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Approved to Write Articles for Forum Coin

Approved to Write Articles for Forum Coin

Are you aware of a social site and online discussion community called Forum Coin? At my other home business blog, I have written about this site a couple of times and also mentioned it briefly in my post here titled:

However, if you don’t subscribe to my other blog, then perhaps I should mention a little bit more about it at this blog as well. Combine what is written here about this fantastic forum with the details and explanatory information in the two posts listed below and you will have a thorough understanding of what this site has to offer.

I’m finding my time spent in this forum to be fun, productive and profitable. It’s not passive or residual income, meaning you can’t “set it and then forget about it”. However, it does provides a steady income stream as long as I am socially active. If you are already an active Facebook user or a Tweeter, it takes no extra effort to be social on Forum Coin in the same way. You can flip in between the browser tabs or windows and have lively discussions. Consider it multitasking. 🙂

The FC site owners approved me as an article writer and this is where I am gaining my most productive work experience and my earnings potential increased significantly. You earn forum coins and those coins can be converted into gift cards or cash. (I always opt for cash.) They accept opinion pieces but really appreciate articles that provide advice that will help work-at-home professionals, bloggers, affiliate marketers, etc.  So far I’ve written about a dozen articles.  Here is a sampling.

Advice to Newbie Bloggers : Generating Blog Traffic

Blogging Advice : Start a Post Series

Do You Use the Pinning Feature for Your Important Social Media Posts?

PLURK Social Network : Overview and Review

What’s the Best Way to Leave Comments?

Forum Coin is a social site that pays you for your social activity.  You don’t have to be a writer/blogger.  However, the owners are looking for freelance writers to publish 500-word articles on self-help, advice for bloggers, etc.  Many sites promise to pay but this site actually does pay.  If interested, sign up is free.  Click here to register.


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