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Would like to direct my fellow home biz entrepreneurs (or other readers) to a wonderful site. Ever heard of

The site owners have this idea of turning your web content into “gold nuggets”, i.e. generating income; hence the name. It’s a great shopping channel set up especially for affiliate advertisers, similar to what Squidoo used to be like. (Anybody former Squidoo users out there? For those who don’t know. Squidoo was a terrific shopping site which was acquired by Many users were not too happy about the transfer but … Seth Godin, the site owner, decided it was time for him to move on. So he closed up the shop! That’s the Squidoo story.

Anyway … back to Webnuggetz. This site uses the WordPress platform, allows Google AdSense, and you can use the platform sell or promote products from Amazon, AllPosters, Etsy, Zazzle, etc. The site owners ask that you write about 250 words minimum. That’s enough content to wrap around a 250X250 Google Ad. After that, write more if you like and make your product displays visually appealing for the online shopper visiting the site.

This community of entrepreneurs is FREE to join and the site has been around for a few years. Been a member since March 2014. Was inactive for a while because some of my other home business projects needed a little TLC (tender loving care). But this weekend, as the holiday season is upon us once again, managed to get two “gold nuggetz” published. Currently, my profile boasts 8 nuggetz (see below; the first two nuggetz are the most popular; the 3rd is my favorite 🙂 ). Plan on adding more and hoping these will generate some residual income like my Squidoo lenses used to.

Like to call this site “The Other Shopping Channel” – in contrast and comparison to My Shopping Channel , which is my own affiliate marketing website created using the BlogJob platform.


Inspiring Biographies

Gifts for the Tolkien Enthusiast

For the Chocolate Lover in You

Stock Your Kitchen Cabinet with Exotic Spices

My Favorite Yankee Candle Scent

Little Black Dress: Doing It First Lady Style

Witchcraft: Past and Present

War Movies


Templune / Pixabay

UPDATE: September 22, 2016. This post was published at this blog a year ago on Nov 23, 2015.  My profile now boasts 37 nuggetz, but the posts are being updated due to advisement issued by one of the site owners.  Although Amazon has converted to Native Advertising, this site does not allow the “script”.  My pages with the native ads have to edited to have the coding removed.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that many nuggetz can be shared via my other blogs that allow the native ads which can appear their as additional information supporting the post link.  In the process of updating my content. 

UPDATE: September 22, 2017. DISAPPOINTING NEWS. The site owners are no longer accepting new members.  Currently have 60+ webpages with gift ideas and shopping suggestions. The links below were added after the 2016 update.


Halfmann’s Art on Aprons

Traditional Korean Hair Pins

Gift Idea for Cat Lovers Who Can’t Have a Cat!

Gifts for Cheese Lovers : Gourmet Food Gifts : Specialty Cheeses

Gifts for Sci-Fi Fans: Alien, Star Trek, War of the Worlds, Etc.

Gifts For Tea Lovers : Novel, Unique and Useful for Tea Drinkers

Gifts on My Holiday Shopping Wish List

Personal Care: Manuka Honey For the Skin



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