December 1, 2015 – Check In Time

Every month I revisit those goals I made back in January also known as resolutions to see how far I have came.

The reason I chose to call this … wants/ needs of change resolutions is because its something I want to resolve, Where as I view goals as something I prefer to gain. I guess both words can be use. I think its one of those things that you can look up in the dictionary and the words send you to each other.

Anyways here is progress or failure, yes there is no other word except failure but not all failure is bad, some failure is a learning experience.

Number one – Eat better to reverse health problems. November was one of those yo yo months. Did well for a while and then work kept me away from home, where I tend to cook healthier, and along came a holiday that is all about food, or maybe just about pie 🙂

I feel I am doing better because I am exercising more. Loosing pounds? No.

BUT….I have come to realize I must change my thought pattern about buying food, no matter the situation. This resolution is 50/50.

Number two- Get better organized. This one is a 100% success. I cleaned out the office and not one single thing got crammed back in when company showed up. I took what I had brought home from the inheritance and I took it to the old home place, to either set up as a furnished rental or to sell.

Number three- More time for me and the things I like to do. Last month this was another 50/50 because some days I was selfish and cut the phones off and did nothing but what I wanted regardless if it was work outside, write or simply read a book. The past week was the best week of the month.

Number four – stop cussing- 100% fail! I am not sure if this habit will ever be resolved. I cuss and I do not know I am cussing till it comes out. I know that is sooooo bad. But I wont give up because my future, my planned future cannot have such redneck behavior. I have to learn to use all my ladylike manners and cussing is not ladylike whatsoever.

As the year comes to an end I must now ask myself ” what is it that I want out of life for next year, in what areas should I improve”. I am pretty sure I know one for sure but I will not reveal till the new year.

Looking back at the years and what resolutions have came to pass I can see where I have grown. Maybe not in the first year but the next year because those resolutions do not go away, they just become a list that you are aware of and are still working on them even if you do not realize that you are.

How did you do last month on your yearly resolutions/ goals?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

9 thoughts on “December 1, 2015 – Check In Time”

  1. I see a lot of people having the “cuss less” goal which I find to be funny since I don’t cuss. I think some people are just so used to doing it it’s hard to stop whereas I’m so used to not doing it that I never have the want to do it.

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