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25 Get to Know Me Questions

(Briefly introduced myself back in October 2015 by listing 10 facts about me. Came across a blogger who wanted to get to know other bloggers and asked for responses to 25 questions. This Q&A looked easy, so gave it a go.)

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25 Get to Know Me Q’s

1. What is your middle name?:

Vandie. Definitely not generic.

2. What was favorite subject at school?:

English, because of all my teachers. Never had a terrible English teacher the entire time I was in school – K through 12. Kid you not!

3. What is your favorite drink?:

Cappuccino, Coca Cola and Pineapple juice or a Pineapple blend – like pineapple-mango.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?:

If I start thinking of favorite songs – we’ll be here all day. I’ll remember one and then another one will pop into my head. However, if I choose classical, it gets narrowed down to Mozart and Debussy.

5. What is your favorite food?:

Typical Bahamian food and American southern soul food style cuisine. It’s my roots. But if you’re taking me out to dinner, I really love Chinese!

6. What is the last thing you bought?:

For myself? Honestly can’t remember. Stopped buying for me a long ago. It was probably underwear.  (O.o)

7. Favorite book of all time?:

The Bible.

8. Favorite Color?:

Red. No different or varying shades. Just plain old RED!

9. Do you have any pets?:

No. Not really an animal person. My brother brought home a dog we named Cricket and my aunt had a cat named Tom who was a cool cat! (Excuse the pun.)

10. Favorite Perfume?:

There’s a Brittany Spears fragrance that was given to me. Used it all up and now I can’t remember. But I’m pretty sure I’ll recognize the scent. It surprised me because of the age gap between Ms. Spears and me.

11. Favorite Holiday?:

Christmas. Not up for debate.

12. Are you married?:

Oh yes. But you can’t tell by our wedding rings. We don’t have any! We both lost ours. It’s a long sad story. Good things rings aren’t the sign of a strong marriage bond. 🙂

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?:

A few times. Visited The Bahamas where my husband is from.

14. Do you speak any other language?:

I try to keep with the little bit of Spanish and French that I know but it’s getting lost from lack of practice.

15. How many siblings do you have?:

My father had two children, boy and girl, from his first marriage. His son – my brother from another mother – was my favorite brother. My mom and dad had 7 sons, my brothers, and two daughters – my sister and me.

16. What is your favorite shop?:

A cheese shop. Hickory Farms. Dadeland Mall, Miami, Florida.  Don’t know if it’s still there.  Moved from Miami, the end of 1986 and have never been back home.

17. Favorite restaurant?:

China Cafe, Austin, Texas. Order the house spicy chicken or curried shrimp.

18. When was the last time you cried?:

Can’t remember but it wasn’t a family tragedy or anything. Think I was watching a movie.

19. Favorite Blog?:

My own blogs. Well duh! Nobody else is gonna favorite them. Happy if they even read a post!

20. Favorite Movie?:

Raised by the TV set.  Watched so many movies when I was growing up. Saturday afternoons the local theaters had matinee showings; charged 50 cents before 1 o’clock.  So guess how my Saturday afternoons were spent?  So many awesome stars.  It’s like favorite music. Can’t choose. Right now I’m internally struggling with “Wizard of Oz” versus “Sound of Music”.  Also must consider Masterpiece Mystery, Masterpiece Contemporary … anything “BBC Masterpiece”.

21. Favorite TV shows?:

Sherlock Holmes, with the late Jeremy Brett and MI-5, best spook show ever!

22. PC or Mac?:

PC. Never used a Mac.

23. What phone do you have?:

No phone. Use eMail to communicate.

24. How tall are you?:

About 5’8″. (I think.)

25. Can you cook?:

Not any more. Have had to change my habits and style of cooking because of my hubby’s dietary restrictions and making the adjustment is way harder than I thought it would be!

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That was fun! This post was inspired by a fellow blogger: MEGAN HAS OCD . Thanks Meg!! Enjoyed it!! 🙂


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