Quid pro quo

Popular Posts at My Blog Stop! (As of Feb 2016)

Popular Posts at My Blog Stop! (As of Feb 2016)

Publishing more than one blog on different platforms is a full time but productive and profitable endeavor.  Blogspot.com or Blogger.com is the official Google blogging platform.  Google purchased the Blogger web service in 2003.  A little business trivia, if you’re interested.

Presented a blog entry at My Blog Stop! (MBS) singing the praises of this site in a post titled: Top Ten Popular Posts at My BlogJob Site.

Quid pro quo. In this entry, reporting on my blogging activities at MBS – offering a contrast and comparison for my friends and followers here at BlogJob.


Blog Title: My Blog Stop!
– Statement of Purpose:  My personal and home business blog which complements and supplements multiple WAHM projects grouped together as Cmoneyspinner’s Home Business Projects.
– Post Archive Dates: 2014 – 2016
– Total Number of Posts: 444


As of today, Feb 25, 2016, these are my Top Ten Most Popular Posts since the blog began.


My Tumblr Blog – Featured Post – Spotlight on a very talented teenage artist.


The Snowman-Costa Rica Link – Recommendations: Travel and/or a Movie


Dream Italian? Think Italian. Be Italian! – Italy is probably on everybody’s Places to Visit bucket list.


Native American Female Artist: Betty Albert – Popular female contemporary artist.


myLot.com – Can First Impressions Be Trusted? – This site is a discussion forum that is growing in membership and popularity. Income potential.


Art Posters – Christmas Floral Paintings – Flowers are beautiful all year round but especially during this holiday season.


Matcha Tea is Body Fuel – Writedge.com– Body fuel that the Japanese must have always known about.


Go Your Own Way (“The Preacher’s Wife”) – If you’re a fan of Denzel Washington or Whitney Houston. It’s a remake of an old movie. Corny as ever! But I enjoyed it!


Throwback: Joe Cocker (1944 – 2014) – We lost this artist in 2014 and wanted to remember him.


The Grocery Garden – Growing real food: 7 Easy to Grow Edible Flowers – It’s so hard to eat pretty food!


Serendipity Cheese Gift Box – The Fruit Company 

This assortment solves the dilemma about what to get – cheese or fruit.

There is plenty of both

Smokey touvelle and herb havarti cheese combined with top quality, sun-ripened apples, pears and kiwi, with mint truffles and honey wheat crackers.  Yum!



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