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Milestone Marker : Ten Thousand Views – YAY!

Doing the happy dance today and singing the Happy song made popular by Pharrell Williams.  Why?  Received an eMail communication from the Editors. “We’re thrilled to let you know that your Hubs have now been read 10,000 times!”


Below is the listing of all of my HUBs from the least (least amount of views) to the greatest.  Two of the HUB articles are not even “Featured“.  Anyone who writes for HUBPages knows what that means.  If you are not an HP Contributor, then know that non-featured HUBs are not visible to the search engines.  Sort of.  

The Editors are very picky about maintaining the site’s rankings with the various search engines.  If a particular HUB you have written does not pass their “litmus test” which is basically, a Quality Assessment Process that ensures the articles presented at the site don’t give off a SPAM vibe because that brings everybody’s work down, then they don’t feature it.  If you put the title or even your HP user name, in a Google search box, it won’t appear in the search results.  If you have Featured HUBs they will show up.

HubPagesHave heard PROs and CONs or rather complaints about this assessment process.  This is my view.  The HP site wasn’t just born yesterday.  It’s been online for several years.  It has survived many of the other online writing communities.  It even acquired Squidoo which at one time was their competition that gave them a run for their money.  Furthermore, the editors provide a Learning Center that has all kinds of tips and tricks and tutorials and guides to help the writers be successful; plus an active discussion forum where writers ask questions or talk about what works for them.  HP management and staff know what they’re doing!

Would you be interested in writing for


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