It Took A Day

I got up bright and early this morning and took a bath, after that was nothing but work for me to make smiles.

Cookie delivery!

First stop was to mail off a goodie box to Georgia, his is always first. I stopped by my insurance company, these are the best people and I dropped off a goodie box. I got a big smile and a hug but what I really wanted was a ” Roll Tide ” from that Auburn fan 🙂 but he was not there.

Next was The elderly man that owns and runs a gun shop. His wife died a couple years ago and I just adore this old guy, he seen us coming and said ” no you don`t need to do that” but then thanked me and told me that would last him a month, I let him know he could freeze all of it and eat it when he wanted.

Next was my bank, they know I always bring them a Christmas goodie box. More hugs.

Then to the doctors office and pharmacy, they are in the same building, Tony went to the doctor section and I went to the pharmacy. The guy at the pharmacy said ” you mean you used your time to make this for us?” I smiled and said ” yes”.

But the last stop of the day was the best, the pawn shop. We took the box in and asked ” Can we speak to the boss man” that is what we call the owner, but they all know us. Tony said” I wanna find out how much I can pawn this for”. The elderly man looked in the box and said ” not much” and smiled. But that first look on his face was … like are we really wanting to pawn food?

I am thinking I can get several of my elderly ladies tomorrow and then back to the oven and baking.

It may be work and cost a little but its worth it. Spread a little love.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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