A bit about me Challenge

On down the line and after @Nona I decided it was my turn to reveal a bit of me. If you read my often you most likely already know most of the answers to these questions, but here goes anyways.

1. What is your favorite TV show?
This one has to be shows because I cant pick just one. Since these shows are not on all year I do not watch as much T.V. as it looks like.
NCIS – all three of them Judge Judy
Criminal minds Jeopardy
Walking dead
Bates Motel
Under the Dome

2. What is your preferred cuisine.
Italian right now ( or Raw vegetable). I was so hooked on Chinese that it was all I wanted for a long time, I even learned how to cook my own, then I just got burned out. I have to say I eat more beans, potatoes and greens than any other food but I prefer Italian, Pizza.

3. What is your worst household chores.
Dusting, I hate to dust because its always there, I dust and walk out of the room, come back and its there. Like some ghost dust or something. I don`t like cleaning the oven but that is something I don`t have to do but a couple times a year.

4. What is your playlist.
Ella Fitzgerald to Lil Wayne, so Jazz, blues,pop, rock, folk and I do listen to little country. Lets just make this easy, I listen to any music, I am no music snob.

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be.
The Northern USA and the North West coast line.
That includes New York to Washington State.

Now its your turn, be sure to tag me so I can learn more about you.

The Questions (for easy copy and paste)
1. What is your favorite TV show?
2. What is your preferred cuisine
3. What is your worst household chores
4. What is your playlist
5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be

By Andria Perry
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Resolutions For 2016 – Monthly Check In

Here we are one month of the new year already gone so lets do a check in on how we are all doing with this years resolutions.

I make four each year and I always make two that should be easy and two that will be hard to impossible to achieve. Remember last year the hardest was to stop cussing, well that did not happen then nor now :/ But I did make it with improving health by taking better care of myself.

Now lets see :

Number one – Stop shopping so much and use the stockpile. This one is a for sure accomplishment, yes I did shop but nothing like I was, Plus I have been using the stockpile in the freezer and the pantry. Not going out to dinner as much also.

Number two – Start a new business. This one is also a yes, making progress. I have sown seeds and I have seedlings, I have houseplants growing nicely that were just cuttings from other plants. I planted more today. But I have not got to the point where I can say I have a new business but I am working hard at it. I am also clearing out a spot this weekend to build the green house.

Number Three – Replace old and worn out with new ( things and thoughts). I cant really say I have done anything with this one, except keep the car up with new parts. But I have changed my way of thinking a little more by thinking before I speak and only saying what feels logical.

Number four – Be more selfish- I have to say I have slam ducked this one. I have totally, 100% been selfish. I have not answered the phone. I have not ran when someone said ” come help me” when I know they did not need help, they just wanted me to do whatever for them. I have said No. I have called and canceled appointments because they was not when I wanted to come. Feels … freeing.

So, how are you doing the first month of the new year?

By Andria Perry
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One Door Closed- One Door Opened

I usually don’t write articles like this but I feel a need to do this today, so here goes.

I do believe that one door closes and another will open for advancement. Its all part of Gods plan, some may think its harsh how things happen but as time passes we see why.

I left my old neighborhood because of all the drugs and terrible people, plus I had no real reason to stay because my dad passed away. I was lost because I had lived there more than half of my life and I often thought ” why me?” because I for the most part had it made living there.

Till ….. What came next.

I will add that the old neighborhood was tight, the houses close to each other. People walking all night long, people stealing your stuff and gas, dogs barking, cars slowly creeping, the smell of dope burning in the air and old stale beer. I had installed cameras and people did not like that either.

But Gods plan was for advancement, to push me to another level in life.

After I finally gave in and said ” show me what to do” in a prayer I ended up with better than before.

God showed me where to live. I moved there. He gave me a home with twice as much room as before.

God showed me that I can sleep good. No more all night walkers and barking dogs keeping me awake.

God showed me there is clean air. No more smelling dope and beer, instead I have clean fresh air.

God showed me peace. No more people knocking on my door at three am wanting money because they wanted to get high, no more people in my face telling me how to live my life by keeping me down at the bottom and them taking what I had to keep them on top.

No this did not happen over night and as I have been guided by God to make these changes, sometimes it was not easy. Now that its been six years I see it all clearly.

I looked for years for the place to live, each time I got my hopes up something would happen and I would not get the house. But in the end I understood. Tornado`s ripped through our area a couple years ago and you may believe this or not but its true, every house I applied for was either hit and damaged or completely blown away, Except this place.

I thought I had to give up people/ family I liked being around to keep my peace and quiet and I hated this part but in the end God showed me those were the people who were keeping me down and were doing harm to me behind my back.

Now I look back at my old neighborhood, because I still own there and this is what has changed:

Some of the people selling and smoking the dope and drinking so much beer that the area reeked are dead, others moved to another state so they could smoke it legally ( no joke, that is what they said). The air smells better.

Most of the old people passed away and new people have moved in, some are good people some are not.

The dogs still bark at the night people still walking the roads.

People still come to my door as I see them on cameras that I still have watching my old home place, but I will never answer their knocks again.

The biggest lesson I learned was , let God drive and you`ll get to where he wants you to be, and that people will always be jealous of those who are bettering themselves. And the biggest of all is that it was not my place to kill that person but to forgive him for what he caused, God chose to take him when he wanted him, five years later.

By Andria Perry
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Women Should Help Women But Don`t

I have noticed a growing trend lately and its not a good trend. Women pushing other women away due to trying to be dominate.

I am not a follower and I never have been, But I don`t “tell” people what to do either. I get enough of being bossed around from men already so I won`t do that to others.

If I am to lead then I will ask that no one work any harder than I do or to do anything I would not do myself.

But this past few years I have noticed a few women that are in my life that wants to ” tell” me what to do. I can`t go for that.

One lady wants to ” run” my business and I mean my real, make a living business, But I have always pushed aside her remarks and kept working as I seen fit. Then every time I went to a rental she would run out to tell on people, but I couldn`t believe her because she was known to …. make up stuff too. She would nag me about the tenants yard and he drives down the hill through their own yard, I asked them to stop and he did. Then her kid began to do the same thing to my property that she asked my tenants not to do on my property. I actually had to put up a barrier because my tenant was upset that he could not use his yard because of her kid. Anyways I did not do as she told me so now she don`t like me.

Another woman that I know but I`m not really friends with her got mad a few weeks ago because I did not see fit that her child put my family in danger and made this statement ” My husband will be down to talk to Tony” First of all Tony has nothing to do with what I say and do, or what I enforce on my property, I should have said that but I didn`t, I just let it go and I have yet to see that husband. I seen this woman today and she stuck her nose up in the air.

There is no love lost because I can live without both of those women being in my life.

The pattern I am seeing is if I don`t agree with their behavior then they don`t like me, I let them do stuff around my property till it either got dangerous or it was a situation of ” do as I say and not as I do.”

Of all the young ladies I know I am always talking them up and making them feel like someone, even the older ladies that feel old and worthless I try my best to make them feel better. But I am just not understanding these women that are my age or around my age. I feel like they think life is a contest of who wins.

But I think the real problem is that I know how to say “No” and they have always gotten their way in life.

What is your opinion?

By Andria Perry
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Not Much to say but a lot to talk about

This evening is a hard evening for me to talk about stuff. I have written three blogs with only one being posted here.

So! What do I want to say here?

I have to think about what is appropriate to wrote here and what is not.

Then I also have to think about this, what are people tired of hearing about?

Not much I can say about getting of the grid, nothing major there. I walked the dogs, whoopie! I seen straw to bundle and sell, I want to plant the here and there, but that has been beat to death already. I need some money to buy solar stuff, now thats a story!

How about more ” Adventures of a landlady?” I have a ton of that in my brain, some I wished was not even there, I can get down and dirty with who is down and dirty, who had sex tapes and left them behind???? Na I better not go there and tell what all I see that people do in their homes, some will just about scare you to living in one house forever!

Food? I eat healthy but today was not healthy, except the oranges 🙂 But I am only human and for me to act like I am perfect would most certainly be a lie, I am not to much into lies, unless to not hurt someones feelings, then I will lie. After the doc appointment in February I may wished that I did live it up, but I am sure its just the fear of the unknown, I will eat healthier.

Writing? am I serious? Sure I am but do you care?

Oh wait! I have not written anything about decorating on a dime! Maybe that`ll be something I can write about that you`ll like to read, right?!

Coupons! Shopping with coupons! I love them and I can make a dollar go on forever, almost. But My car is broken and Tony is sick so no fun for me, plus I made a resolution to cut back , but what the heck! >>>>>Stockpiling? Hey, Pink Salmon is $1.50 a can at CVS this week 🙂 Heck yes I got my three cans for $4.95.

How is your day or night?

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Just Here

Today I am having one of those days when I am feeling like I am just existing. But I knows its because I am sick with this crap, I have not been this sick in soooo many years. I now know why I avoid it at all cost.

I have cleaned up the house somewhat and wiped off a few things but I did not make it out to the broken car. I am sure the power steering is going out and I wont drive it except to the shop, I just don`t have the strength to fight it. Tony is gone so the truck will have to wait for a wipe down also.

I am cooking dinner and I have to thank God for giving me a little sense to cook and freeze foods for later because today I am not so sure I can stand to cook. The potatoes and okra will be frying but I don`t have to stand over it.

I gave all of me to the dogs for a walk, hoping it would make me feel a lot better but it did the opposite, it zapped me.

I will sit and clip coupons this evening and file some paper work but for the most part I just want to go to bed and sleep but I know better because I will mix up my days and nights and I cannot do that again.

I have my list of things to do tomorrow started and its full of phone calls I have to make. One is to a new doctor, I am hoping for an appointment sooner than later so I can get this part over and done with. I am not fond of going to the doctor anyways, seems I get sick when I do and I felt fine before the visit.

What does your week involve, Monday calls?

By Andria Perry
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Thursday Night Smash Up

I have to say this is a smash it up day. Nothing went as planned and I had to flex with the day.

I woke with a sore throat, not meaning anything bad because if I take allergy medication it`ll sometimes make me have a dry sore throat but I did not have any 🙁

I worked on a couple blogs and Tony came home. The weather is unpredictable , storms with rain or snow, no one knows, So Tony wants to stock on Pepsi and his grape flavored shots. I now am bathing to go shopping. But to tell the truth I needed blood sugar testing strips anyways 🙂

By the time I got back it had rained but stopped. I grabbed my dirty clothes and put them back on, got the dogs and went for a walk. I still have the sore throat but I sucked on one of those drops that numb.

About my forth trip around the fields Tony stood on the front porch yelling for me to stop when I came back around.

A tenant called and said ” The door fell off the hinges and wont close.” I always find it disturbing to hear a ” door fell” because it usually means ” we knocked it down to get in the house because we left the key inside.” The guy Tony asked to go fix it said that he couldn`t do it alone so to work we went.

On the way my car sort of tore up. The power steering quit, I barely got off the side of the road and I had a tailgater almost cream me because I reckon they don`t understand hazard flashers.

We filled it up with fluid and by time we drove another 20 miles it needed it again. However, I drove all the way home without adding more but its making a weird noise. I do expect the car parts to break since I have 305,000 miles on my car.

We still do not know what the heck happened to that door but Tony could not get the ” new door, only three months old” back as it was, a perfect fit. He actually had to take the saw and trim out the door facing, he said he was not cutting that new door. The helper said that the top was hanging down and the door lock plate was hanging , barely.

It began to rain and the longer I waited for the men to work on that door the sicker I am feeling. I usually dodge these germs even being around sick people.

I drove home in the rain.

I felt so bad that I did not want to cook but I know I needed food that I went 100% off my way of eating. I had a burger and potato chips.

No I did not get any work done on the at home business, no I did not get any paper work done …. my day just went… whatever way the wind blew it.

Now Its not even nine pm and I am thinking about going to bed.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Art by Andria Perry

Funeral day fights – Lord have mercy!

First I am spectator, I keep a civil tongue during this time of life.

Then there are the other three sides of a family. The husbands side and the wifes side and the children they made together.

There are not many left from the wives side of the family, most of them have passed away and only a sister that I seen and I like.

The husbands side of the family is huge! I mean massive.

They made four children, two boys and two girls.

So, it actually began last night at the funeral parlor, when a cousin came in( fathers side) and told one of the girls how to run her mothers life since her dad had died. Cuz told him off and told him to leave, he stormed out as we had just walked in and I wondered what happened, not that I was going to speak to him but I was just nosy.

One of his boys would disappear and I did not know why except he was taking his dads passing very hard but that was not at all what it was about.

One of the girls was a wild child and did everything, she is reaping what she has sown now. Her brother had already had it out with her at the hospital but I only heard of this a couple weeks ago.

All the other children did as father said and turned out to be pretty good kids.

Today the wild child`s husband said something to one of the Pallbearers and he left, and when asked what happened the man said he did not know but stood in for the one who left.

Uncle had a best friend, he was an old man and he smelled bad but everyone treated him like he was family, just no one told him to take a bath. Some how Tony ended up sitting in the chair the old man had sat in earlier…… Yes Tony now smelled like the old stinky man. It was sort of funny when Tony looked at me and said “Is that me stinking?” I said ” I think so.” A little later it hit me, he sat in that chair. I told Tony when we got home I know where he got the smell and who from. I am now washing out dress clothes, no I did not sit there but I don`t want not a dust particle from either of them on any of my clothes 🙂

I did not make it to the graveside but I had already had enough action for one day.

I knew more will be going down, for real!

By Andria Perry
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The Funeral Parlor

I spent the evening with family because this was the viewing for my Uncle, he passed away a couple days ago.

He had Lung cancer and it went into remission after Chemo, then came back and brought brain cancer with it. He did not suffer a long time with this disease but Plenty long enough.Three or four months. It was extremely hard for the children seeing their father talk out of his head, I paid it no attention because I have been around many sick people and help take care of some with dementia.

I was not around this uncle much growing up but I was more after I was over twenty one but I was around his children more since we are all close in age. Many of their kids would come to my house, go hunting or fishing with Tony.

It is sad because his wife is what I think in an early stage of dementia and they have a mentally retarded son that lives at home. The other son was very close to his dad and he is taking harder than the girls, When we stopped at Pinsons flower shop he was there , said he wanted buy is daddy flowers even though there is was spray from the family already, he was crying and Mr.Pinson asked me who was he and how was he kin. I told him My relation and I said that is his son, then he understood.

I seen kids that are now grown and introducing their family to me. It seems like a sad family reunion. I would actually throw a reunion but most of them would just fight, I reckon this is the only place they are civil.

My cousin told me she already told one to leave, I wondered why he was leaving so early and fast.

Tomorrow is the funeral, its supposed to rain and snow. Plus I have a busted pipe at a rental that has to be taken care of too, I don`t know how but we`ll manage.

By Andria Perry
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Alone Day – A day about nothing

Today I had the entire day alone. I slept till I woke naturally, no alarm, no people, no phones.

I knew I would work in the house today because everything being closed for the holiday and the temps only being at freezing all day.

I began with vacuuming the living room because thats is the room that is alway occupied and its hard to get anything done in there. For the most part the rest of the house is okay as far as being clean, well, except the bathrooms, they are always in need of cleaning.

But there was one room I have been wanting to tackle for a while now and that is the pantry, and all the other cleaning always got in the way. That is what I did today, I organized and took note of what I am low of and I tossed a few stale items. After getting things in order I actually have an entire shelf empty, I may move some things from the spare bedroom/ stockpile room into the pantry.

I swept and mopped and now its back nice and I know exactly what I have to eat or cook with in this room.
I ended up being on the computer a little longer this morning than I had planned, chatting with people on mylot. They are so funny and usually have me laughing.
And I knew it`ll be late when Tony comes in so I went to the grocery store for diet Pepsi, I did not want to get out tonight because of the low temps and chance of snow flurries. Ya know its an addiction and being without is no good. 🙂
Yes it was just 35° all day but I still took the dogs for a walk, a twenty minute walk today and not thirty minutes but thats all they wanted was some of my attention and food.


I have already made dinner and since I ate vegan all day I decided to have my home made chicken noodle soup for dinner. I know Tony will be cold and its a good meal to warm the body up with, plus I think he has a light case of the flu or whatever that coughing stuff is going around. Chicken soup helps.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
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