Is That Blond Or Gray?

When I was younger I would bleach my hair just for a different look since I have this light brown hair. It was not deep dark shining chestnut brown, it was not blond either. It felt right even if I did have dark roots every four weeks.

Then I thought black would be awesome! My poor dad had lost his sight and I remember the day My sister said to my dad “OMG!, you should see her hair black, she looks dead.” Next I tossed in white bangs with the rest black . This man in Walmart looked at me and said ” wow two tone” and gave me a thumbs up:)

Next was the hardest part ever, going through the reds. My sister is a natural red head and my saying growing up was ” rather be dead than red on the head.” Okay now, we were just kids back then but somehow that stayed on my mind. BUT seems that every old fart in seeing distances love me in this red.

Back to browns.

Now lets discuss blond, white and gray.

I remember seeing Earlene driving down the hill from her sisters house, she would see me working at the rental and stop and chat. She began to rock bleached blond, I think she was probably in her fifties. I welcomed her to the blond club.

But what I did not know was that she was converting in a way that no one would know. She was going white also known as gray but not the color gray.

That is my problem, I am to young to be gray but I get bored with blond and touching up those few dark roots at the back of my head. The combo of white, browns and blond reminds me of bird crap.

I went brown last month and not I have a glowing white streaks through my hair.

Decisions, decisions! Should I go back bleached blond and make the transition to white, my one day all natural.

Now talk about men that are going gray. It had always been sexy to see a man with a few steaks of gray in his dark hair. They look distinguished.

What are your thoughts on coloring hair? And please do not say red, blue, pink or purple I would look like an old worn out clown 🙂

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

10 thoughts on “Is That Blond Or Gray?”

  1. You’re so right about guys looking distinguished. Women just look washed out and old! I’m in that dilemma too. I seem to have reversible hair. If I tie it up, more of the gray shows. 😐 I had low lights added to hide a lot of them, but they’ve about grown out. Oh… what to do! I thought about soaking it in my husband’s black coffee. It sure stains the counters! Probably wouldn’t work for my salt and coffee hair though. I’d say pepper, but it’s dark brown… what’s left of the dark part. 😐

  2. I have only colored my hair one color all my life. That is teh color black. So, i am really of no help to you when choosing hair color. My natural color is black. it started turning white when I was 21 years old. I am sure most of my hair is white by now. What I really find annoying? Is people assuming since I am now a grandma, I should allow my hair to go white. Not going to happen yet. I am not ready.

  3. oh my MIND said, santa claus has a white hair! what if people is mistake and say, a wife of santa claus..hehhe just kiddin. just smile only. Then people expect a gifts from you. hehehe

  4. I tend to not spend much time looking at myself. My hair has gone white naturally as you can see in my photo. Oddly, my eyebrows are still my original brown. I’m more concerned about the thinning.

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