Bitcoins and

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is called cryptocurrency.  This is something new to me so as with my online friends.  Based on what I read online it’s a digital currency that helps verify transactions made online like banking systems through some encryption techniques. 

No one controls the bitcoin (“decentralized”) unlike the regular currency we are using in the country (“Philippine Peso”) which is being regulated by BSP “Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas”.  

Bitcoin terminology shouldn’t be that complicated. 


  • Are not in printed form like hard copies printed on paper
  • Produced by running computers all over the world that uses a software that solves mathematical problems.  
  • Satoshi Nakamoto is the man behind this cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin payment is done electronically that allows us to transfer an amount to anyone with very low transaction fees.  His idea is to produce a currency which is independent of any central authority.
  • Bitcoins are gained through mining.
  • You could earning bitcoins by visiting bitcoin faucets.  Higher income can be earned through Bitcoin Cloud Mining.

In order for you to receive bitcoins-you’ll be needing a bitcoin wallet.  In the Philippines – most of the people are using  It’s a website that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins.  You could buy it from different merchants nationwide.  The fastest way to buy it is through 7-11 convenient store because they bitcoins can be bought instantly. screenshot

  1. Signup on
  2. There is a limit set for the amount you could send and amount you can withdraw unless you sent several documents to the support team like a copy of your identification card and billing statement so that they could verify your address.
  3. Buy Philippine Peso (PHP) or BTC.
  4. An order or reference number will be generated and that is the one that you need to show to the cashier when paying.
  5. Keep the receipt as a proof of your payment when error happens to the system. All that you have to do is to contact the support team.

By using bitcoin you could send money anywhere instantly.  You could trade bitcoins, you could invest online and the good part is that it’s rate is growing each day.  It’s volatile – sometimes it’s rate is low and sometimes it’s high.  I wonder how much is the rate of the BTC after the halving on July 11, 2016.

BTC rate as of this date: 1 Bitcoin equals 460.14 US Dollar

Get More Traffic for Your Blogs Using Pinterest


I learned a lot from HubPages which is another writing site.  Although I haven’t posted anything there this year – I can still recall the good things I learned from that site. 

Since you are a blogger or writer on Blogjob – you need to know how to create a blog and how to acquire more visitors for them to visit your blog.  They call it as traffic.

Visitors reading your blog helps the website earn if they would click on th e ads.  A blog post with more content which is longer than three hundred words is being prioritized by Google.  Some blog posts on BlogJob are ranking on Google.

We can share our posts on different social media like the following:


Facebook Page

Facebook Group



But I have a good experience with Pinterest.

Pinterest is a good looking website and there is also an application that you can download from Google PlayStore if you are using a Tablet or Mobile Phone.  It’s easy to use and many people are using it which makes it as a good place to share your posts.

Include an attractive featured image on your blog post – it attracts the users to visit your blog post. 

Pinterest Analytics

In Pinterest – you need to create a board and create a pin on it by putting your blog post. 

From the Pinterest – you could share your pins on Facebook and Twitter too. 

I am getting more viewers on Pinterest  rather than on Facebook because Facebook limits the posts we share to different viewers except if you have a Facebook Page and you are paying for Facebook advertisements.

It’s difficult to compose a blog post – just keep on sharing your hard work and sooner you’ll realize that many people are actually reading it.  Earning from the blog post is another incentive.  There are lots of benefits in writing.


  1. Signup on Pinterest



2. Create a Board


Put the description – if it’s Food, Travel and others.


3. Create a Pin


4. Select the web


5. Copy the link of your blog post (BlogJob Blog post) and paste it here



Then click on Next.



My Venture Alliance Journey

I’ve been overwhelmed how revenue sharing sites works.  Some members are successful over there so I went ahead and signed up on my friends’ referral link on Fort Ad Pays.  That revenue sharing site is set on Spanish language.  President is Pedro Fort. Fort Marketing Group (located in Commonwealth of Dominica).  My sponsor gave me $20 to start on that revenue sharing program so I paid them for the shares using Payza.  I was able to see the number of shares I purchased but after few days it went back to unpaid status.   I was told by my sponsor that they reset the system and I’m not able to contact the support group of FAP.  I also asked for a refund from Payza but haven’t receive the refund.  I’m upset about it and did not continue with the site.


Fort Ad Pays Payment Screenshot

fap screenshot

I saw an investment program online and signed up under my previous sponsor who actually helped me build up my powers on HashOcean (Bitcoin Cloud Mining).   In this type of industry we have to learn how to give and take.  So I went ahead and signed up on Venture Alliance on April 4, 2016 but was not able to start yet because I do not have enough money to join.  Yesterday I paid more than $10 for the investment and today I received accruals on my bitcoin wallet.  It’s set to automatic payment.  Based on my calculation – you could receive the return of your investment in 100 days.  This is a lifetime investment and I hope it would last  unlike other websites that scammed many online investors.  Well as they say – invest the money you can afford to lose.


My Venture Alliance Screenshot

$10 investment allows you to earn .0004 BTC per day (as of this date it’s equivalent to 8 Philippine peso)

My Venture Alliance Screenshot

my bitcoin wallet screenshot

Venture Alliance Facts:

219 days online

88366 investors

31051576.34$ invested

from Venture Alliance website


from Venture Alliance website


Register an account (my referral link)

Fill in the necessary fields and get access to investment instruments

Replenish your account

Choose a payment system, follow the instructions and make the transfer of money

Enjoy your profit

Every day the program automatically sends the received dividends to your billing account

Invite your friends

Tell your friends about us and get partner reward

Having some Difficulty in Creating a Post on BlogJob

Desktop computer

Fifty points was given by BlogJob for the post you made which consists of three hundred words.  Such words needs to be your own and not to be copied online or else you’ll commit plagiarism.  Images and words needs to be unique for you do not want to have problems with copyright issues.  I haven’t experienced such problems yet and I hope I won’t in the future.

New Members on BlogJob can create 3 posts in a day which allows you to earn 150 points which is the daily limit.  You could still increase your points by accomplishing certain tasks that you can find on the Rewards area.

  • I would like to create three posts in a day but certain things stops me from doing so such as:
  • I am too busy for doing my daily chores in the house and in the shop
  • My kids won’t allow me to think of a particular topic I could write online
  • I am too tired to write online
  • I am sad and upset because of certain things
  • Let me change the way I write. In order for us to be productive in writing – I would suggest the following:
  • Write your thoughts using the Word Processor (Microsoft Word) and save it on your desktop computer or laptop.
  • Think of unique ideas you could share online like your hobbies, things you like and you don’t like.
  • Write your frustrations and dreams
  • Write your experiences
  • Create reviews for different products and movies
  • You could also create a review about the book you read
  • Write about the latest topics and trends you could find online such as news about your country or a celebrity.

I have a mobile phone that I use to capture images of the things that I see like beautiful flowers, surroundings, beautiful sceneries.  Photos that could capture one’s attention which makes your blog post gain more views.

Take note also that what you write online is being shared to the Public so be careful with the words you use.  It should not be vulgar and obscene.  Read some guidelines about Google Adsense policies too.

Video How to Create a Post on Blogjob

Revenue Sharing Sites and Some Updates

I have no idea that I’ll get involved in revenue sharing sites and online investments.  Revenue sharing sites are popular nowadays. 

So what is a revenue sharing site?  Let me explain it further.

The owner of the revshare site is the one who would manage the site, buy web hosting package, and SSL for additional security on the site.  Members of the revshare site would give their shares online by using different payment processors such as:  Payza, CoinPayments (Bitcoin), Payeer and others except for PayPal.  This year (2016) PayPal does not want to get involved in revshare sites.  Profits are being shared to the members but bear in mind that a revshare site or revenue sharing site is not an investment opportunity and there is no refund or money back guarantee.  In order for a revenue sharing site to be successful, fresh funds needs to be added on a daily basis so as the new members.  If it fail to do the latter, it would be difficult for a revenue sharing site to continue which gives a loss to the members.

Some of the revenue sharing sites that I joined are MyPayingAds and TripleThr3at.  Both encountered a big problem when PayPal stopped supporting them.  TripleThr3at owned by Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott was able to pay some members for the money left on PayPal processor on their corresponding accounts.  Unfortunately this site had some issues in paying the members because there are issues about fresh funds coming in.  I’m also guilty of not being able to have a referral to help this revshare site.  There are huge changes with TripleThr3at like a weekly subscription of $10 and $50 withdrawal limit for zero referrals like me.  I had no problem with that and I do not have huge shares on that site.  This is for the longetivity of the program too.

MyPayingAds is a revenue sharing site owned by Uday Nara and I’ve been a fan of this ever since.  They also serve as an inspiration for other revenue sharing sites like TripleThr3at.  I was saddened with the news last December 2015 when PayPal stopped supporting MPA which caused the stoppage of paying the members and hurt the feelings of other members who expected a lot.  We do not have control with what will happen tomorrow.  Let’s just expect for a better MPA.  I still haven’t seen my seed money yet but I was able to withdraw an amount in less than one hour using coinpayments.  I’ll wait for July 6, 2015.

A video on how to buy shares on new MyPayingAds

HumFun Beta Mode and My Opinion About It

On December 23, 2015 – Humanatic made an announcement that they would launch HumFun which is the newest version of Humanatic.  We got confused about the old one and the new one.  Some reviewers prefer the old one and some reviewers prefer the newer one because of the items.

On December 31, 2015 – Humanatic management made an announcement that reviewers could switch between the old humanatic and the new humanatic.

I’ve been using my small smartphone for call review.  I used Samsung Duos using Google Chrome Web Browser using Smart Sim Card Data Connection because my husband does not want me to use our DSL connection so that I will not interfere our online players.

A snapshot of HumFun Beta:

humfun beta The old humanatic is a yellow thumbmark and HumFun Beta is Blue in Color.


On the dashboard you’ll see your accuracy – your earnings – and the gems you got after reviewing phone calls.


My favorite is the Mini Multiplier because it increases my earnings



I was able to use Fast Cash using the 15 gems I earned which allowed me to cash-out less than $10.  Cashing out is weekly on Humanatic and the minimum is $10.

I love gems and the good items I could bought from the store.  This is indeed a cool feature of the website.  There are certain glitches I encountered when I am using this beta version like the web browser crashes.

There is a Humanatic app you could download from Google Playstore but I prefer using Google Chrome.  I could review phone calls while doing my job as a full time mother and a helper to my husband in our small business.  

This summer – I would like to commit my time in reviewing phone calls online and blogging too so that I could earn this vacation to earn money for the incoming enrollment of my eldest.  I hope that a parent like me who wants to earn additional income could find my blog post helpful and if you have questions or concerns just feel free to reach me.  I’ll answer your concerns as long as I am online.

My Humanatic Experience

What is Humanatic?


I’ve been busy looking for opportunities online when I stumble-upon at my Facebook Friends’ wall.  On his wall – it’s indicated that he started his journey with Humanatic.  I wondered what it is and if it can provide me a good source of income.  Due to curiousity, I registered on that site using my friend’s referral link.  This happened way back in February 25, 2015. After clicking on that link, it went to a page wherein I need to enter my Paypal account because you need to have a verified PayPal account in order for you to qualify the registration process.  I’m glad that my PayPal is already verified because I prepared it for my future withdrawals on a blogging site called “Bubblews” which is no longer live on the web.

So What is Humanatic?  It’s a website which is being managed by Century Interactive.  Call tagging and call categorization is the main focus of this website and it really helped a lot to many people all across the globe.  

How to Register with Humanatic?

  • Go to – registration is free.  
  • Then click on Signup for free.  
  • A verified PayPal account is needed.

I have waited for less than two weeks for an email from them about my application.  Luckily my account was activated on February 25, 2015.  I’m surprised for the email that I got from them.

So I went ahead and open their website.  I saw a welcome video about this opportunity.  After watching it – I started earning a dollar.  The first two categories I have are:  

Live Conversation Inbound and Live conversation Outbound

own image

You have to click on overview underneath the category to select the best answer from the choices you’ll see while reviewing the recorded call.  A mistake would lead to deduction of earning which is also called penalty.  I got most of this while reviewing calls.

I unlocked 57 categories: 2 categories were gone due to low accuracy such as:

  • Handled By
  • Handled By Automotive

Do’s and Dont’s:

Know the category you are reviewing by reading and understand the overview.  On the website of humanatic – there is answerbase or knowledgebase where you could find tips and guidelines for different call categories to avoid mistakes when tagging the call.

To avoid “check your pace” message” don’t kept on refreshing the webpage.

Patience is always a virtue

Be polite when creating comments for wrongly audited calls


I am fond of using HumFun which is the Beta Mode of Humanatic

HashOcean Bitcoin Cloud Mining and My Experience

It’s been a while since I create a blog post about my online experiences about certain websites.  To tell you the truth – I’m upset with what’s going on between PayPal and certain revenue sharing sites.  I just want to share this wonderful site that I found online which is my highly recommended earning site as of now.  This website is called HashOcean.  It’s a bitcoin cloud mining site that allows you to earn through bitcoin mining by just investing an amount of money in which you could receive your return of investment in five months.  Your investment would earn in two years and in addition to that you’ll receive 15 KH/s free powers for lifetime for your additional earnings.

What I like about this site is their auto-payout system without hassles.  Yes – they pay on time.  They’ve been in this field since year 2012 and considered as Number 1 in Bitcoin Cloud Mining.

What is Bitcoin?  It’s a digital currency that is not controlled by banks and you have the freedom to use it to pay your bills, buy loads, trade it and invest it.  It’s flexible.

If you would like to try this site, just follow the video tutorial above.

Step1:  Create a BTC or Bitcoin wallet Address

I recommend

Step 2:  Fund your BTC wallet address

Step 3:  Register Here (HashOcean Referral Link)

Step 4:  Follow the video tutorial to buy powers

Step 5:  On the settings area – put your BTC wallet address for auto-payout when your earning reaches .005 BTC.

HashOcean Payout Settings

After buying powers, you’ll see how much you could earn in a day on the dashboard.

HashOcean Dashboard

This is my daily transactions with HashOcean.

HashOcean Daily Transactions

This site never failed to pay me since I joined.  I’m glad I found this site.  I also created a Facebook Page for Filipinos out there who wants to try this online opportunity.  Just like this Facebook Page.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not just for Filipinos – this is for everyone.  Happy Mining 🙂

Triple Threat – My Own Experience

Because of MyPayingAds popularity, revenue sharing sites kept on popping out like mushrooms.  Some of the revenue sharing sites are paying and most of it turned out as scam websites.

Some of the members of MyPayingAds joined TripleThr3at because earning over there is really fast compare to the latter.  I got curious and asked my online friend about this.  He urged me to join and lend me an amount so that I could see how the system works.  I’m fortunate for having a generous sponsor at ThripleThr3at (pronounced as Threat).  The website is managed and owned by Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott.  Both of them have humble beginnings.

TripleThr3at had issues online because some of their members in Vietnam commit credit card frauds.  The result of this is that the website got blacklisted and PayPal does not want to get involved with this.  So the owners have decided to move on with different payment processors such as Coinbase, Payza and many more promising to each members that they would migrate the earnings and seed money the have using PayPal as payment’s processor.  It’s been a long time since they made this announcement and we are waiting when they are going to implement it.  I believe about what the owners promised and have faith on their site.  I kept on paying $10 subscription fee each month using Coinbase as the payment processor in which I received two payouts and it goes to my Bitcoin wallet in one day after I made a request.

In this revenue sharing site – you need to pay $10 monthly subscription fee in order for you to buy shares starting at $3 on tier1 in which your share would earn 40 percent and the remainder goes to your repurchase balance.

This website was cloned by FastRevShare and Quickrevshare and both of the site made a promise to give fast earnings to their members but later on became scam.

If you would like to learn more about this, you could signup using my referral link.

I also made a video tutorial on how you could purchase shares on the said website using your Bitcoin wallet.

MyPayingAds in Trouble?

Video update by Uday Nara regarding Paypal Review:


My Paying Ads

Before the end of year 2015 – Dr. Uday Nara made a post on MyPayingAds official Facebook Page about PayPal’s review in which some of the members made a petition online and shared it on some social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to caught the attention of PayPal.  The waiting time is not yet over:

“Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 12th Jan 2016, 02:30): by Dr. Uday Nara

Dear All,

I got some update from PayPal regarding the ongoing review and before we discuss it, just few words of background on why the current review is going on. There has been some changes recently in the terms and User Agreement policy at PayPal because of which they no longer support ad revenue sharing sites worldwide (or support conditionally) and because of which they have been reviewing our program to see whether there is any possible compliance so that we can continue using PayPal at our program. In the event if they find that we cannot continue using Paypal, they will freeze the funds in Paypal for 180 days before giving the access to us.

So, what we have been trying now is to see whether our business model is compliant with their terms or not so that we can continue the business with PayPal and have the access to our buyers’ funds.

Some good news is PayPal found that they can be able to support Ad Revenue Sharing programs in Singapore with some changes made to their terms and conditions locally. So, they proposed to us that they will formulate those new terms and conditions locally so that if we match with them we can continue using PayPal at our program with newly implemented changes. In the event we decide not to be compliant with their revised terms and want to continue with our current business model and with other payment processors, the money in our PayPal will be frozen for 180 days and then will be released to MPA.

Hence, after careful consideration of all possible solutions, MPA management has taken the decision to wait until we know the revised terms and conditions of PayPal so that we can get the approval to use PayPal at our program. Until that point of time we will not be able to enable the add funds and also not able to enable the withdrawals using all payment processors. This may bring some disruption to our business but this seems to be the best solution at this point of time.

At the moment PayPal has not given any time frame yet regarding the whole process to be done but it may can take up to 2 weeks. We will know some indication of the exact time frame that it takes as we progress further.

On whole what we are seeing is it will be better to know PayPal’s new terms to us so that once we are comfortable with those new terms we can run the business for long term without any major issues. The PayPal has changed their terms to be in compliant with the government policies, so when we are complaint with PayPal terms means we are fully compliant with the government legal rules.

We apologize for all the inconvenience caused and we hope that this whole process will make us strong to be in this industry for long term and serve everyone better to realize their dreams.

We will continue to update as soon as we have some progress. Thanks.

Admin, MPA”

After this post was posted – different opinions and reactions rise.  Some members are saying that this maybe another excuse of the owner, this revenue sharing site maybe another scam site like what happened with HQRevShare and others.  I was saddened to read negative reviews online about MyPayingAds.  I admit that as a member I was saddened with the news but MyPayingAds is not the only revenue site which is having some issues with PayPal.  Traffic Monsoon which is another revenue sharing site with millions of members worldwide stopped using PayPal and decided to create their own bank which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This is a difficult moment of MyPayingAds with 124,701 members worldwide which is expecting for a good result with PayPal.  I still have faith with the owner of MPA and the website itself.

It’s difficult to build trust online and a single mistake could break someone’s trust.  We can’t please everyone but in the end our true intentions would win our comrades back.

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