Sunday Smash Up

Once again I had one of those days that I don`t have just one thing to talk about but many, so I will do a smash up.

First thing I don`t even think I did anything toward getting off the grid today but I did use some of the foods that I canned, so maybe that counts 🙂 Me and the dogs just walked and they hunted around the fields, it was pretty cold but we all was good as long as we were moving. I cleaned up the garage.

Next is working, I did nothing toward being a landlady and for once I had a day without anyone calling from any of the rentals. I did write a couple posts this morning for the blogs and I did get outside in the garage and I looked into the outside tubs for pots and starter cups. I did find some as well as a couple bags of mulch and fertilizer.

I did not go shopping with coupons today at all but I did pick up a few things for the rentals and a bag of lemons. The only thing I did not pay full price for was the Sunday newspapers, since I was in town I got them for a dollar each at the dollar tree.

Conversations I had today for the most part was just with Tony. But I talk to myself more than others anyways 🙂

Food? Healthy foods. Today I did have a full breakfast with two eggs over medium, two turkey sausage patties and one slice of toast. Since I stayed outside for several hours in the cold and walked the dogs and worked I just had a cheese sandwich for lunch. BUT I am having fish that was caught and stored for the winter, Crappie or Bass, and home made fries for dinner.

Now for the decorating on a dime, I did not change anything today but I am backed up on doing things I have thought about changing.

There are my sites all smashed up into one.

How was your Sunday?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Resolutions For 2016 – Day 17

I know its only been seventeen days but lets do a check in anyways. Who has already ditched their resolutions? or goal? if that is what you call it.

Not me, I am still hard at work on them.

#One – Stop shopping and use stockpile- This one is a big fat YES! I have not shopped for nothing more than fresh produce and meat for Tony. But I have had to shop for things for the rental houses, but that has nothing to do with the stockpile.

#Two – New business – Absolutely yes. I have been working almost daily with the seeds and plants. I have many things planted and sprouting. I have a place to buy pots and pods ( thanks to a e-friend @irenen1) I have been eye balling vacant buildings in several towns, I know the farmers market set ups for three towns, if I chose to set up twice a week.

#Three- Replace old with new- material and thoughts- No I have to say that I have not had time to think about replacing things but I am trying my best to avoid more toxic people, they seen to hunt me down, even at home when I am alone and not bothering anyone. Actually not even talking to anyone.

# Four – Be more selfish – This is a yes and no. I have been avoiding those toxic people so thats all for me but I have not did anything just for me and to heck with everyone else.

Now how do I work on the resolutions that I am failing in?

I know I need another car, there is no doubt there. I have had my eye on one for a while but the frugal side of me wants to buy the car from a friend, its older but has low mileage and much cheaper. I hope I will have money next month and make that decision.

Being selfish would be blowing everything on the car of my dreams 🙂

I may be selfish by just doing nothing and take a book and lay down and read. If I want to sleep just sleep. BUT if I do that I will have my days and nights mixed up and I couldn`t work, if I don`t work I don`t get paid and if I don`t get paid there will be no car 😀

I will figure it all out, I always do .

How are you doing with the resolutions this seventeenth day of January?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Who Is A Friend?

After this past weekend I have to ask myself this question. I began to look at all my facebook friends, all the people I associate on the Internet with and ask myself, What do I really know about any of these people ? For one I have a private page, not just anyone can come in and read and leave.

I can say I have a small group of ladies that I do know more about than any other people on line, that I do not know in person, because we talk and have since 2010 when I got a facebook page.

I have to say that I do not talk to people on facebook that often. I do not know all their problems nor do I know their life story. Its rare I ready anyones posts on their personal page, I follow a few people that I can trust and thats about it for me and facebook.

I do not have many family members on my facebook page either, if I want to listen to arguing I will just call or visit them.

However I do use my facebook page to share what I write online. That is how I met some people, groups that share who and where to make money on line, that is where I met the member that left.

As far as knowing anyones habits of drinking, doing drugs or being sober, I don`t. Nor does anyone know what I do.

People can learn more about me through my writings. When I write a post I write about things that interest me and struggles I live with daily, well some of them, of late I have been made fun of about what I write, that no one wants to read it, and that may be so. But so far the owner of this site has paid me so I reckon it is good enough.

I have a few on line friends and I feel they are genuine @rusty2rusty , @rextrulove and @nerdieeds are a few I will mention. I met them all at bubblews back in 2013 when I began to “learn” how to write and make a few pennies while doing so.

Now you know. I do not read about peoples lives on facebook. I learn more about people through writing sites that pay.

Now can you say that a stranger on facebook has your back?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Rough Day At Work

I woke this morning without an alarm clock, I think its built in for me to wake up at a certain hour. But this morning I had a bad neck ache but I knew it would be relieved after work because I had a Chiropractors appointment scheduled.

I did not have a lot of time to write this morning so I quickly wrote one post for here, commented on a few posts and said hello to my fellow mylotters.

I did the usual and got the mail ready going out for Monday morning, to drop off at the post office, I scanned the new Publix ad to see if there was any toilet paper or dog food on sale then I walked the dogs and fed them before I took off for work.

I had already got one message from my sister saying it cold outside and she is waiting for the bus, she wondered if her cat would freeze to death before she got back home to cut the gas heater back on. I did not reply.

Right before I left for the day I seen another message from her saying ” Your F tenant put his trash can by mine and I don`t need my mail box knocked over again from the trash truck because of it, I pulled that heavy MFer back in his driveway, tell him to keep it over there.” There was no way I was going to call her because I did not want to hear her pitch her fit, wanting attention from me. Did I mention she is bi-polar?

I had one office meeting but it was brief and pleasant.

I must be a glutton for punishment because work was dealing with the elderly ladies, did I mention they are special needs as both were born slightly mentally retarded? And both suffer with a mental illness?

The eldest ( age 72) still has drivers license but does not drive and they expire this month and she needs them for I.D. so I told her last week I would take her to get them today. When I got there those two were fighting and the oldest crying, I told her to wipe her face she had to have her picture made today. When they got in the car the argument continued and for once they shut up and listened to Tony. What had happened was the oldest got into a fight at church with one of their friends… I know its not funny but I have to smile because she is so little and mean! The younger was embarrassed, that was what it all was about.

Then I must not have had enough because I took them to a new grocery store to check out the prices because they are cheap. They shopped.

When I came out to the car I seen I missed 3 calls from another tenant, Roger Dodger, I perked up for a moment thinking he has my rent! But no he was mad because the trash truck did not pick up the trash and for some reason that was my fault, you know the can I went and paid for because he would not, even though its in the lease. My reply to that was ” Call them and tell them that you are a new account and they missed you, ask them to come get it.”

I dropped off the ladies and rode by my old home place to check it out, I do this often to make everything is still okay. I seen something that was very disturbing on that street but I cannot talk about that.

I called my sister while on the way, no answer, she is mad because I did not answer when she was really wanting to chew me up, I left her a message that the tenant was not home but I would tell him not to put his trash can near her trash can.

As I drove to the Chiropractor Tony decides that he don`t want to go anymore but I “need” to go so I told him to sit in the car or just simply tell them you don`t want anything done today, I heard him nag for the 15 minute drive.

At the doctors office one of the assistants talked him into doing a few things and he picked what doctor he wanted to work on him, he prefers the older doctor and I like the younger doctor.

FINALLY a good thing happened, the doc got the tough one in place today, I think its been out for years, okay maybe not but it felt that long 🙂

Then I come home, happy to finally be home, to come into my office where its quite and write. All happy thoughts as I am behind, I have not written on my blogspot or elitewriters in days.

BUT….. Instead it was the opposite, the happiness faded into tears when I clicked to see who mentioned me in a post or comment on here.

So this is the last time I am saying I am sorry, Sorry that I was friends with Rapid Blue. I am sorry I even was nice to her/him and sorry I commented on all her/his posts.

As I hear it from many others and all the other sites, Either she will make my name famous or ruin it. That is for each person to decided.

At least I can say I do use my real name and I am a female, and I never expect everyone to like me anyways because I know that is how the world works, Its not going to happen.

Now Today is over. I will get back to my life without all the stress of trying to please everyone.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

People Say Funny Stuff

I talk to people but Tony talks to everyone. The elderly do love to talk but I have only known a few that could out talk Tony.

Now when I go into a place of business I do talk to the people I need to talk to about the business that I am there do, and then there are the people there that want to talk, other customers for the most part.

There is this one elderly lady, age 83, that has worked in many retail stores in her lifetime. The currant place she works is as a door greeter at Walmart. I don`t go to Walmart much anymore but the other night I went for sinus medication because I had, had a sinus headache for a couple days and it needed to be gone.

Well you know I did not just get to exit the store without chatting it up with this lady because she was sitting on her stool and leaning on a shopping cart waiting for someone to dare pass her with unbagged Walmart junk.

We walked up and said hello and she could barely talk, she had been sick but was getting better and that is when it happened, The bottom feel out and it was pouring rain, you could not see nothing outside, she told us to step beside her because we was NOT going out in that pouring rain!

Tony began for the 100th time to tell her how he makes homemade cough syrup and that one time his Aunt gave him some with whiskey in it and even though he won`t touch a drop of alcohol he did take a spoonful and it cleared him up. I mentioned that next time he got sick that I bought a pint of vodka and made it and it worked again and I added I still have that whole pint except that one small shot gone and that she could have it.

This sweet little elderly lady said ” Oh honey thank you so much for the offer but I use white lightning, or you may know it as moonshine.”

I stood speechless and just nodded. Finally I got out the words ” oh, okay.”

When I got into the car I had to laugh, I would have never in a million years thought that she would drink any form of anything alcohol, moonshine? Never, ever!

The funny things people say.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Resolutions For 2016 – Day 10

Okay, lets hear it! Who has already forgotten about making resolutions ten days ago? 🙂

Well this old gal has been taking it serious so far. Ten days, what can I manage in ten days?

Lets see.

Number one- Use the stockpile and stop shopping. Yes and Yes. I have bought minimal food, mostly just fresh produce and Tony milk and eggs.


Tonight for dinner I am making chili. I had cooked the red beans on bean day so they were in the freezer, green bell pepper? Yes I grew those and they were in the freezer, Can tomato paste and Tomatoes? Yes, from the stockpile. Mushrooms? Yes I had canned those when they were on sale last year. Meat? Yes from the freezer, I bought a family pack and separated it for meals back in December, Boca meat? Yes. All the spices, had those already even the fresh onions. Yes I will make cornbread and yes I had all that stuff from December.

NOTE: I cook the meat separate from the rest, Tony uses real meat I don`t.


Number two- Start the new business- Heck yes! I have been working everyday with these plants and seeds and dirt. I am painting things to put them in and keeping a journal of when I planted what and how many.


Number three – Replace the old with new. Well, Yes somewhat. I did buy a new toilet replacement valve for my bathroom, it leaks out the water and I am tired of turning the water off and on each time I flush. But I did not install it yet.

Number four – Be more selfish. Hmm. No not really. I still tend to think of others before myself. But I am still taking me thirty minutes to one hour walk with the dogs in the fresh cold air.

Now C`mon, tell me how have you been doing with your resolutions 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Public Apology – Hurt Feeling Never Intended

I will not say any names because I am not like that but I was told that I hurt someones feelings. Instead of coming directly to me and asking what I meant I was turned into the owner of Blogjob for a spam comment.

I had assumed that since me and this person was face book friends, that she knows I have a sense of humor, or at least I think I do, and the comment was left as that, joking, but she took it as an intentional attack.

She then deleted forty six comments I had left on her blogs because I did read her blogs, and deleted the friendship.

If anyone knows me they know I am not a mean person and I would never intentionally hurt anyones feels. And I most certainly would not air dirty laundry publicly because I feel that is in bad taste, But for some reason I feel like I should defend myself.

Most of the people I read and comment on there blogs are people I have known since 2013 when I first began to write at Bubblews, ( bubblews ALWAYS paid me, I never had any missing payments) and we have been on many other sites together. I play well with others.

Yes I am a landlady and some people must assume I am mean because of that but I`m not. If I was I would not have tenants stay since 1999, another for 7 years and they moved because they bought a house. Actually 4 out of 6 of the rentals the tenants have been there well over two years. Sure I complain and I use MY blog to let people see what it is like to have rentals, I do leave out some of the nasty stuff but I want people to know that people won`t always pay rent, some come up with the strangest excuses not to pay rent, and some people are not clean.

I write to unwind, its my place where people are nice and I don`t have to worry about being the boss at work or listening to excuses. I can play so to speak. Tell everyone good morning or good night. To tell someone they are pretty or they can do what they put their mind to.

On Mylot, yes the same person turned in someone there too! I read a post from an old bubble friends that made me laugh, someone hit a mud puddle and soaked him, he did not think it was funny but at the end of the day everything worked out. I mentioned how I had done that as a teen and at the time it was funny. But as a adult I got it back! someone drowned me the same way. His reply was ” you deserved it!” Yes he could have gotten mad but he knew I was just being honest and happy.

So to closed this I want to say ” I am sorry if I offended you and I will not ever be back in your life again.”

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Past Lives- Reincarnation – Premonitions

Recently I was reading a blog about past lives and this made me think about a long time ago when I was watching T.V. and I seen Sylvia Browne for the first time. It was amazing how she could explain things that I wanted to know about.

The deja vu and all the fears in life.

I know everyone has had the deja vu, that is when you have a feeling that you have done this before or visited the place you are but you know for a fact that you have not.

Or how about when you used to have this overwhelming fear of something and then it just disappears?

You meet someone, younger and they act just like someone you used to know but they passed away a long time ago.

I believe all of these are experiences from past lives, it all makes sense.

I still get freaked out if I am traveling and I walk into a building and I know where everything is but I have never , ever been there not once. Premonition?

When I was around twenty years old I had this overwhelming fear of heights all of the sudden,When little I would climb trees and we teens always hiked and climbed in the mountains, jumped off the highest diving boards into the water while swimming and never once was I that scared of being up high in the air. It got so bad that being in the parking deck and looking off I would get dizzy.

Then one day it disappeared. Gone. I have also had more fears that just vanished.

Now this is the freakiest ever!

In the second rental house that I bought back in 2003, I had this couple move in and they had three kids. A little girl around 6 years old , a little boy around 5 year old and a one year old baby. After about six months the man left the woman and kids, for reasons I will not mention, but one evening she had walked over two blocks to my house to use the phone and it was so cold out and I gave her and the kids a ride back home.

The little boy looked at me and said “thanks for the ride home, I remember when you used to give me rides home.” I never once thought to ask home when but his mother acted really weird like she knew something about what he said. There is no way I could even pick someone from my past that had died that I gave a rides home because I always gave people a ride when they needed a way home.

Now do you believe in past lives? reincarnation?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Helping The Elderly

As most of you know by now I have this place in my heart for elderly people. I help the elderly if I can and I will beat you down if I see anyone mistreating anyone elderly. Even when I become elderly I will whip you with my cane if I see any abuse.

Yesterday was a day to help, this elderly man is not just old but also a retired army veteran , he moved to my area back in 2009 but I had met him at many funerals before.

Instead of continuing to rent on small drafty trailer he bought a house an hour and a half away, paid cash. I must say that he got an amazing deal, a three bedroom brick home that sets lake side AND a double wide trailer that set to the left of the house with its own lot. The house he will live in and the trailer he will rent out.

Since he is 75+ years old and all his friends are around the same age, he called on us to help and hired another strong young man that lived next door to the place he is moving from. He was thinking it would be extra hard to move some of the heavy things like bedroom and living room furniture but we have a set of dollies and other moving equipment, these items help the most.

So the men loaded the U haul and headed down South. Me and Tony followed to help unload.

When we got down there we had two more people and we were thankful because it went faster unloading.

The elderly man came back with us but this time he rode and did not drive because he was so tired.

He kept thanking us and I told him I did not do much so no need to thank me, it was the men that worked hard.

And what he said next got me a little teary eyed, He said ” Angie you have always helped, sending me cooked food when I was sick, making me cookies and cakes for Christmas. You just don`t know how much I appreciated that, I may not have told you but I do. So always know when you do that for anyone whether they say it or not they really do appreciate it.”

See that is why you help the elderly. They need it.

By Andria Perry – Still teary eyed.
Photo By Andria Perry

Day Three

Well?! If you made any resolutions you have began, right?

I am three days into making my resolutions come alive, I am giving them breath. I have jumped started them with a volt of electricity. Okay, you get the point.

The ” Stop Shopping” I have accomplished this one to the max since I have not left the property. Any food prepared came from the stockpile and not just store bought stuff either, the stockpiled food I canned. Last nights dinner was canned Venison, canned potatoes and canned mushrooms.

The ” Start a new Business” yep! Its making its debut also. I have planted something everyday. The first day I sowed seeds and planted from cuttings and took more cuttings, day two I took one of the mother plants and divided it into so many plants that I ran out of pots so I put all the plants into water till I buy more or if I am lucky find more small pots out in the shed. It was dark when I was doing this so I could not go look.

The ” replace old with new” resolution has not came to life as of yet because I have not left home at all and this will take planning, its not something to just jump into. Buying big ticket items must be investigated. I am not sure if I will buy any new Winter clothing, maybe new Spring and Summer, I would like to drop a few more pounds before I shop too, I was down five pounds before the holidays, I do not dare weigh yet but Monday the doctor will :/

The ” be more selfish” I can say that I have pumped this one to life. I have laid back and took time to read the novel that I checked out at the library, I have not brushed my hair and I have been comfy in sweats and a t-shirt. I have not cooked but one meal per day. And I have been on the computer as much as I want 🙂 I take longer walks and stop when I feel like it and not on the clock.

Day three, Where are you at? 🙂 And the day is just beginning! Ah, the possibilities.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry