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Another month gone and it’s time to share my gleanings for the month of September and hope that work at home professionals will find the information useful.  This content was posted at another blogging community.  However, as it is my material and my publishing rights were retained, a decision was made to remove the post from that site and publish it here.



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How to Build Your Own Website:

Should You DIY It with Webs, Weebly or Google sites?


A comparison of three free website builder applications.


Many moons ago, my husband wanted to get started making money online. His aim was to generate a stream of income and use the earnings for investing. It was a noble endeavor but we failed miserably. After several months of attempting to sell consumer electronics at a very lovely website at the cost of about $30 a month, we gave up! By that time, however, my curiosity was piqued. There are so many eCommerce and shopping sites on the Internet. Why would they exist if it were not for the fact that there is money to be made?


I did some further exploration and found an article discussing affiliate marketing. The person indicated that they simply signed up to get approved as an authorized affiliate and then created a website as an advertising spot, a place to put these ads and/or products. With the mentality of a determined naive newbie, I thought: ‘Sounds simple enough.’


To my surprise getting approval to become an affiliate was really easy. But what about getting a website? Is there any way to build a website free? I did a very generic search; typed in something like “free websites” and out popped Webs.com. My journey began.


My Webs.com Site: Cmoneyspinner’s Home Business Projects


This company was later acquired by VistaPrint, who changed the application somewhat. My experience building my own websites had been gained using their old system. Fortunately, when the company migrated to their new system, people who had built sites using the old DIY application were given the option to keep their websites as is or to convert them. Since several of my websites had been online for over a year, my decision was to leave well enough alone! However, using their new and improved D.I.Y. website builder application, I built a main website that serves as a portal to direct visitors to my other affiliate marketing websites. The two features about the Webs app that are my favorites are: (1) the free blogging platform that is provided and (2) pages can be created that link to or redirect to external pages.


Time passed and I noted that fellow home business entrepreneurs were using other D.I.Y. website building applications. These were also offered free, with upgrades. So for contrast and comparison and also as a learning experience, I built two more websites. One site was built using Weebly.com and the other site was built using the Google Sites app, which is available in the suite of Google Webmaster Tools. If you have a Google account, then you have access to the tools. It’s part of their package.


My Weebly.com Site: Home Business Works


Weebly’s free plan allows for a website with ten (10) pages and, like Webs.com, you can use pages to link to external sites. Weebly also offers a blogging platform. My efforts at publishing one were unsuccessful – although I have seen blogs published on Weebly that were just fine! As a blog substitute, I used the Google Feedburner tool and created an RSS feed from the post stream for my Google Plus business page, hoping to grow my G+ circle of followers. Affiliate referral links and Google Ad Sense are permitted if you want to earn extra income.


My Google Sites Website: Cmoneyspinner Works At Home


In my humble opinion, the Google website builder (a tool provided in the Google Webmaster Tools) was not very user-friendly. On a scale of 1 to 10? Number 1 being “extremely difficult” and Number 10 being “super easy”, it was ZERO! I appreciate all the wonderful tools Google supplies the accounts users, but their site builder is not a tool for a website builder with my limited knowledge and experience.


So! Should you build your own website? That’s entirely up to you. The experience has been a worthwhile endeavor for me.

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