ever again.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

My Minimal Hoarding Life

As of today I will be posting my non profit blog at Blogger on Blogjob. So I will do a quick update about what I mean when I say minimal, minimalist and hoarding.

I think everyone has hoarding tendencies but its to what extent that it becomes a problem, when you cannot walk in your home or you are buying the same product you have but you just cannot find it or don`t want to “dig” for it.

For the most part of my life I have always been a minimalist because I grew up with my dad and he somewhat hoarded things, but they were neat and clean things, but none the less to many things.

Next was owning a business, that meant “keeping junk” around for the next job, materials for roofing and not shingle roof but hot tar and gravel.

But I still tried to apply this ” minimalism” to my own home. I failed and got to much stuff and no closets for it to live in.

In 2009 I got rid of over half of my so called life when I moved. When the next move came two years later I gave away another half of what I had. With each move I was just tired of “stuff” I did not use.

Then came an inheritance last year and that was a near disaster because I loved this old lady and she did have nice stuff. But in the end, I did sell most of it and only kept what I could use, I gave so much away to needy people.

Today? I am maintaining my home and keeping it clean. That is another part of minimalism, keeping the home clean.

And that is where I am now, although I am not buying stuff, I will be replacing old stuff that is no longer energy efficient , getting rid of clothes that are to big and buying my size.

Being a minimalist is a struggle in this world of shopping, buying and owning.

Here is a look back at what I think and how I am managing a minimal hoarding life.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Spring In February

Here in central Alabama we are getting a taste of warmth and spring, I reckon you could call us the deep south but when I think of the deep south I am thinking about Mobile Alabama or the Keys of Florida.


There are a few flowers that always come up and pop out when spring is getting close and all around my deck I see them, Daffodils. No matter where I live I always take a clump of daffodil bulbs with me. Its a comfort flower 🙂

Daffodils come in many colors now but I still will call the plain yellow my favorite by far, daffodils seem to love it wherever you put them. And its common to be riding on a road and see them growing and blooming next to the edge. Or you look on the side of a mountain and there under the trees are a patch of daffodils, smiling down at you.


Another indication that Spring is near is when the yellow bell bushed are blooming. You will see naked branches strong and proud laced with tiny yellow flowers that resembles bells.

Yellow bell bushes are easy to root, just cut a ling branch and stick it into the dirt, and that is it. Soon you will see new leaves and you will have a bush developing. This is another must have for me, so each time I move I take a few branches with me so that I will always have a beautiful yellow bell bush to welcome spring.


Least but not last is the old hated Dandelion, well they are not hated my me at all. I will see a few scattered about the grass with their brilliant yellow flowers, here they have a mixed colored leaf but as the warmth continues they will turn bright green.

There are many uses for the dandelion and you can eat the flower and leaves, even harvest the roots for tea. I have yet to try the dandelion plant except a few leaves harvested here and there.

What do you see as a sign of Spring?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Not Much

That means I don`t have much to do today, at least nothing much planned.

I want to go to the park and just walk and hang out in the sunshine away from people,Most people are walking or running for health reasons but I could never do that with Tony, he talks to ANYONE that will stop a minute and listen, about what? Anything that pops into his head at that moment.

We have a few doctor check ups, but that is just to make sure we are both over that cold/flu thing. And the last test to show that nothing is wrong with my heart.

I may drop by Aldi`s and check out the produce of the week. I am not sure I would buy anything since I still have plenty of fresh produce.

I am thinking about hitting up that attorney and seeing what is going on with all that mess and to let him know what was done almost killed me and did add a nail to my coffin.

I changed my purse back to the smaller one, I had bought one that was called a medium size and its black with the hippie strings that hangs down. The problem was that everything went to the bottom and I have to dig. I am just not a bog purse kind of woman. I like them smaller so when I open it, my stuff is there where I can see it. Digging for the cell phone was the worst so I just kept the ringer off all the time so I did not have to dig it out.

Right at this moment I am enjoying the quiet time I have, everyone is asleep and I am washing clothes. The sun is shining and the day will be good.

How about you, got plans for today?

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

One Week – Thoughts And Fears

I searched the correct terms online and came up with it in no time flat. It has a slided page so I can see each page. I immediately stop looking and I click the X in the corner. “Just kill the whole page,” I thought to myself.

I visited the weekly group online and announced I would not be around this week, I said ” I am burned out.”

Sunday came and I had the urge to get into the car and go anyways, “just two” I was telling myself. The Angel on my shoulder whispered “no! you can do this!”

Monday comes and I know what is in my purse, the list and the envelop and the money. I have one more day if I cannot make it today.

Itchy palms came all day Tuesday and my car was in the shop. I asked my ride for the day ” Will you stop by and let me run in?” The answer was ” Can you do it in the next town? I have to deliver work materials.” I answered “Yeah, sure.”

He stopped for hamburger meat at the little neighborhood store, Food outlet, and I spied some of those French horns filled with delicious creme, I turned my head and walked fast, I looked back and thought about all the pain those would cause for a few seconds of heaven and ran to check out.

The drive home was tiring even though I stopped for a cup of coffee and sipped the entire way.

At home, because of the hamburger meat, I seen the time and I knew I would not get to go.

Sadness swept over me. I cooked dinner and I was always looking at the clock, time ticking away.

I gave up and went to the office and sat down to write, as usual but usually I am not sad for wanting to go do this as badly as I wanted it in that moment.

T.V.! my weekly show was about to come on, Tick tock, tick tock, getting later and later.

By the time both NCIS shows were off I gave up to complete disappointment knowing I was not going to do this. One week, that is all I kept telling myself, inside my head one week echoed.

Although I had the list from the online paper, Although I had the coupons in the envelope to buy what was on the list, although I had enough money to pay the taxes. I made it one week without buying anything with coupons, no extreme coupons. No stockpile additions.

Resolution number one ” cut back on shopping for stockpile items”. One week of wanting but one week of not doing.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Random Thoughts

Its sunny out today and I am hoping the temps soar into the seventies, I need to bust out of this place and get some fresh air, a walk and some prayer time.

It rained for twenty four hours, I think, and hard rain. I have a small pond in the front yard and the dogs have full pot holes in their yard, the back yard. I have no idea why they dig holes but they do and I see them even drinking the water from those holes and not their water bucket.

I have to pick up my car, I dropped it off at the shop to have a small oil leak fixed while I had a little money left in that account. Now I wont have to get all greasy checking the oil. Its hard to hit that small hole pouring oil and not spilling it, I got good at it. Yes I know they make funnels for that but tell all the _______ that smash mine flat and just plain don`t care if I have one.

I still plan to buy a new car, or rather a newer car. I have never had a brand new car, I seem to always buy a lightly used car and save half of what it would have cost.

Want a dodge but may settle for something else.



I plan to work at the rentals, doing what I do not know yet.

I just cashed out on Blogjob and I am working toward my next $100. I have $3.65 toward my $10 cash out at EliteWriters, but its just a young site with a few active members, I think it would be a great site if more would just post and comment a little. I have reached the $10 cash out for mylot but its at the end of each month so whatever I make between now and then over the Ten dollars will be my payday there.

I work with the plants every morning and I plant on days with a good sign, very productive. I did this method last Spring and I had SO many vegetables I was giving them away. Can I make this new job work for me? I don`t know but I will try and thats about all I can do.

What are your thoughts?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry