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Guest Bloggers Wanted.Β  Interested in submitting a guest post?

Hello and Welcome! So glad your Internet travels helped you arrive at this destination. Very happy that you came. If you are a writer or blogger, this opportunity or these opportunities might interest you.

At this blog and most of my other blogs, these are the general topics:

Your post content should be able to fit into one of these broad categories.

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Extracted these tips from listening to Sue Anne Dunlevie on How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog. She recommends you Promote Content three ways:

(1) Guest Blogging ;

(2) Social Media ;

(3) Blog Commenting.

She says she really believes in Number One; i.e. guest blogging or submitting a guest post.

That being said, would YOU (blog subscriber, BlogJob member, external visitor … whoever you are) like to do a Guest Post at any of my blogs? Totally expect dead silence and no takers for this offer. But figured it couldn’t hurt to make an offer you might at least think about accepting. Please bookmark this page for future possibilities. πŸ™‚


Interested in lifestyle posts (that is, discussion, opinions, perspectives, facts or believable fiction about politics, religion, history, travel, science and technology, etc.) and business and work tips, advice and opportunities (particularly topics useful to self-employed, work at home professionals, home business entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, etc.).

~ My Blog Stop!

~ My Pain, Your Gain



Post Submission Rules:
  • Keep all material submitted suitable for the general public.
  • 300 words, original content; and images, videos, etc. credited to proper source which you have permission to use.
  • An Author’s Bio (one or two sentences) (in addition to the 300 words).
  • You can share three links. Could be a link back to your blog within your author’s bio; reference links within the post; an affiliate referral link (simple HTML code, no javascript or iframe – text link preferred but banner ads OK).
  • My right of refusal should be understood. After all, it is my blog. Would expect nothing different if it were me submitting a guest post at your blog.


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* * TMB (Top Mommy Blogs) also advertises guest post opportunities.Β  Bloggers Wanted.


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