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Historical Marker: Guide to the Tense Situation in Ukraine

A year ago this article was written.  Although the “present distress” with ISIS has overtaken us this is not a situation to be ignored.


The Ultimate, Super-Helpful Guide to the Tense Situation in Ukraine by Susannah Griffee.  (Apologies.  Either the article was unpublished or the link was changed.)

These were my observations then and now.


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Every time situations disrupt around the globe, we are always glad that someone was keeping their finger on the pulse or someone exists with a sharp mind who can gather facts quickly and bring you up to date about matters that have been brewing for years.

In this instance, NYU student Susannah Griffee, has presented for our education her Ukraine 101 quick study. Click link above. Thank you Ms. Susannah.

Below is my understanding based on Ms. Griffee’s excellent synopis.

At present, Ukraine is a divided nation. The Eastern part of the country is aligned with Russia. Whereas the Western part wants to be independent.

In a nutshell, (former) Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovich, started it!  (He was removed from office February 2014.)


Young Ukrainians protested his decision to ally Ukraine more closely with Russia than with the European Union. The protests became violent and Yanukovich fled. Claims he’s going to rule “from a distance” until those young folks calm down (or “get handled” by an “authority”).

  • Who is the “authority”? That would be Russia.

Does the U.S. and other countries think Russia should be “in charge” or rather called upon to settle the Ukrainian crisis? Not really. In fact, there is a fear that Russia will use its military might to quell the situation. So great is this fear, the United Nations called an emergency meeting.

People are saying use of military force could escalate into World War III.

  • A 3rd world war? Seriously?

Seriously. That’s the question that’s on the table.



Not that what I think matters but according to a reliable source there are 10 countries that already were or have become superpowers. Brazil, France, South Africa, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, China, Canada, United States, and Russia. For there to be a 3rd world war, those 10 need to choose sides. Who is going to take sides with Russia?

  • United States? Well you know US and Russia were never really close.
  • France and Canada? Yeah whatever! NOT!
  • South Africa? War? We just got over apartheid and are trying to rebuild!
  • United Kingdom? US, UK. We both have the same first names. We’re buddies.
  • Japan? Uhhh … we’re busy!
  • China? We never agreed on the definition of Communism. It’s a sticky point.
  • Germany? What part of “NO” don’t you understand, Mr. Putin?
  • Brazil? Oh well! Guess we’re the straw needed to break the camel’s back.


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Trivia note
A 3rd world was is going to happen.
World War 3 was predicted.
It seems the Illuminati knew all about it.
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