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For those who know me, you know I don`t care what people think of me or their thoughts on how I live my life. I have never been one to try and impress people, either people like me or they don`t.

Some people call it being cocky and over confident but I see myself as confident enough and just being real. I do have my insecurities just like the next person, I just deal with them privately.

I learned when I was not even considered an adult that I had to be my own boss. Not that I can`t follow instructions, I have worked many, many jobs for others and I learned from those experiences, but I don`t see having that middle man. I had a middle lady for a couple of years and that was a disaster.

Owning your own business is not all fun and games, but you do have to play the game to stay alive and the fun is if you enjoy what you do. Making plans for fun can be canceled in the blink of an eye. Many days I eat my meals driving in the car or at the computer.

This week has been wide open full throttle working, whether it be working home online or out in the world.

I often think about selling everything and starting over, just for new fresh people to be in my life. I did that once twenty nine years ago and guess what? The people I left behind has found me, has rented property from me. I reckon all of that was meant to be.

To make this disappearing act work I think I would have to move out of state and not near a tourist town, rebuild what I sold with that money.

I reckon from this, you can tell I am tired but I still have much work to do. I am sure that one answer I get today will not be positive and the other will be a chase down and I really hate those.
Maybe I don`t understand people nowadays since I am responsible and they are not showing they are.

Sometimes I get the impression that when people think that others are rich, they are the people who have things given to them more. Although they work they are not feeling the deep satisfaction of an accomplishment, like working to pay for a roof over their head. I always had a wonderful feeling each time I paid rent or a house payment.

Now I go to work, put in my eight to ten hours.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry

7 thoughts on “Conversations With Myself – Fast Pace Life”

  1. I loved reading this!! This is the attitude the winners usually have.. There will be suckers all around and they keep being stumbling blocks always, but whether we care or not is the defining moment!
    It’s great how you are managing things.. Although selling, moving and starting over can be adventurous, I just hope it works out well for you in our present work!

  2. I’ve felt like this before too. You just need a break, get out of town, then you’ll appreciate what you have. As far as the people they tend to be like that every where you go! Hope your day gets better! 😉

  3. I know what you mean! Sometimes it seems like we are beating our heads against a brick wall for little reward but moving elsewhere and starting over isn’t the answer – life just catches up with you again. You are right – when it all comes together it feels great!

  4. You’re a very hard-working person. I’ve suspected that people think that I don’t struggle because I live in the U.S. and because I spend most of my day writing about home decorating. I also work very hard for everything that I have. It is satisfying to get paid after working hard for the money. I feel the same way you do when it comes to what others think too. I really don’t give a hoot! Maybe it’s my age or the struggles that I’ve had, but if someone doesn’t like something I do, say or whatever, that’s just too bad for them. I have thick skin. By the way, I like that photo that you added. Looks like a nice little town and my kind of place to call home. I’ve said this many times, but I’d love to live in AL near my sons someday. I love it there.

  5. The new generation doesn’t seem to have the same ethics we have. For some reason they seem to feel others are supposed to hand them everything. Work for a paycheck is so they can party or buy toys. No sense of responsibility.

    1. I heard a cashier complain about paying for her car insurance and phone tonight, I could not help myself, I said ” wait till you have to pay rent and all that.” She said ” oh no I am always living with my parents.”

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