Removal Of Comment?! Points Deducted.

I have to say this about comments.

I know we are all here at Blogjob for the same thing, to write and get paid for it.

I know some people leave comments to be approved and I am fine with that, especially if you have a follower that leaves nasty comments but I am not one of those people. I am for the most part a happy person and I like to leave comments to make people feel better, if its a teaching/learning article I let the person know that I did learn something and I appreciate the information.

I will approve comments that are not all that nice but that is life, not everyone agrees and its a good thing. Many have said ” coupons are a waste of time” because that is how they see using coupons, if everyone agreed about everything this world would be boring, but I allow their opinion on my comments.

I try my best to leave a comment on every blog I read. I do have a few friends here that I read daily and I will comment on those blogs. Last night I commented on a few blogs that are new to me and some that are older but I have not visited for a while.

This morning I see in the stats box that I got two one cent deductions for removal of comments. I really wish I knew who did not like the comments I left because I would not ever read their blog again, because this type of behavior is hurtful to the feelings of others. I would not want to be a burden to those to have to remove my comment.

I actually “Read” the articles, this takes time and as we all know time means money when you are working for writing sites.

If I ever have in the past, or the future, hurt someones feelings please leave me a message saying so because its never my intention to hurt anyones feeling when I leave a comment. If you do not want me leaving comments please tell me this also and I will walk away.

By Andria Perry
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15 thoughts on “Removal Of Comment?! Points Deducted.”

  1. Can’t say I’ve had any really nasty comments – one or two disagreements maybe, but that’s life! Unless a comment is really gross I would leave it in place and let the world see what a jerk the commenter is.

  2. Why in heaven’s name would anyone WANT to remove a comment from a post unless that comment was totally inappropriate, as in “nasty!? Do the writers not realise that comments are a VALIDATION of their writing and help boost their site or posts on the search engines? It’s like throwing money away!

  3. Not sure why your comments would be deleted. I have never had an issue with comments. I feel for you. I too would stop bothering comment on someone’s blog if they deleted my comments. Best thing that person could do is disconnect as friends.

  4. It’s happened to me many times. Points go away when entire posts or people are deleted. I had a post disappear on me the other night, and I had to find it in Google’s cached listing. I wrote Sheridan, and he didn’t do it. All that I can figure is that I did it somehow when I cleaned out my drafts, but I don’t know how or why it would also remove one that was published. That’s a mystery, and I hope that it doesn’t happen again. Losing a point for a comment or two is one thing, but losing 50 for an entire post is a whole lot worse. I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. working on that.

  5. @andriaperry – Had you commented on my Star Wars lightsaber post? If so, that would explain it. If you did, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why my post disappeared. It happened in the evening about 10:00 p.m. my time. I knew that one of my posts was gone, but I didn’t know which one. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. The next morning it suddenly occurred to me that I had written a Star Wars post, and it wasn’t there. That’s how I lost 50 points. It gave me an article idea though. Please take a look at my Writing Sites, Gigs and Tips That Pay Blog. It explains what I did to find it again. I pray that it doesn’t happen in the future. If I hadn’t noticed the deduction in points, I probably would have never realized that my post was wiped out. I had worked so hard on it. Like I said, if you had commented on that, I’m so sorry. I would never do that on purpose. 🙂 If that wasn’t it, than I don’t know. I’ve lost mystery points before too.

    1. No I don’t think I did and this was more than one points it was several. I am sure it was not my regular reads and the new ones I read that night. I AM SURE I lost a post too, a couple weeks ago before I could get a comment on that post . I need to read that post and see how to find mine.

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