Lamest Christmas Gifts

After reading Sandy and Priscilla ” Lamest gift ever” I think that I have a couple for you all.

First I want to say that I do appreciate any gift I get, lame or not. Whether I use it is another matter. And Yes I have many times gave those gifts away as gifts to others since I was not going to use it, only once I took a gift back for money.

A long time ago, in my twenties, I did not have much money and I did not manage what I did get by smoking cigarettes and renting to many movies and back then movies were not cheap to rent. Anyways I never bought anything for myself and just small things for the kids around me and a few adults.

One year all I got for Christmas was a 100 gallon cooking pot, okay maybe it was 16 quarts but looked like a 100 gallons. When I seen this huge pot I reckon I had a look on my face because the woman explained to me that since I canned she thought I could use a large cooking pot.

I have to confess I was so pissed off. No gift would have been better or just a card. No! I never used that huge pot, it was industrial size, like you would cook in at School for an entire grade. I still have it somewhere, I think its in the basement of my old home place.

Unless I ask for cooking stuff then I already have what I want. Never buy anything for cooking as a gift for a woman unless she asks. Its a lame a$$ gift.

Next was the one I took back for money.

Growing up we used to draw names in this one family because there were so many people and one of the slackers got my name, at the time he liked my sister so he went to Walmart and bought me a sweater that was a V in the front, I mean the whole front was a V and connected at the bottom of the front and you would have to wear a shirt under it or your chest would hang out and guess what? He bought my sister the same sweater!

I think we rode together to take those ugly sweaters back to Walmart for the money.

FYI : NEVER buy sisters matching items, thats just … what is worst than lame?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

7 thoughts on “Lamest Christmas Gifts”

  1. oh my goodness!!!? sometimes i experienced a lame gift too. my co-worker gave me a g-strings,ever in my life I never ever wear that. As I unwrap the gift, she laughed at me and I wore a long face. I am sad the whole month of December until I left the hospital.

  2. I think that is why gift cards have became so popular to hand out. Easier to hand someone a card to choose for themselves. Than pick something they may not like. Gift giving can be hard.

  3. LOL I pictured both of those lame gifts in my mind. I wouldn’t have a need for a big $$s cooking pot either. That would mean that I’d have to cook a lot of something. Then I’d have to deal with the leftovers. I agree. No cooking gifts unless they’re requested. That sweater does sound lame! I don’t like layering clothes. I get warm enough as it is. I’d be ready to strip it off after a few minutes.

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