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HUBPages – Happy Anniversary! 4 Years!

HUBPages – Happy Anniversary!  4 Years!

Received a notification from the HUBPages Editors. Has it been 4 years already?


Actually my history with HUBPages goes back further than that. It’s just that the other history was deleted. It’s a short story so I will bore you with the details.


Several years back I was struggling to find a way to work from home and earn money. I reasoned that there were many others on the Internet who were doing it and they were successful. Why not me?


I have writing skills but had no confidence that anyone would allow me to prove myself by publishing something that I had written and ruin the reputation of their website. In the beginning, HUBPages was one of those sites that helped me to get started as a freelance writer. What did I like about this site? A number of things.

  • It was free to sign up.
  • The publishing tool was easy to use.
  • The community had good writers and they were supportive.
  • The editors helped you tweak your content if they thought it was worth saving.
  • In addition to publishing HUBs, there is lively discussion about lots of things.

(NOTE:  You can sometimes use the discussions for inspiration to publish a HUB.  It’s encouraged.  HP editors understand writers’ block.)

  • Last but not least:  They paid me!


Things were going along smoothly. In fact, I had two accounts. Oh yes! Forgot to mention in my list above that they allowed multiple accounts. Some people have expertise or a passion in certain niches, but they want to publish under different user names. HUBPages is OK with that.


Back to my history. So I had two separate accounts and I was enjoying myself. Then one day I got a notification via eMail that my accounts were being deleted. Apparently, I had violated a rule or rules. All I can say is “It wasn’t intentional.” I don’t own the site and I wasn’t going to argue with the owners or talk bad about them elsewhere on the Internet. I was a newbie and figured that I had probable screwed up!  So I waited a little.  While I was waiting I gained more writing and blogging experience elsewhere (at similar sites like Squidoo – which was acquired by HUBPages). Then when I had the courage I approached the editors and asked if I try again. They allowed me to create a new account!


So in my eMail there is this wonderful message from the HP Editors:

You have hit a pretty impressive milestone—your 4-Year Anniversary on the HubPages Network! Thanks for sticking with us these four awesome years and for making HubPages a better place. Happy Hubbiversary!

  • Fun fact: Fruit and flowers are commonly gifted on four-year anniversaries. Perhaps tonight’s the night for a banana split or fruit tart – plus a nice aromatic bouquet to brighten your home!

Well! I didn’t receive any fruit or flowers. But that’s OK. This message from the editors is a great encouragement and their continued support is much appreciated. Not only is my content published, but several of my HUBs are featured.


Thank you HUBPages!!!


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Facebook memories (shared June 18, 2015):  Celebrating my 2 Year #Anniversary on #HubPages. Below is a collage of images from my various HUBs. Link is to the HUB that has had the most views for all time. I’m surprised! It beat out my article about #JamesBond theme songs. 🙂http://cmoneyspinner1tf.hubpages.com/…/The-Sons-of-Eli-and-… #freelancewriters #workathome #parenting #Bible

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