Running on Empty

I don`t know why I am so tired today, but I know this is not normal for me. I keep telling myself I just have Four more days to go, like that will be the end of the world for me 🙂

Going to all of the doctor visits or taking Tony to his has weighed heavy on my shoulders especially since I am not a person who likes to be at a doctors office, I think I have germ phobia, lol, Okay I know I do.

After a visit with the cancer doctor for Tony we decided to stop by the graves of my old people that died last year and this year, to leave some flowers.

But after wandering in the grave yard for an hour looking for their headstone I could not find them so I called the nephew that was over their burial.

I asked ” Can you tell me where they are buried because I cannot find them but I did see ____ mothers grave.”

I got an answer I did not like, he said ” They are buried right beside his mother and father, I have not had money to buy a headstone.”

See these two wonderful old souls had money, plenty of money! Plus the income they still have coming in for the son. There is no way he uses that much every month. And its been a year and a half since the old guy passed and almost a year since she did. The cost for a double headstone is supposed to be three thousand and five hundred dollars, they should have had that much for sure! I know one of their incomes was forty five thousand a year. How do I know this? I used to help them prep their paper work for the CPA. I caught where people were stealing money from them, more than once 🙁

The Nephew promised to have them headstones by Spring. I put the flowers on top of these unmarked graves in the dirt, and what makes today a little more sadder, if thats possible, The old ragged flowers that are still there are the flowers we bought for each one of their funerals 🙁

I remember back the first time I got money, I went and bought my mother a headstone for her grave. Not one of the three older siblings had never done this. I was thirty nine years old. My younger sister split the cost five ways and told my sister in law what their part was and wanna know what she said? ” We did not tell her to go buy that.” I had to tell my sister to stop asking them for money on my behalf, because they never bought one on all those year they had never planed to buy one.

I think everyone should have a marked grave. Especially the people who died and had plenty of money.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

9 thoughts on “Running on Empty”

  1. I was tired, but I seemed to have my second wind now. I agree that everyone should have a marked grave. I’ve walked through old cemeteries before and thought about the worn headstones from the 1800’s and the people buried there. The grave markers are all that’s left to show that they ever lived. As old as some of the graves are, any family that would care must be dead and gone too. It’s a sad thought. It’s good that you did that.

  2. I hope you are able to catch up on your sleep.

    I agree everyone should have marked grave. However, it is not always possible. It is a shame for those who can afford one, not do it.

    My grandmother and Uncle do not have headstones. By time they died I was in no position to pay for one. My Aunt can afford to get her mom one but she refuses to. She refuses to get for her brother my Uncle too. She is a hateful person I tend not to have much to do with her. As she always brings up the past and won’t let things go.

    1. I did not know till a few years ago that you can make payments, when its paid for they will set it up. My dad paid for all of his years before he died, to make sure no one had to pay but he was like that.

    2. @Sandy I know some people cannot afford to buy the stones, but my point was these people had money and they do not have one and it was so important to them that they always bought headstones for their people.

  3. I hate to think of anybody spending a lot of money on a stone for my grave, but some sort of marker, even just a sheet of tin until people can afford something more durable, might be nice for those who want to avoid walking on a grave.

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