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Shock and Awe! My Spice Blog Has Been Restored!

Several years ago, motivated and inspired by an article that discussed the joys of affiliate advertising and the untold wealth it could bring to the diligent online entrepreneur and persistent work at home professional, I embarked upon my Internet marketing endeavors. It all started because constantly submitting my resumes to various companies was yielding zero job offers and the well of job opportunities for working as a temp employee had dried up! Decided to apply for a job myself, interview myself, provide my own references and background checks, and start working for myself. If things didn’t work and my projects were not profitable, I would just say to myself: “Self! You’re fired!”

The first thing I decided to do was build my website. Why? Because there was no line in my budget of zero dollars to pay for somebody to build a website for me. Did a Google search for D.I.Y. Website builder and literally picked first site in the search results, (formerly known as As time went on the site was acquired by Vistaprint.

Long story short.  The initial DIY app was so easy to use I built several websites. Notice I did not say “several successful websites”. Built them. Deleted them. Built more. Some went to the website graveyard. Some are still online, and have been linked to my various social media business pages.

Everyday Exotic Spices is one of those websites.

Everyday Exotic Spices

One of the applications offered by was a tool to help you publish a blog. One of my kids suggested my affiliate marketing website would be enhanced if it were supplemented with a blog. All of the experts says businesses should have a blog because it’s a means of educating consumers about the products, hopefully gaining loyal customers, etc. My repeated trial and error attempts at trying to publish a foodie blog were so frustrating. Made an executive decision. Kept the website. Got rid of the blog.

Or so I thought! The plot thickens.

Joined a social network that encourages blogging. Published two posts – both food-related and then decided not continue posting blog entries at that site.

Took a look at my own website and thought … wonder if still has that blogging app. If so, why not take the content of those two posts and republish them at my foodie website. Maybe I could start over.  Ya think?!

So I signed into my account and saw the button “+ ADD AN APPLICATION”. Clicked it. Found the Blog app. Clicked it. Lo and behold! My old blog posts showed up! That was totally unexpected!

geralt / Pixabay

Here I thought all my labor had been in vain and was lost forever. Of course, the old blog entries need some updating. Many of the links lead to nowhere. But a lot of the material can be salvaged! Updated one of the posts to be sure my eyes weren’t playing on me. Fixed the broken links, edited some of the outdated information and voila! The entry was good to go!

Started the site in 2011. Here it is April 17, 2016, a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m doing a happy dance and thanking the Lord for a HUGE FAVOR!! 🙂


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