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Still WAHM-ing and Working Day and Night :) (It’s All Good.)

Still WAHM-ing and Working Day and Night :)  (It’s All Good.)

WAHM stands for work at home moms.  That’s evidently how it started.  There were stay-at-home moms who wanted to work at home and earn some income.  But these days there are, no doubt, just as many work-at-home dads as there are moms and kids too! 

As I prepare to type out this post, I can’t help but hear the late Michael Jackson singing Workin’ Day And Night. The song lyrics don’t really have any real life application because it’s about his relationship with a woman. The only line of the song that I hone in on is:

Got me working working day and night!  🙂

Let’s back up and recap.

At the beginning of 2017, this post was published:

Heard bad news.  One of the sites mentioned in the post BlogBourne is shutting down.  Fortunately, I had only published one post and when heard about the site closing, I took my content and posted it elsewhere.

♦ ♦ ♦

So here’s an update of my various work-at-home projects.  Rather than repeat myself, I’ll redirect you to sites where I’ve already had active discussions on how I have continued finding more work to add to my home business projects.  Thank goodness for online friends, bloggers, and fellow writers who point me in the right direction!





Although does not have a revenue-share plan or encourage affiliate links, etc., the site enjoys a good reputation, accepts both original and republished content, and is a respected site for serious thinkers and writers who are trying to build their online reputation.  As such, I created a profile and started importing some of my content.  It’s really easy.  Here is a link to my favorite article re-shared via Medium: 



♦ ♦ ♦

I am still active at the sites mentioned in my article titled Online Writing Communities Have Mushroomed, with the exception of BitLanders and the sites that CLOSED (obviously). My content at Persona Paper is being moved slowly to a new home.

♦ ♦ ♦


That’s it for now!  As always wish you success in whatever you do!

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