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Milestone Marker: YATB (yet another Tumblr blog) went POOF!

UPDATE: September 23, 2016. This post was published at this blog on Feb 23, 2016. As of today my Tumblr account was TERMINATED.  Even though a contact message was sent  asking WHY, there is no reason for me to hold my breath waiting for a response.  Moving on.  Not taking back any of the nice things I said all over the Internet about using the Tumblr platform and how great it is.  Unfortunately, since all of my blogs were deleted when my account was terminated, I have no way of proving that all that I said was True!  True!  True!  Bummer huh?  Ah well! 

heart-buttonWoe is me!

For the Record: A response was received, Sep 26, 2016.  See below.  Includes my response back.  Case closed.

Your request (4725550) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

MD (tumblr)

Sep 26, 10:52 AM EDT


We’ve terminated your Tumblr account for spam or affiliate marketing and deceptive means to generate traffic. Per the policies you agreed to when creating your account, Tumblr prohibits such activity.

You can find all our Community Guidelines at

Tumblr Community Manager

OK. Thanks!  I moved on. I will get better at this blogging and affiliate marketing stuff one day. I am only trying to earn legitimate income from home to support my family. The Internet was NOT my career choice. It was a choice made out of necessity because I had difficulty getting a job outside of the home. I don’t expect forgiveness since you made it clear I did a bad thing.  It’s odd though.  I contacted your Support several times and nobody said a thing.  It’s not like they couldn’t see my blog and see what I was doing.  Anyway, I still like the Tumblr platform and would recommended it to others. Thanks for responding. Be blessed. 

* One last comment:  Perhaps you should tell other Tumblrs not to advertise that other people can buy followers or likes or reblogs from them.  It looks legit!  This “incident” is being put in my files under Live and Learn.  I will be a successful online entrepreneur one of these days.  Count on it!  Enjoy the holiday season! 


My Shopping Channel – Entertainment! on Tumblr

(This blog went POOF!
Refer back to strike through in paragraph below.)

So! What’s my rationale for creating this site you might ask. The main reason, of course, is that it’s for income purposes. But another reason is that many of my writings – movie reviews, book reviews, recommendations for toys and games, and various entertainment products are “scattered” (at multiple sites) and they’re “old” (celebrated their one year anniversary). This old content is parked at these sites and not really generating commissions on the affiliate products.

My logic made sense to me. But Tumblr management had other ideas. No hard feelings. It’s their company. They run it their way. Me? I beg!!  Never underestimate the value of humbling yourself.  Read my continuing story here:  My new Tumblr/YAHOO! account and blogs.


Recently published a blog entry sharing tips and tricks about blog monetization and mentioned something about about YAHOO making changes that may or may not impact Tumblr. Because the CEO’s changes could not be predicted (by me), hesitated to recommend that others should create a Tumblr blog. But yesterday (February 22, 2016), guess what I did. Decided to spend an entire day working on a new Tumblr blog / affiliate advertising site. It is possible that the tech giant’s business changes may make everything evaporate and all my efforts will go POOF! But meanwhile … Eh! Just gonna keep on blogging at whichever platform will allow me to work as an online entrepreneur.

The very first site where my writings appeared online was (formerly Suite101) and they had a rule. The rule was that your articles could not be published anywhere else on the web, at the same time, for a year. Also, they did not allow affiliate referral links. After a year, you could take your content and do whatever. Although none of the other sites ever placed that type of restriction on my writings – to me, it seemed a reasonable request. Since at some of the sites, my articles or short posts have been online for about a year, it’s time to update and recycle. 

Similar advice was also provided by one of my pals on Google Plus, Mike Allton.  He is a social media professional.  Follow his business page and/or website is The Social Media Hat.

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