Dentist And Shopping

No matter rain or shine, snow or ice, you must have a dentist! No matter what.

Today it did not just rain it poured ALL day and I was out in it all day. But I did make good with the appointments. I dropped Tony off for his doctor appointment and I went to the dentist, one block away. When he walked down to the dentist is was only sprinkling like the water God allowed his safe passage.

The reason for my dentist appointment was to check out a tooth that has been cold sensitive and pressure sensitive for about a week or ten days. I got the X-ray and not the news I wanted. I have a dead root and I require a root canal 🙁 but she doesnt do those in her office so I am having to go back to the dental school, the problem with the school is that they will want to start from the bottom, cleaning first although I just had a cleaning not two months ago. She wants it fixed within a month or I could get an infection. Going to a regular dentist is out of the question because I do not have $1,000 to save one back tooth, yes for a root canal and a crown that is the cost, I am not sure of I will have to habe a crown as of yet.


I had no intentions of shopping today but I had Tony and he did. He wanted a new water pik for his teeth because he refuses to floss. So off to Walmart I went, well on the way home.

I went through the garden center at the Walmart in Oxford Alabama and as I did I asked the lady mining the door ” do you have any potting soil or any kind of dirt?” She said as she pointed ” its on the outside next to the wall.” Knowing I was not going out for a bag of dirt in the pouring rain and the dark I thanked her and went inside. I scanned the area because no more Christmas took the space over, just one corner of 1/2 priced stuff. And there was dirt on an end cap 🙂 Actually potting soil. I bought a bag and I also bought a new Christmas tree. Oh yeah, Tony got the last water pik in his price range.

Now since I am beginning my new business I will keep up with this being the first money spent, for dirt.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

11 thoughts on “Dentist And Shopping”

  1. You “must” have a dentist?? I haven’t been to a dentist since 1989 and haven’t needed one. I had my teeth removed back then. 🙂 I had 7 abscessed teeth and it was literally killing me.

    It didn’t rain here today, but it did snow all day. They were tiny little flakes and I don’t think it amounted to more than 1/4 inch, but it didn’t stop. I think it is still snowing tonight.

    1. @rextrulove You are right! if you have no teeth you do not need a dentist. I do have most of my teeth, minus 3 wisdom, one back tooth I lost when I was a kid due to decay, another one the roots died but I have a bridge there, And one other due to root death and I have another fake tooth there. So I have 26 teeth and I am 50 years old, I think I am doing good. I just do not understand why the roots are dying and the tooth looks perfect.

  2. Yes, you are doing good. It’s a long story why my teeth were lousy by the time I was 20 and why the same was true of all the kids I grew up with. A lot of things can cause the roots to die, though.

  3. I need to buy some dirt for potting soil. i should buy a bag or two each month til spring. It would help save money. I need to make a trip to menard’s. As I need to get a few more pieces to place in my walk way when it rains. As it will flood.

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