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Sade Adu Helped Keep Romance in My Marriage

Sade Adu Helped Keep Romance in My Marriage

It’s beautiful to hear that Sade and the group that backed her up were not really going for it with a master plan (Sade ‘Diamond Life’ 30th Anniversary | VH1). The year was 1984. Had always read Time magazine, from a child. When my mother had work to do and needed something to keep me busy, she would sit me on the floor and give me lots of magazines to keep me occupied. She knew I loved the pictures. Perhaps though, she didn’t know, I could actually read. When older, wondered how my mother could afford so many magazine subscriptions but realized she had friends who would give her their back issues.

Anyway … also when even older, married and working, during my break at work (used to work for the U.S. Customs Service), was reading an issue of Time magazine (hard copy, not digital) and there was a short blurb, can’t even call it an article, about this Nigerian singer who had a sensual soulful vibe. Somehow figured even though I had never heard any of her music, that my husband would like her. We were newly weds (that means married less than 10 years, back in the day) and was desperately trying to do things to please my husband, make him happy, and keep our romance fresh. After reading the article or write-up, figured he might like Sade. I guessed! After work, visited a local music store, found the cassette tape (like I said, it was back in the day) for Diamond Life, took it home and … we had a wonderful evening!

Still remember as if it happened yesterday.

Obama says Stevie Wonder was critical to his courtship or romance.

Sade Adu worked magic for my marriage.



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