Contemporary Female Artists I Fancy : Adka and Michelle

Contemporary Female Artists I Fancy : Adka and Michelle

In my list of ten facts about me, mention was made of two artists who allowed me to publish an article about them even though my freelance writing experience ranged from “none TO nothing to brag about”.

ARTIST 1: Her name is Andrea Jones. But most friends and admirers know her by her childhood nickname which is “Adka”. Discovered her on Facebook. She describes her paintings as “vibrant and happy”. We agree! 🙂 Ms. Jones was born in Slovakia, however she now lives and works in the United States. A current resident of North Carolina but has visited New York, New York, aka the Big Apple. Her artwork (featured image below, used with permission) which she aptly titled Inspire New York!” has won awards. She is a recognized and respected International Contemporary Master.

Official Website for Adka’s Art

ARTIST 2: Her name is Michelle Lohr. Like Ms. Jones, she was also on Facebook. She was displaying her artwork on her personal timeline and instantly won me over as an admirer. Similarly when approached and asked if she would not mind me writing an article about her artistic goals and aspirations, she approved, granted me an interview, and supplied me with digital images of her work. Ms. Lohr is Israeli-born but lives in Austin, Texas just like me. By contrast to Ms. Jones who has a style categorized as folk art, Ms. Lohr’s painting style was influenced by Henri Matisse, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. Nightbloom” (featured image below, used with permission) is one of my favorite pieces.

Michelle Lohr’s Artist Statement

Image: “Nightbloom”)

Nightbloom by Michelle Lohr

Be Inspired! by Maria Gatling
Be Inspired!



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