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Review 2: PersonaPaper, Social Blogging Community

Review 2: PersonaPaper, Social Blogging Community

Refer to my previous post for background:

Review: PersonaPaper, Social Blogging Community

* * * UPDATE Jun 6, 2017: The new site owner is trying to breathe new life into this social site.  See Resuscitating Persona Paper.  Based on that post I decided to return to the site.  Beginning May 6, I started publishing short posts again.  Below is a listing of my most recent posts for the past month.  Use this platform as your personal and/or home business blog.  It can supplement or complement your stand alone blog(s).
* * *


My Work at Home Projects – Another Update

Not that any of you are interested in what I am doing but I like to leave markers behind for myself to monitor my own progress. In my last update , I listed several blogging communities and/or forums with income potential that I had joined. …  Con’t reading Offers a Free Blogging Platform

Looking for a free blog publishing platform and also a community where you can find answers to various questions. was established by former Facebook employees.  …  Con’t reading


WebNuggetz : My Squidoo Alternative for Affiliate Marketing

Several years back when I decided to try earning money via affiliate marketing , it took me hardly any time at all to realize that if there was no traffic to my stand alone website or blog, then  …  Con’t reading


Update on My Blogging Projects ~ I’m Expanding!

Now active is several blogging communities and/or forums; many with income potential. – a discussion forum with a $5 payout. You don’t have to start a discussion, just chime in on a lively conversation.  …  Con’t reading


Apples to Apples? Good Thing Apples Have Lots of Varieties

The first bite I took out of the “writing apple” was at a site that no longer exists called; but my first experience was all I needed to get going. After that, even though not all of my experiences with writing sites have been profitable …  Con’t reading


Adventures in BlogJobbing – Fortified

Last January in 2016, wrote a post about an exciting social blogging community that I had joined. Just two days later, it became necessary to write a follow up post, clarifying.  …  Con’t reading


Merkabah (merkaba, merkavah)

♦ Merkabah (merkaba, merkavah) is an ancient Hebrew word that means “chariot” and it is associated with the visions of Ezekiel the Jewish Prophet . People prefer to refer to it as a “divine light vehicle” used  …  Con’t reading


Social Media Tips : Pinterest Alternatives

Follow up to my post Netboard as an Alternative to Pinterest. My honest review of Netboard? It’s not an alternative. It’s a nice site though. What attracted me to the site was the fact that affiliate links were allowed.  …  Con’t reading


Food Blog Versus Foodie Blog

Here are three definitions for a “foodie”. Definition 1: (noun; informal) a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. … Synonyms: gourmet, epicure, gastronome, gourmand (Source: Top of Google search results) …  Con’t reading


From Shocking to Unconscionable to Good News

In August 2015, I shared a post about the life in Nigeria. It was not a happy post. But it was about matters that I wanted not to be forgotten! Human Rights Abuses – From Shocking to Unconscionable I must admit that …  Con’t reading

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