The Walking Dead – Bad Luck?

As I am waiting for the mid season finale of the walking dead, Tonight at 8 pm, I got to thinking about this show. I do love it but it took me a year before I would watch.

Anyways I thought about each season, well the first was about all them getting together, the season two and after is what I wanna talk about.

Just think about it, Hershel had a nice farm and no problems much with walkers, even stored some in the barn. Then Rock and his crew showed up. That all went to hell! And Carol changed.

Next was the nice town the governor had and the prison, After Rick and his crew… All went to hell.

How about those meat eaters 😀 , I mean people eaters, cannibals. They had a wonderful set up and were all happy until Rock and his crew showed up, went straight to hell when Carol saved Ricks crews lives, after he kicked her out to be alone with the walkers.

That hospital that had Beth and the people lived there and worked in the hospital and got food and water and lights, nice set up but went to hell when Ricks crew came around.

The preacher and the Church, ya know I am not sure he is even a real preacher. Rock got there. to hell it went.

Now this season. Alexandria. This awesome place. No walkers. Food and water and solar power. Rick and his crew came and now? Its all gone to hell! Tonight we get to see who dies, wouldn`t it be horrible is Maggie or Glen died?

Now are you thinking what I am thinking? Dont let Rick and his crew near your perfect walker free zone! I know they can kick some zombie ass but ….. ya know, it`ll all got to hell.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations – A Day Of Giving

Now I do not want any praise for the things I do because I do them freely and with love, but I think Tony likes it, for what he does.

I understand that when you give you receive. And I will say that it does get on my nerves when Tony promises to give and does not follow through. That makes me feel pressured to get things done.

Today he finally got two promises out, bags of greens. One for a lady that manages a grocery store and the other for a hard working nurse with five kids. The first said she`ll clean them and freeze them, the nurse said she will cook them for Thanksgiving dinner.

I bought my sister pizza rolls, on credit for her. I thinks she lives on them. And she wanted this one thing for her boyfriends Christmas gift so I bought that while its on sale on credit too. And I dropped that off this evening.

As we passed this one house, the people are poor, we seen them outside and is cold and they have no power.

I stopped to buy my coffee and me and Tony decided to eat at Cici`s pizza tonight. There really was not any talking at dinner and when I was at the end of my meal Tony said ” Buy a pizza to go”, I asked ” for who” and he named the poor people with no power. I gave him the money and told him to go get one.

I drove back across town to deliver that pizza, we already had Pepsi in the car so he got out four drinks. I pulled up and blew my horn. After a couple of minutes the mother and adult son came out and Tony handed the pizza out the window, not saying anything so I spoke up and I said ” Here is dinner”. The woman said thank you and just stood there not talking. This was weird to me because she is a talkative person and always friendly. As we were leaving she said ” Bye I love Y`all”

I asked Tony ” Don`t you think she was acting weird?, He said ” Either she is drunk or starving”. I said “probably drunk and thats why they don`t have power”.

BUT I still feel better knowing that those two will have a hot meal tonight, drunk or sober.

I will say it again, I hope I get to stay home tomorrow. All day.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations – But I don`t wanna be known for that

Today was supposed to be cut and dry. No surprises at all. But we are talking about my life here so anything can happen.

We are still going to the chiropractor, since the wreck there has been problems BUT they are getting better, and I over heard one of the doctors talking to Tony but I did not heard why something happened.

So when Tony got finished and we left he told me what the doctor was talking about.

Tony was on the back stretching machine and the doctor was helping him with different moves to pull one side more than the other side. They began talking about fighting when growing up, fist fighting, and this is the story he told Tony.

The doctor said “look ” and he moved his nose side to side and continued “I did not grow up in a good neighbor and I had to fight everyday”.

Tony told the doctor ” I understand I was a red head and everyone picked on me and I fought daily”.

The doctor said ” I was not the right color”.

Tony said ” what?”

The doctor said ” I was not black enough for one neighborhood and I was not white enough for the other neighborhood, once I got beat with a ball bat.”

I found this conversation sad. In just one treatment with this wonderful doctor he fixed a place in my back that my regular doctor of 25 years has not.


Its no secret that I learned to cook very early in life and I have fed many people in my years but I do not want to be remembered just for cooking, well, unless I get paid like Martha, Paula and Rachel.

There is a very young girl that works at the doctors office and its been a week that I have been in and out. Today she asked ” Where do you live?” I thought she needed a mailing addresses and recited the post office box number but she said ” No, I mean are you from the Wellborn area”, Tony answered with a ” Yes”.

That is when she told us of how she kind of knows me, She said ” you cook really good don`t you?” and I answered with a ” I have been told”. Then she began to drop names and I can admit at first I did not want to say I knew those people but she said her family married into them. “Wheww ” I thought because the Aunt is married to one of the brothers of a guy that got kicked out of one of my houses but not by me. That same guy had ate at my dinner table more than once and I can say never, ever again.

I rented this house to one of Tony`s old friends ex wife, but she is an okay person, her daughter and the ” known” people moved in with the mother. The mother was the only person on the lease.

The daughter beat up the mother and the mother went to the hospital and the daughter and the other guy stayed at the house.

When the lady got out of the hospital after a week she told me that she was giving up th house so she moved, BUT she left the daughter and ” that guy” stuff sitting in the yard. I called them to come get their stuff because I did not want to see them loose their stuff, I was not in that fight mess, I am just a landlady. ” That Guy” called the police to me, claimed I tossed their stuff. But without a lease the police already knowing the mother rented it and not him , told him to load it up and move on.

Now back to the girl at the Dr. office, she told me she had heard a lot about how good I cooked.

Riding down the road going home Tony said” that is some reputation you got going on”.

I asked ” what are you talking about?”

Tony answered ” Being a good cook, when you die people will still be talking about how good that food was”.

I told him that is NOT want I want to known for, anyways people just say that to get a free meal.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Special – Blog Smash Up! All Blogs In One Post

I always have to much to say but maybe not in three hundred works when dividing the subjects, so here is my first blog smash up. I will work down the line as I made each blog.

#1 – Getting off the grid – Learning to live free:

I did NOT get outside to clean the garden but I picked more kale, some to give away and some to eat, with a little to put away for another day.

Not that I want to be a loner but it seems that I am not liking the people in my life at the moment.

#2- Great American dream – Living the great American dream or not:

In two months I have had two move out and two move in, I do like it like that. That means no down time for the rent, although I prorate so I am only loosing one half a month and not a whole month. I gained a handyman and he is no longer homeless.

I am working more and more with the writing on line. I am active on two sites, I post weekly at another ( till I am paid) and I am thinking about joining a couple of small timers to see how it goes with the ” what is for dinner posts”.

I am always thinking of way to make money, not as greed but to pay for the things I require in life.

#3 – Never pay full price :

Last week was an awesome week for coupons and shopping.

I got free foods for the stockpile that include, Mayonnaise ( six month supply! ) I got free cake mix / brownie mix and FREE cake frosting.

This week its looking like, just by glancing at the coupons and a sale paper, twelve cans of veggies for $1.00! Come on you know that is some just about free can goods right there!

#4 Conversations – Serious or not:

First I would like to say that if you tell someone that someone else is asleep that does NOT mean call! Yes she did.


The best one sided conversations, via voice mail is ……
The last tenant that moved wanted to know when I was mailing the check for his damage deposit, Roger dodger always said ” I get paid on Friday”, My unspoken answer is ” I get paid Friday but you owe me!” Yep, that will be in a letter with proof.

#5 Food For Everyone :

Maybe I am slacking a little on this blog, maybe because I am writing a cook book and I don`t want to share all of it free. But I will still share a few yummy things with ya`s. Who Likes Kale …..LOL.

Okay there is my blogs in one minute and under 500 words.

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry

Conversations – Life Is Laughing

Okay I reckon I have been just showing one side of joking around here, No Tony does not get mad when I make a joke about him, with him there and make people laugh. But I also get to be the ” butt of the joke” as @irenen1 calls it, or sometimes he just down right embarrasses me altogether.

Lets begin….

I HAVE to have hormones there is absolutely no questions about it, without them I am more than a little crazy, weepy and goofy. When the government decided that hormones would become a controlled substance my one year prescription was no good anymore, every six months now ( thank you Bruce Jenner, and no you are NOT a woman). My doctor seemed to ignore my plea for a new prescription since she had written me one for a year, I was out and that was no good. I had no choice but to change doctors, and it was for the best in the long run, after a week on Estroven over the counter soy pills I was feeling the effects of not having the hormones. The new doctor understood and called in the prescription. I went over to the pharmacy after the doctor visit and waited for it to be filled, they knew I had been out because I called daily to see if the old doctor had called them in.

The man yelled ” Mrs. Perry”, “I got you fixed up”, I walked over to pay and I said ” thank you”. Tony grabbed the man by the hand and said ” thank you so much, you do not know what life has been like”.


Tony will at times go fishing or hunting in a small town were we lived for a couple years, all the old guys gather at a coffee shop in the morning for breakfast and to bullshit. There is this one guy that cannot hear good, he left and the man that was talking to him told Tony that he was talking to him about something and the man looked at him and asked him about the price of something that had absolutely nothing to do with any conversation. They thought that was hilarious.

Sooo you guessed right, now thats Tony`s new thing, and he should not be joking about lack of hearing because he is freakin deaf in one ear, but…..

At the local grocery store, in line to check out and pay. I see Tony smiling and I knew he was up to something. I put the groceries on the sliding belt and the cashier, a young girl, she scanned them and was bagging them, not really any small talk going on, thats when Tony just starts talking, some crap like ” how about the price of turnips?”. I think he scared the cashier, she looked at him but said nothing, gave me my receipt.

I told him to stop that because people will think he is crazy.

But he finds it funny.


Now this one is funny….

Someone gave Tony one of those fake one hundred dollar bills, when folded it looks like real money but one side is an ad for a cash lending place.

He tried it on me but I knew no one here had a hundred dollars in cash.

Tony knew we were going shopping and we do know a lot of the people working there and that was going to make his day.

Place : Publix
Target: Rose – customer service manager

I grab a shopping cart and my list, I go shop. Tony heads for the bathroom and sees Rose up front helping to bag groceries.

I shop, check out and leave the store. Tony starts laughing as soon as he hits the parking lot.

He said laughing ” I tossed the fake $100 as I passed Rose and then I sat on the bench for a few minutes, I seen her bend and get the money REALLY fast and slip it into her back pocket.”

Next phase of his joke will be to tell Rose he lost a hundred dollar bill. but that wont be for a week.

Well…. maybe he is not as funny as I think I am, maybe no one is funny.

Maybe I should think harder, once afater surgery he asked the doctor how did my brain surgery go and the doctor said ” I did not give her brain surgery” and Tony said ” Shit”.

Have a good one y`all… I do believe I need to go back to bed.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations – Some Humor

No…. its far from writer block, its more like I am bored talking about the same old things in life.

How is the getting off the grid going?

Standing still.

How about work?

Everything is rented and I am still chasing Roger Dodger, the original Roger Dodger.

How about those coupon deals?

I already told you about that, Cant shop to much or I wont have anywhere to live.

Food? What is for Dinner?

Na… I have to drop twenty pounds and the holidays are here, seems depressing, right?! 😀

SO if your are me, but you`re not, you want to play and not be so serious ALL the time. Cut the crap with a weirdo statement. Read on.

A couple mornings ago Tony and I were riding down the road heading for an appointment, he had been watching some hunting crap show in T.V. and decided I wanted to know about it so this is how that conversation went….

” Those guys had a deer in velvet and thought it was weird but that`s not weird, I once killed a deer that had a rack with one point sticking out the side” Tony said.

I asked ” Did the other deer make fun of him?”

With a serious face, Tony said ” No.”

I replied with “Well all the other deer made fun of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.”

Tony never smiled or thought it was weird and just said ” No” , again.
When I was shopping at the local grocery store for a beef roast, The meat packer was waiting on what I asked for, the one on sale, while the meat cutter did his job.

Tony began to talk about food to this young lady that was a little over weight, she said ” you can tell I don`t miss a meal, I like to eat.” Being a little chunky myself I turned and looked at Tony who is more than fifty pounds over weight and I said ” If I worked at Walmart as a door greeter and you was headed for the door I would stop you.” He looked at me and said “why?”, I answered ” I would have to make sure that you was not stealing a basket ball under your shirt.” The meat wrapper was polite and turned away to laugh. Tony said ” Hey!”…. Well it was boring just standing there waiting!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations – Talking On Morphine

I have to say that today was a talking day for me, I have talked to so many people that I cannot remember all of them but there were a few conversations that really stick out and I have to share.

I went to the post office to check the mail and I had a yellow card waiting for me, I had gotten a package. I was expecting it and I knew it was my tree`s. The lady handed it over the counter and it went on forever, it is almost five foot long/tall.

I am walking to the car and its not easy to tote the five foot tall package when you are five feet tall. I got it in the car and Tony said ” I was wondering why it took you so long” and I replied with ” I had hell pulling that long ass box out of my mail box since its on top”. Tony looked at the box in the back seat and looked at me and said ” I bet”. 😀 I drove a couple block down the road and Tony said ” I think you are lying to me there is no way that box would fit in the mail box”.

Next stop is to visit my sick Uncle, he has Lung cancer but it is in remission, he was dehydrated and that landed him in the hospital. Tony thought it would be nice if we bought him a nice flower arrangement so we had one in hand when we got there. For some reason they are giving him morphine but he is awake and talking , he does have the shakes though.

His lunch tray had not been touched and he said he just cannot eat .I seen strawberry ice cream and opened the lid, it was half melted so I took his straw and stirred it and got him to taste it, Okay I stuck the straw in his mouth and told him to drink, I knew after one taste he would want more and he did. After visiting for a little while he asked ” Who`s grave did you get those flowers off of, Amos`s ?” [Amos was my dad] I could not help but smile as Tony said “NO! we bought those for you just now”. I said “I have not got that low to take flowers from graves to bring to people in the hospital”. Next was my Aunt, he wants to go see my Aunt but he was saying that my Aunt was my pawpaws niece and not his daughter. Then he said he was talking about someone else, then he told us he did not know what the hell he was talking about.

He smiled and then laughed because he told a nurse he had scabies.

Before I left I told him the story about my sister and that her liver was shutting down because she would not eat and that I had taken her pout of that crappy hospital and sent her to a nice one 60 miles away, They told her eat and she would live so I spoon fed her daily and two weeks she was home, I told him ” I know you see her walking all the time”. All she did to get better was eat.

When I announced that I was leaving he told Tony bye but called his brothers name, he could not keep a straight face, then said , I am sorry and called him his other brothers name, that was when he busted out laughing.

Later this evening Tony talked to my other Uncle and he said ” Hey he is eating!”.

I absolutely love the law and I had the opportunity to see into another branch of the law that I had NEVER been around. I watched his movements and I listened to his words, it was like being at a pep rally for a high school football team. Another thought also came to mind, A used car sale man about to royally screw someones world up. Tony said ” snake” came to mind for him.

Oh my dear Roger Dodger! Now the poor fellow is getting ripped off and worked all weekend, no one has paid him. I want to sing to him, “Liar, liar pants on fire”. This kid is on my last nerve.

Well there is a few of the conversations I had today. I skipped around because I talked to many, many more people from all walks of life today.

How about you? Anything interesting with your chats today?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations – People and People in my Head

I`m the shy one of the bunch, but not as shy as the one standing behind momma peeking around her leg.

Its seems as life continued I was told ” Go in and ask ___ __.” with a little shove as I protested that I did not want to. Talking to people was not my thing.

Then I grew up and was pushed even more by people who did not know that it was terrifying for me to walk up and just talk to people, I kept it hid well so not to be the freak of the world. But I learned fast that I had to ask the people what they wanted to order with a smile and kindness if I was to get a quarter or a dollar as they left after their meal.

The words ” That is not very becoming” stuck in the back of my brain as my old sister criticized me for my appearance in my tween year. A few years later my old brother words still echo in the back of my head ” Stop talking stupid, you`ll never buy that.” Huh?

Now its always talking to strangers , no matter where I am, everyone is a stranger. Make friends with the strangers people say, I did. Some betray me and others keep secrets for me.

People who claim to know me say” you do not have a shy bone in your body.” Others say ” what a smart ass.”

Another said ” She is an oak and can weather the storms.” While smiling faces wanting to reap the benefits of my labor say ” You can do it, I know you can.”

Critics tell me how to ___ ___, I have to reply with a ” When I am rich and famous I will hire people to fix it, I call them editors.” “Mouthy little bitch” they answer back.

Life is weird.

Some people act as they like you and what you do , I reckon to keep the peace. Others are invisible, see right through the bullshit and you feel the sharpness of their tongues in just a few written sentences.

But I am an Oak! Right?

The shy girl is sensitive but hides it well, no one will see her tears.

Just quit, walk away says that little voice within.

The stubborn voice pops up and says ” Hell, no! Don`t let Miss sharp tongue run you off, just ignore her! For she is no better than you.”

Stay or walk away? Be part of the team and endure? Figure out what the problem is? Jealous maybe? Decisions, decisions!

By Andria Perry
Art by Andria Perry called “Censored”

Conversations – The Chiropractor

I think I mentioned on my wall that I was in an accident a week before Halloween, It was minor and both cars was drivable. The lady told us to call and let her know the amount of the damaged she caused.

Now fast forward three weeks. I have had a headache off and on for three weeks and neck pain. But I tend to blow off pain, take an aspirin and move on.


After the bad ass headache yesterday I went to the Chiropractor today, I still had that little nagging pain but it had dulled.

After a million x-rays I was told I do have some problems, my neck is leaning to the right AND my upper jaw is not straight!

Now it makes sense to me, I had this weird feeling in the upper part of my jaw in my face below my eye and close to my nose, it was not pain but felt like pressure, like someone was touching me. I had forgotten all about that.

I told the doc that I was in a wreck and he said it makes sense since I did not see it coming and I was like a rag doll and just flopped back and forth.

The doc popped my neck a couple of time,He told me that it would take a few adjustments to get my neck back in line so I have to go back on Monday.

I learned from this small accident. If you have any pain get it seen about no matter how small the accident is.

My neck is sooooo sore but not as stiff, and the headache? its still here but not as bad tonight as it was yesterday.

I believe in chiropractic care . It is the only way to manage pain for me . If anyone knows me they know I do not like taking pills for anything unless I absolutely have to and I wont take anything stronger than an aspirin for pain except once or twice after a surgery. I like having a clear mind.

How about you? Do you do chiropractic care?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Conversations – Some Still In My Head

It has been one of those odd days, the kind that you really don`t know what to do but you have a ton to do.

I went to bed last night around 10 pm because Tony kept “shhhh” me while watching some crap on t.v., So I got my book and went to bed and it was not long and I was asleep. I woke at 6:30 am!

I write a bog and cooked breakfast, not long after I went back to bed to read. I heard Tony snoring. I think the sound of the rain made me pass out again. I woke at 12:45 pm.

I woke Tony and he asked ” Have you called the guy moving?” I replied with”No”. I got my cell phone and looked up his number and called. No answer, he never answers unless he wants something.

Tony said ” Did you call and ask for money from Roger Dodger?” I replied “No, its been raining all day. How can he cut grass in the rain? It would be a pointless call” He said ” I would call anyways”. I offered him the phone and he declined.

My sister calls and asks me for a favor if I get out today and I ask her ” Have you seen that guy moving?” She said ” yes, there was a big moving truck there early today”. I asked ” does it look empty?” She said ” No, there is stuff all over the porch, an air conditioner in the window and a b-b-q grill in the yard”. I asked ” Did he cut the grass?”. She said “That man has never cut that grass!”.

Tony said ” We should go up there and see what he is doing”. I disagreed because each day he is there is less I have to pay him on the deposit. Tony is worried this one will steal the fridge and the microwave and bed he owes Tony for, he never paid one cent. I never worry about that stuff.

Now its dark and only 5:30 pm, I am sleepy again 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry