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For Home Biz Entrepreneurs | Gleanings: August 2016

Another month gone already? A tad bit late with my gleanings but here is what has been extracted for your encouragement and development as a work at home professional.


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LinkedIn is a network for professionals that was eclipsed by the immense popularity of Facebook. However, it is still a network that has value and a potential to afford your websites and blogs exposure. Joined LinkedIn several years back and have never closed my account.  Never occurred to me that there were browser extensions available to improve my marketing experience. Received this link via eMail. If you are active on LinkedIn, it’s worth a looksee.  6 LinkedIn Browser Extensions to Enhance Your Marketing

– By the way, are you on LinkedIn? This is my LI profile.  Let’s hook up?


How often do you hear that if you want to increase your revenue you need to increase traffic?  All the time!  Right?  Guess what?  Did you know that there are 7 Ways to Increase Ad Profit Without Increasing Traffic?


Signed up several months ago for Bloglovin and it is a great service for blog readers. You choose the blogs you want to follow and their posts all appear neatly on the page. That’s the good thing. The really great thing is that it is so easy to search. As an example, suppose you were looking for cauliflower pizza recipesVoila!  Yeah!  It was that easy.  Here is my Bloglovin profile.


Last but not least, recycling some blogging tips published at my other blog that you might find useful.



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