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Announcing My Newest Home Biz Tumblr Blog ~ Go Shopping Bees

Announcing My Newest Home Biz Tumblr Blog ~ Go Shopping Bees

2017 has been a great year for my home biz projects, but now it’s winding down.

People ask a lot about Tumblr and the easiest way to explain how it can be used is to tell them “Tumblr is like Twitter, only you can use more than 140 characters”. I am using the platform to share anything from around the web that I like, links from my affiliate marketing websites and blogs, and also to help my fellow freelancers, bloggers and marketers by sharing their stuff.  It’s not really a lot of work.  You probably already do a lot of social sharing anyway.  So when you’re clicking to share to Facebook, click the Tumblr button too!

Some may say “It doesn’t help much.”

But I say “It doesn’t hurt that much and it just might help in the short run or in the long term.  Patience, grasshopper!  :)”

Tumblr is social sharing the same as you would do with your other social media accounts. In fact, if you notice most sites that have the social media sharing buttons, you might see that Tumblr is lumped in with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Flipboard, and all the rest.

So why not create a Tumblr account?

It’s free and easy to set up, just like all the others.

Unlike Twitter where I had to create multiple accounts for the various niches, I have one primary Tumblr blog and 4 secondary (or niche) blogs. You could create separate accounts for each blog. But in my mind, that’s a hassle. When I sign in to my one Tumblr account, I have access to all of my blogs in one dashboard. If you are on the Google Plus or Facebook networks, this set up is very similar. You can create one profile and then your brand accounts (or business pages) are all linked to that one profile. It’s very convenient and so much easier to manage.  Managing multiple accounts, at the same site, with multiple logins is very taxing.

Announcing my newest Tumblr blog:
Go Shopping Bees

This post serves as an announcement of my newest Tumblr blog, created as a niche blog online shopping.  The micro-blog shares are not just my own but a show of support for fellow home business entrepreneurs, especially women in business and work-at-home moms. November 3rd, 2017 marks the date of my first post.  The screenshot below shows my work in progress. Hope it will prove to be a fruitful endeavor for 2017 and beyond.  Hope you visit.  Would love some feedback.


Refer to my previous Tumblr Update, Mar 10, 2017


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