Women Should Help Women But Don`t

I have noticed a growing trend lately and its not a good trend. Women pushing other women away due to trying to be dominate.

I am not a follower and I never have been, But I don`t “tell” people what to do either. I get enough of being bossed around from men already so I won`t do that to others.

If I am to lead then I will ask that no one work any harder than I do or to do anything I would not do myself.

But this past few years I have noticed a few women that are in my life that wants to ” tell” me what to do. I can`t go for that.

One lady wants to ” run” my business and I mean my real, make a living business, But I have always pushed aside her remarks and kept working as I seen fit. Then every time I went to a rental she would run out to tell on people, but I couldn`t believe her because she was known to …. make up stuff too. She would nag me about the tenants yard and he drives down the hill through their own yard, I asked them to stop and he did. Then her kid began to do the same thing to my property that she asked my tenants not to do on my property. I actually had to put up a barrier because my tenant was upset that he could not use his yard because of her kid. Anyways I did not do as she told me so now she don`t like me.

Another woman that I know but I`m not really friends with her got mad a few weeks ago because I did not see fit that her child put my family in danger and made this statement ” My husband will be down to talk to Tony” First of all Tony has nothing to do with what I say and do, or what I enforce on my property, I should have said that but I didn`t, I just let it go and I have yet to see that husband. I seen this woman today and she stuck her nose up in the air.

There is no love lost because I can live without both of those women being in my life.

The pattern I am seeing is if I don`t agree with their behavior then they don`t like me, I let them do stuff around my property till it either got dangerous or it was a situation of ” do as I say and not as I do.”

Of all the young ladies I know I am always talking them up and making them feel like someone, even the older ladies that feel old and worthless I try my best to make them feel better. But I am just not understanding these women that are my age or around my age. I feel like they think life is a contest of who wins.

But I think the real problem is that I know how to say “No” and they have always gotten their way in life.

What is your opinion?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

5 thoughts on “Women Should Help Women But Don`t”

  1. I have t agree, these women were spilled some time in their life and never said no to. So they expect it. These women can really learn a valuable lesson in compromise. Not everyone is going to go the way one wants. I know a few women like that. I no longer associate with them. As all they did was use me to get what they want. Til I put my foot down.

  2. Generally, people like getting their own way and when the rest of the world doesn’t fall into what they consider is the ”right way to do it” they take offence. It is, in my opinion, a sign of insecurity. Keep doing as you are doing – that is your way and none can argue that their way is better.

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