End Of Year 2015 Check In

Here we go yet again. Its check in time to see how I did with those resolutions that most people say they forget around February. I write mine down and I make sure I reflect each month on progress or lack there of.

My number one concern for the year of 2015 was to get back in touch with how I am eating and to deal with diabetes. I did change doctors, twice. I was tired of them not listening to what I was saying. I do have a good doctor now and he is tough on me about this diabetes, he wants me to attend cooking classes for diabetes but he does not understand that I know how to cook and I do not care for the meat they try and push me to eat. What I am saying I know better and I am not perfect. I will say this one is a success.

Number two to work on is getting better organized than I already am ( I just scratched my head while thinking), I am gonna go with yes and no. I can think of things I need to go through, get rid of and /or keep but clean up better. Yes I have a place for everything and its neat like that. This one is a success but still needs more work.

Number three was for me to make more me time, do more of what I like to do. This one us also and yes and no. I did inherit/ rescue a new dog and I walk him daily unless its pouring rain and he wont budge out of his dog house, not even for food! And I enjoy the time I spend alone walking. I did manage to get a few more good photographs this year. I do love the one with the red tree in the middle of all the pines and dead trees. And I did work on another book and I just need to add the photos and I will be ready to self publish. I do need to work more for making time for me and not worrying with other people so much, meaning less stress and less of their drama.

Number four… The big tough one. Stop cussing. I smile as I type this because its a big fat , no. Failed completely! I know this is not a good habit for such a wonderful lady as myself but its there, I say cuss words. I have no idea how I will ever stop cussing, especially when I am mad.

Now see how easy it is to make and do your best to keep your resolutions? I am actually making new ones for the new year 2016.

How about you? can you do it?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Dentist And Shopping

No matter rain or shine, snow or ice, you must have a dentist! No matter what.

Today it did not just rain it poured ALL day and I was out in it all day. But I did make good with the appointments. I dropped Tony off for his doctor appointment and I went to the dentist, one block away. When he walked down to the dentist is was only sprinkling like the water God allowed his safe passage.

The reason for my dentist appointment was to check out a tooth that has been cold sensitive and pressure sensitive for about a week or ten days. I got the X-ray and not the news I wanted. I have a dead root and I require a root canal 🙁 but she doesnt do those in her office so I am having to go back to the dental school, the problem with the school is that they will want to start from the bottom, cleaning first although I just had a cleaning not two months ago. She wants it fixed within a month or I could get an infection. Going to a regular dentist is out of the question because I do not have $1,000 to save one back tooth, yes for a root canal and a crown that is the cost, I am not sure of I will have to habe a crown as of yet.


I had no intentions of shopping today but I had Tony and he did. He wanted a new water pik for his teeth because he refuses to floss. So off to Walmart I went, well on the way home.

I went through the garden center at the Walmart in Oxford Alabama and as I did I asked the lady mining the door ” do you have any potting soil or any kind of dirt?” She said as she pointed ” its on the outside next to the wall.” Knowing I was not going out for a bag of dirt in the pouring rain and the dark I thanked her and went inside. I scanned the area because no more Christmas took the space over, just one corner of 1/2 priced stuff. And there was dirt on an end cap 🙂 Actually potting soil. I bought a bag and I also bought a new Christmas tree. Oh yeah, Tony got the last water pik in his price range.

Now since I am beginning my new business I will keep up with this being the first money spent, for dirt.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

For God So Loved………

I am one who usually will not talk about religion or politics because it is just an argument in the making since everyone has their own views in life and will fight for you to see things their way.


I am reading so many articles about how people feel and how people celebrate Christmas or don`t celebrate Christmas that I figured it would not start a debate for me to speak about my belief in Jesus Christ.

I do believe that God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to tell us all about himself, so that we would believe that we do have a maker and there is a home called heaven.

I was raised going to the baptist church and later in life I was told to pick any church I wanted to attend, I stayed with what I knew and loved, the Baptist church. Although I do not go to Church weekly, I do Watch Joel Osteen in the T.V. every Sunday Morning.

What the Bible has taught me is that God is a good God and that he wants us to be good and love each other.

Ask and you shall receive, this promise is something people don`t understand. Somethings that we ask for will come in time, not “right now” because God has our lives already planned, although we live through bad times, he will show you the good times.

God Only gives us what we can handle, Now I can say that sometimes it feels like I wont make it through a bad situation but I have to reassure myself by saying ” God has got my back, I will be okay” even if it seems I may die. Have Faith.

God Only put people in your life for a reason. I do believe that people are sent to us to teach us. Whether it be good or bad we learn.

Daily I ask God to guide my words and my ways, to do good and to keep my mouth shut when I want to say mean things to people when they make me mad. I ask for the things I want in life and I give thanks for the things I already have been given.

So Merry Christmas to all and may God bless you all and keep you safe.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

911 – Shots Fired!

After cooking all morning and walking the dogs I decided to set down and watch some good old fashion T.V. , The curtains were open and my kitchen lights on because it was cloudy all day.

Judge Judy was and I was really getting into the show that was about child custody when it happened…..

Gunshots fired!

Not just shooting out in the woods but this was in MY woods and shots fired at MY house! I am sure it was buck shot because I could hear the pellets hitting the metal things on my front porch.

Three shotgun blasts.

I went to the back door and yelled “hey! There is a house here.”

And thats when they did it! Whoever was in my yard fired two more shots.

I went straight to the phone and called the police.

I made my report and they said they would talk to some of the neighbors to see if they seen anyone. It is a felony to shot toward a house no matter if you are in the city limits or not.

I was also told if I fear for my life I have to right to protect myself, wonder what the police meant by that?

I have NEVER gave anyone written permission to hunt my tiny bit of land and by Alabama state laws they have to have written permission on their person to be on anyones land hunting.

Out here is mostly woods so Why don`t people stay home and hunt ? Oh wait that might bother their women and children.

So I have now decided to GO hunting on my own property, I can just practice shooting the shotgun if I want, after all NO one is supposed to be on my land!

My next walk in the woods will be to post “NO HUNTING” signs.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Strange People

I am not saying that I am not strange to others but I know some really strange people.

I have this one repairman that comes to my house as I need him and he has always walked all over my house, room to room just about. I don`t have a problem with this because I try to keep my home neat and clean.

Every year for the past five years I include him in the ” food as a gift” because I do appreciate him coming and fixing what is broken that I cannot do myself.

He is a little strange but I maybe strange to other people so I over look that, he does good work and he is affordable.

What makes me wonder is this part.

Every company I have hired I am allowed to go to their place of business, not matter if its a home based business, after all I have always ran my businesses from home.

But not this man and not his business.

I call and ask him where do I drop off his goody box and he always says ” I will be over to get it” and once I even met him in a parking lot in town.

This week has been so busy that I have not had time to clean the house or do laundry properly and I told Tony to call this time and ask him where he lives and we`ll drop off his goodies because I will be down that way, his part of town. Oh no! He said ” I will come tomorrow morning.”

You know that around Christmas its so busy that I am in and out of the house, sometimes gone all day, coming home sleeping and getting up to go again. I do deliver the goodies I bake because most of the people are elderly (70 years old to 90 years old). I will take a plate of brownies in to show appreciation for a business I use regularly but I make a mix of brownies, cookies , candy and cupcakes for this guy. I have always just delivered.

Tony asked ” What time because we have a full day.”

He said ” nine am.”

Last night I fixed up his box but I did it in containers that could be sealed or wrapped with foil to stay fresh.

I hate to do this but I have to get a bath, deliver two more baked gifts, go to the doctor and talk to someone about the dog problem that has become a problem for my business, Its pouring rain and bad weather is coming the later in the day it gets, I will not be home till well after eight pm. I do not have time to chat and I knew if I was there he would stay for a good long time.

I hid.

I went into my bedroom and let Tony talk. I had a headache and went back to bed was the story.

It worked, he only stayed around fifteen minutes.

The elderly couple that recommended this man seems to know his past and said that His wife went off the deep end when her daughter killed herself, but they raised her children. Maybe she is a hoarder and her home is a mess and he doesnt want anyone to know. Maybe I am not good enough to come to their home? I know his other daughter from the place she works and she is friendly.

I dont know. I do know that he is amazed that I will take care of my home, cook and do yard work.

The song ” people are strange” by the doors is floating around in my head.

Do you know people like this guy?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Running on Empty

I don`t know why I am so tired today, but I know this is not normal for me. I keep telling myself I just have Four more days to go, like that will be the end of the world for me 🙂

Going to all of the doctor visits or taking Tony to his has weighed heavy on my shoulders especially since I am not a person who likes to be at a doctors office, I think I have germ phobia, lol, Okay I know I do.

After a visit with the cancer doctor for Tony we decided to stop by the graves of my old people that died last year and this year, to leave some flowers.

But after wandering in the grave yard for an hour looking for their headstone I could not find them so I called the nephew that was over their burial.

I asked ” Can you tell me where they are buried because I cannot find them but I did see ____ mothers grave.”

I got an answer I did not like, he said ” They are buried right beside his mother and father, I have not had money to buy a headstone.”

See these two wonderful old souls had money, plenty of money! Plus the income they still have coming in for the son. There is no way he uses that much every month. And its been a year and a half since the old guy passed and almost a year since she did. The cost for a double headstone is supposed to be three thousand and five hundred dollars, they should have had that much for sure! I know one of their incomes was forty five thousand a year. How do I know this? I used to help them prep their paper work for the CPA. I caught where people were stealing money from them, more than once 🙁

The Nephew promised to have them headstones by Spring. I put the flowers on top of these unmarked graves in the dirt, and what makes today a little more sadder, if thats possible, The old ragged flowers that are still there are the flowers we bought for each one of their funerals 🙁

I remember back the first time I got money, I went and bought my mother a headstone for her grave. Not one of the three older siblings had never done this. I was thirty nine years old. My younger sister split the cost five ways and told my sister in law what their part was and wanna know what she said? ” We did not tell her to go buy that.” I had to tell my sister to stop asking them for money on my behalf, because they never bought one on all those year they had never planed to buy one.

I think everyone should have a marked grave. Especially the people who died and had plenty of money.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Go Away – What Is Wrong With You!?

I don`t know what is wrong with people. I tell them to go away and they keep coming back. They always say ” Bye I love you” as they walk off. But I am not falling for that I love you crap. There is something bad wrong with that mans mind. I am not sure if he was born touched in the head or if he has burned every brain cell out with drugs.

It took me a hour to cool down from this encounter and when I checked my blood pressure it was still boiling, no kidding. I did not yell or cuss. I simply asked one question ” what are you doing here?” All I got was to see this man, well that man knows how I feel about that guy being around me and my stuff.

Then I went back and I Told Tony he better not say a word, this was my business not his. I made sure this guy knows where I stand and that is not with the stupid people. Once get a warning, second time…. I said once more and your butt is gone.

There was no read between the lines, I said it all in plain English.


Earlier I got to deal with another anus that seems to think that the degree hanging on his wall makes his superior. I don`t think he liked it when I called someone out for possible double dipping because I caught that tiny change in his voice, just enough to tell me that the old partner is not so ….. so truthful. I also let him know its my money too and I am getting tired of sharing.


Today I stood tall and stood my ground. I am tired of men thinking they can run over me and get by with it.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

What To Buy A Vegan/ Vegetarian For Christmas

I know what you are thinking, we are just like all other people we just don`t eat all the stuff other people eat, Like animal products.

Some vegans are animal activist too, so make sure you do not by any leather, no wool sweaters or fur anything. Maybe a donation to an animal no kill rescue shelter in the name of someone would be a nice gift.

Through the Arbor day foundation you can buy a tree and have a card sent that it was planted in your name, cool?

I have to say that if you plan on a gift of food the best thing I can think of, that I would love for myself, would be nuts and seeds. I love this protein!





Raw sunflower seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds



Chia seeds ( not with the ceramic head:)

Chocolate made from coconut oil and sweetened with agave is so yummy.

And for the homestead vegetarians like me a nice size green house would be nice, with a watering system.

Dirt, with plenty of reusable pots are favored too. Plants and flowers are always an awesome gift as well as seeds for planting a vegetable garden.

Now don`t let us vegans/vegetarian fool you we still love gold and gems, they come straight from the earth. I adore blue anything wrapped in gold.

Cars! Heck yeah. There is not one thing wrong with giving someone a car for a Christmas gift. I do love those new Dodge Challengers, black or white, okay I don`t care what color. ( hint hint 😉

But the best thing that I can think of to give someone, anyone for Christmas, is a Christmas card letting them know you are thinking about them, no money just a few words,or an invitation to share Christmas dinner is more than some will get.

Just remember its th thought that counts. But ….. Cars and houses are the best gifts of all 😀

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Removal Of Comment?! Points Deducted.

I have to say this about comments.

I know we are all here at Blogjob for the same thing, to write and get paid for it.

I know some people leave comments to be approved and I am fine with that, especially if you have a follower that leaves nasty comments but I am not one of those people. I am for the most part a happy person and I like to leave comments to make people feel better, if its a teaching/learning article I let the person know that I did learn something and I appreciate the information.

I will approve comments that are not all that nice but that is life, not everyone agrees and its a good thing. Many have said ” coupons are a waste of time” because that is how they see using coupons, if everyone agreed about everything this world would be boring, but I allow their opinion on my comments.

I try my best to leave a comment on every blog I read. I do have a few friends here that I read daily and I will comment on those blogs. Last night I commented on a few blogs that are new to me and some that are older but I have not visited for a while.

This morning I see in the stats box that I got two one cent deductions for removal of comments. I really wish I knew who did not like the comments I left because I would not ever read their blog again, because this type of behavior is hurtful to the feelings of others. I would not want to be a burden to those to have to remove my comment.

I actually “Read” the articles, this takes time and as we all know time means money when you are working for writing sites.

If I ever have in the past, or the future, hurt someones feelings please leave me a message saying so because its never my intention to hurt anyones feeling when I leave a comment. If you do not want me leaving comments please tell me this also and I will walk away.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Stressed Out!

I have to say that my day started out nice and stress free and then I made the mistake of looking at my phone.

I am, for the most part, laid back and I don`t like to stress over the small stuff.

I plan so that I am not late for appointments, But I don`t have a certain time to eat, I eat when I am hungry.

I walk my dogs everyday,except the days I am working all day but they are in a fenced in area so they already can run free, they are walking me , yes I have to walk daily.

Life has made me a mental illness people magnet. If they have a mental problem they are in my face.

My sister is bi-polar and she is so…… needy. She only does for herself with doctors, she`ll ride the bus and thats because I told her no way in hell I was giving up my entire life to sit daily at a doctor office for her to complain for pain pills when I do not think anything is wrong with her except her mind.

I also have two elderly sister as tenants and both have mental disabilities, at the ages of 60 something and 70 something they still fight. For the most part cuss fights.

I have a new tenant that says something is wrong with the dish boxes and dish said ” not enough amp of power coming into the house call the power company” My electrician said thats crap because you have a meter that regulates the incoming power so I have him coming to check the breakers.

Now lets put those messages together, since I had the phone off.

Sister – message #1 ” you cant even call back when I call”.

Message #2 ” I don`t even think you want me to come for Christmas, just let me know and I wont come. You don`t even stop to get me when you go to target.”

I leave her a message ” I invited you once to dinner already, I am baking for the elderly and when I take it to them they like to talk to me. I am going to the chiropractor three times a week, I have not been shopping at target.”

Next she calls the other phone. I answer. She said “I took your tenants a Christmas card and they are fighting, the man and kid are out across the street. The old one is crying and the young one is cussing her, do you want me to go tell them you said to shut up?” I answered with “No, let the neighbors call the police.”

But instead I called my tenants and I said ” if you don`t shut up the cops will take you to jail for elderly abuse of your sister because people are watching and listening to you cuss her.” She went on to explain that she can`t go to Walmart without her sister freaking out in the crowded place. I finally say ” wait a minute, I do not want in your business I don`t want the stress, just shut your front door and stop screaming at your sister, I will be by tomorrow to give you and her a cake for Christmas.” She said ” okay.”

Let me see, while all that was going on I baked 135 cookies, two batches of brownies and four cakes and four batches of cinnamon rolls. I sent out by Tony five peoples goody boxes, which meant putting them together.

I hear the dogs whining for me. I think I will go outside and breathe.

How has your day been going?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry