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Started a New Tumblr Blog ~ Account Restored

Started a New Tumblr Blog ~ Account Restored

UPDATING MY UPDATEย ~ March 10, 2017: (I’m such a professional. Right?) I know when I have egg on my face and I know when to swallow my pride and do my best to make things right again. Publicly apologizing to Tumblr Management and Staff. Below is a copy of correspondence received regarding a matter that totally baffled me. Evidently it was a fluke!


UPDATE March 9, 2017:

My Tumblr mis-adventures have become boring. Set up two blogs for 2017. It’s three months into the year and the games continue. But I’m tired of playing. My Tumblr blogs are no longer active. I’m not too upset. I wasn’t really earning a lot of income from them. So in the end, it was not worth all the effort. Tumblring is still fun though!

Anything written below this point? Consider it a strikethrough.

(Yawning fox found at
Original Post dated Dec 5, 2016

Started a New Tumblr Blog. Another name for this post could be “My Continuing Misadventures in Tumblr-land”. So that you’re not confused you need to quickly familiarize yourself with “My Tumblr Story” as explained in these three previous posts:


If you don’t have time to refer back to my older posts (which would very like confuse the living daylights out of you ๐Ÿ™‚ ), then to make my short story even shorter.

  • Started a Tumblr blog several years back. It was my primary blog.
  • Set up 4 more different blogs, same account, in an attempt to create โ€œnicheโ€ blogs.
  • Meanwhile Tumblr started changing ownership. (From David Karp to YAHOO! to Verizon)
  • Meanwhile I got a lot of practice learning how to edit HTML and customize templates.
  • One day my Tumblr was terminated.
  • Tried to find Tumblr alternatives. Found an alternate, but …
  • In the end, went back to Tumblr to try again.

My old Tumblr account was linked to my Gmail. Had to create a new eMail address because now the YAHOO! eMail and Tumblr accounts are combined. When you sign into Tumblr, you are automatically signed in to your YAHOO mail. It wasn’t like that before, but it’s fine by me!


My new Tumblr blog is called FoxNet2017.

Again … it will be my primary blog. If you ever had a blog at Tumblr then you know that you can have several blogs but if you set them up using the same eMail address, there can be only one primary blog. This new blog is intended to replace the other group of blogs under one umbrella.

The other blogs were: Express Yourself! (self-employment, small business and home business tips); My Fox Nooze (randomness; curating content that interests me and adding my paw prints); Food Ways (anything food-related for foodies and food lovers); My Shopping Channel (for people who love to shop!); and My Shopping Channel-Entertainment (movies, music, books, sometimes video games and anything that can be construed as entertainment, except porn).

Why the name? First. Because Fox is my real name. Second. Net because the idea of net is borrowed from the New Testament scriptures where Jesus likens evangelism to casting out a fish net and gathering up all sorts of things. 2017 because we’re close enough to the end of 2016 for me to begin as a new year. Hence the name “FoxNet2017“.

As a work-at-home professional with a home business whose staff and management is comprised of me, myself and I, it turns out that it’s much more practical to publish one blog and then use a template with tags. In my mind, Tags = Niches. Why run myself raggedly publishing separate blogs when I can maintain one blog that lumps it all together. Using a free template ~ Theme By LEEN; and editing the HTML to customize and add advertising affiliate codes, etc..

OK. There is a down side. When there was more than one Tumblr blog, there was more than one opportunity for income potential. In other words, each blog could have Google AdSense ads, affiliate referral ads, etc. However, it was also lots more work than I could handle all by myself. It’s a trade off. But at least, the Tumblr Staff allowed me to set up a new blog and start over. For me, it’s a great way to end a year and start a New Year!

DirtyOpi / Pixabay

  • foxIf you have any questions about using Tumblr they have a Help Section and/or a Contact messaging system.
  • If you want to know how to screw up and make mistakes using Tumblr, come see me! ๐Ÿ™‚


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