Christmas Rush

Its spinning around and around, stopping on occasion but returning to the spinning, over and over.

That is how my December has been going, nine days of it.

Get up and write with breakfast and breakfast is just coffee. Walk dogs , clean house. Bake more. Go to the doctor. Come home write and go to bed.

Did I mention I am on the raw diet more than ever? And soup. Its all fast and I don`t have to cook. I think I have dropped a couple pounds but who has time to think about eating?

There is just not enough time in the day to get everything done.

I am sure I will be asked soon ” Have you decorated all eleven graves?”. Uh- hmm. No I have not went to a grave yard in …. once this year.

Have I decorated my own home? Uh-hm. No because the tree and decorations are at the back of the shed and its about to bust open because its so unorganized and I have to move it all out. I am not sure if I will get any up this year.

Two weeks , that is all, just two more weeks and I can hide out in the house, stay in my PJ`s, not get dressed for a few days. Don`t worry about my hair getting brushed, clean house? Nooo. The dogs really do not care if what I look like as long as I feed them and let them drag me all over the yard for thirty minutes a day. After Christmas sales? No thank you. Its all cheaper in February anyways.

I swear each year things go fast and I am getting slower. December is a month that I have to make sure all the books are done and any tax write offs are accomplished, All property taxes paid so not to have to pay late fees.

There is one thing that I will write on the new year calendar ” NO doctor appointments in December” Seems like they are piling up and that takes to much time, all that sitting and waiting.

What about you? got a tree up? Are you getting it done?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Is That Blond Or Gray?

When I was younger I would bleach my hair just for a different look since I have this light brown hair. It was not deep dark shining chestnut brown, it was not blond either. It felt right even if I did have dark roots every four weeks.

Then I thought black would be awesome! My poor dad had lost his sight and I remember the day My sister said to my dad “OMG!, you should see her hair black, she looks dead.” Next I tossed in white bangs with the rest black . This man in Walmart looked at me and said ” wow two tone” and gave me a thumbs up:)

Next was the hardest part ever, going through the reds. My sister is a natural red head and my saying growing up was ” rather be dead than red on the head.” Okay now, we were just kids back then but somehow that stayed on my mind. BUT seems that every old fart in seeing distances love me in this red.

Back to browns.

Now lets discuss blond, white and gray.

I remember seeing Earlene driving down the hill from her sisters house, she would see me working at the rental and stop and chat. She began to rock bleached blond, I think she was probably in her fifties. I welcomed her to the blond club.

But what I did not know was that she was converting in a way that no one would know. She was going white also known as gray but not the color gray.

That is my problem, I am to young to be gray but I get bored with blond and touching up those few dark roots at the back of my head. The combo of white, browns and blond reminds me of bird crap.

I went brown last month and not I have a glowing white streaks through my hair.

Decisions, decisions! Should I go back bleached blond and make the transition to white, my one day all natural.

Now talk about men that are going gray. It had always been sexy to see a man with a few steaks of gray in his dark hair. They look distinguished.

What are your thoughts on coloring hair? And please do not say red, blue, pink or purple I would look like an old worn out clown 🙂

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Lamest Christmas Gifts

After reading Sandy and Priscilla ” Lamest gift ever” I think that I have a couple for you all.

First I want to say that I do appreciate any gift I get, lame or not. Whether I use it is another matter. And Yes I have many times gave those gifts away as gifts to others since I was not going to use it, only once I took a gift back for money.

A long time ago, in my twenties, I did not have much money and I did not manage what I did get by smoking cigarettes and renting to many movies and back then movies were not cheap to rent. Anyways I never bought anything for myself and just small things for the kids around me and a few adults.

One year all I got for Christmas was a 100 gallon cooking pot, okay maybe it was 16 quarts but looked like a 100 gallons. When I seen this huge pot I reckon I had a look on my face because the woman explained to me that since I canned she thought I could use a large cooking pot.

I have to confess I was so pissed off. No gift would have been better or just a card. No! I never used that huge pot, it was industrial size, like you would cook in at School for an entire grade. I still have it somewhere, I think its in the basement of my old home place.

Unless I ask for cooking stuff then I already have what I want. Never buy anything for cooking as a gift for a woman unless she asks. Its a lame a$$ gift.

Next was the one I took back for money.

Growing up we used to draw names in this one family because there were so many people and one of the slackers got my name, at the time he liked my sister so he went to Walmart and bought me a sweater that was a V in the front, I mean the whole front was a V and connected at the bottom of the front and you would have to wear a shirt under it or your chest would hang out and guess what? He bought my sister the same sweater!

I think we rode together to take those ugly sweaters back to Walmart for the money.

FYI : NEVER buy sisters matching items, thats just … what is worst than lame?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

It Took A Day

I got up bright and early this morning and took a bath, after that was nothing but work for me to make smiles.

Cookie delivery!

First stop was to mail off a goodie box to Georgia, his is always first. I stopped by my insurance company, these are the best people and I dropped off a goodie box. I got a big smile and a hug but what I really wanted was a ” Roll Tide ” from that Auburn fan 🙂 but he was not there.

Next was The elderly man that owns and runs a gun shop. His wife died a couple years ago and I just adore this old guy, he seen us coming and said ” no you don`t need to do that” but then thanked me and told me that would last him a month, I let him know he could freeze all of it and eat it when he wanted.

Next was my bank, they know I always bring them a Christmas goodie box. More hugs.

Then to the doctors office and pharmacy, they are in the same building, Tony went to the doctor section and I went to the pharmacy. The guy at the pharmacy said ” you mean you used your time to make this for us?” I smiled and said ” yes”.

But the last stop of the day was the best, the pawn shop. We took the box in and asked ” Can we speak to the boss man” that is what we call the owner, but they all know us. Tony said” I wanna find out how much I can pawn this for”. The elderly man looked in the box and said ” not much” and smiled. But that first look on his face was … like are we really wanting to pawn food?

I am thinking I can get several of my elderly ladies tomorrow and then back to the oven and baking.

It may be work and cost a little but its worth it. Spread a little love.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations With Myself – Fast Pace Life

For those who know me, you know I don`t care what people think of me or their thoughts on how I live my life. I have never been one to try and impress people, either people like me or they don`t.

Some people call it being cocky and over confident but I see myself as confident enough and just being real. I do have my insecurities just like the next person, I just deal with them privately.

I learned when I was not even considered an adult that I had to be my own boss. Not that I can`t follow instructions, I have worked many, many jobs for others and I learned from those experiences, but I don`t see having that middle man. I had a middle lady for a couple of years and that was a disaster.

Owning your own business is not all fun and games, but you do have to play the game to stay alive and the fun is if you enjoy what you do. Making plans for fun can be canceled in the blink of an eye. Many days I eat my meals driving in the car or at the computer.

This week has been wide open full throttle working, whether it be working home online or out in the world.

I often think about selling everything and starting over, just for new fresh people to be in my life. I did that once twenty nine years ago and guess what? The people I left behind has found me, has rented property from me. I reckon all of that was meant to be.

To make this disappearing act work I think I would have to move out of state and not near a tourist town, rebuild what I sold with that money.

I reckon from this, you can tell I am tired but I still have much work to do. I am sure that one answer I get today will not be positive and the other will be a chase down and I really hate those.
Maybe I don`t understand people nowadays since I am responsible and they are not showing they are.

Sometimes I get the impression that when people think that others are rich, they are the people who have things given to them more. Although they work they are not feeling the deep satisfaction of an accomplishment, like working to pay for a roof over their head. I always had a wonderful feeling each time I paid rent or a house payment.

Now I go to work, put in my eight to ten hours.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

What?! Nuts are not the same

Late last night Tony ran out of cigarettes, he has been buying by the packs and trying to quit smoking. I had mentioned that if he is not going to quit that he is wasting his money because by the pack is more expensive that buying by the carton. When you pay over five dollars for each pack you end up paying over fifty dollars for a carton but if you buy the carton as a whole its just a little over thirty dollars.

He decided to buy a carton. because he just cannot stoop smoking.

Tony asked ” do you want anything?”.

I said ” Yes, I would like some candied pecans, if they are out get me one of those single serve pecan pies” and I gave him twenty dollars.

When Tony came home he handed me a plastic bag and I looked inside because it was heavy. What I seen was a cherry fruit pie and a chocolate pie, a pack of whole cashews. I was thinking ” Where are the pecans?” so I asked.

He said he figured I would like that better. I said ” I do not eat the same pies you do and those are salted cashews, all your favorites”.

He got mad, put his shoes back on and went back to the store and brought back a single serve pecan pie.

Now fast forward to this morning.

I woke early and I tried not to make noise when I was making coffee so not to wake Tony, I have no idea what time he went to bed.

He finally woke up and after a little while he said ” I just figured you did not want to pay $2 for one of those small pies”.

I said ” Those Cashews were $2 and I have never liked those fruit pies that are dipped in sugar, I told you wanted pecan anything”

After I minute I said ” let me put it this way, if you sent me after a pack of cigarettes and I brought back snuff you would not be happy”.

He replied with” thats not the same”.

I said ” Yes it is, its nicotine. I wanted pecans or pecan pie and you brought back fruit pie and cashews, pie and nuts”.

I ended the conversation.

Later he came back here to the office and said ” I am sorry, you are right, I should have just bought the pecans”.


By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

December 1, 2015 – Check In Time

Every month I revisit those goals I made back in January also known as resolutions to see how far I have came.

The reason I chose to call this … wants/ needs of change resolutions is because its something I want to resolve, Where as I view goals as something I prefer to gain. I guess both words can be use. I think its one of those things that you can look up in the dictionary and the words send you to each other.

Anyways here is progress or failure, yes there is no other word except failure but not all failure is bad, some failure is a learning experience.

Number one – Eat better to reverse health problems. November was one of those yo yo months. Did well for a while and then work kept me away from home, where I tend to cook healthier, and along came a holiday that is all about food, or maybe just about pie 🙂

I feel I am doing better because I am exercising more. Loosing pounds? No.

BUT….I have come to realize I must change my thought pattern about buying food, no matter the situation. This resolution is 50/50.

Number two- Get better organized. This one is a 100% success. I cleaned out the office and not one single thing got crammed back in when company showed up. I took what I had brought home from the inheritance and I took it to the old home place, to either set up as a furnished rental or to sell.

Number three- More time for me and the things I like to do. Last month this was another 50/50 because some days I was selfish and cut the phones off and did nothing but what I wanted regardless if it was work outside, write or simply read a book. The past week was the best week of the month.

Number four – stop cussing- 100% fail! I am not sure if this habit will ever be resolved. I cuss and I do not know I am cussing till it comes out. I know that is sooooo bad. But I wont give up because my future, my planned future cannot have such redneck behavior. I have to learn to use all my ladylike manners and cussing is not ladylike whatsoever.

As the year comes to an end I must now ask myself ” what is it that I want out of life for next year, in what areas should I improve”. I am pretty sure I know one for sure but I will not reveal till the new year.

Looking back at the years and what resolutions have came to pass I can see where I have grown. Maybe not in the first year but the next year because those resolutions do not go away, they just become a list that you are aware of and are still working on them even if you do not realize that you are.

How did you do last month on your yearly resolutions/ goals?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry