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For Home Biz Entrepreneurs | Gleanings: October 2016

No pun intended.  I know witches fly on brooms. 🙂  But the month of October flew by and we are already on the 10th day of November.  In case you want to go back over my “gleanings” from the previous months, there is a quick link list at the end of this post.  Let’s get started sharing the October goodies!  🙂


Hanike / Pixabay


1st Goodie? My new blog right here at BlogJob.

Only published one post so far because it was just set it up this month. Going to work on it really hard. By next year it should be running smoothly and looking fabulous!  OK. May not take me a whole year. But I like to set realistic goals for myself.  🙂

My Shopping Channel – Intro and Welcome!

Been an active member of the BlogJob blogging community for over a year and it just dawned on me that the owners allow you to create more than one site, as long as you obey the rules. So this is my second site. Hope it successful.


2nd Goodie? “Listen to Kevan.” 

Kevan Lee is the Director of Marketing at  All of the blog post updates written by him and others at the organization are received via my eMail under the label “Kevan from Buffer”.  After scanning messages received from Kevan during the period May 2015 to November 2016, selected three (3) that might be of of value to the GBC (general blogging community).


How to Understand and Maximize Your Reach on Any Social Network

Some of the tips and tricks mentioned in this post I have tried with success. What was of interest to me were the specific social media networks mentioned. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. In that order. No mention of Google Plus. But keep in mind, this post is dated October 2015. red-diamonds

How easy it is (really!) to make your own GIFs – enjoy!

GIFs.  Don’t you just love them?  I do!  But I never make my own.  Do you?  The reason being there are so many out there to choose from.  Why make my own?  However, I can see where it would be good to know “how to” make your own GIF.  The full title of this blog entry is “The Ultimate Guide to GIFs: How to Create Them, When to Use Them and Why They’re Essential for Every Marketer”. If you want to know how to make your own GIFs, there are 9 simple apps and tools that you can use. Enjoy!


5 Surprising Reasons To Reconsider Google+ (That You Can Act On Today)

Honestly!  The G+ rumors drive me nuts!  First rumor is Google Plus will be eliminated.  Next rumor is it’s staying.  This post mentions Google Plus and it is dated November 2016 and thankfully, it’s  not a rumor!  The first four (4) reasons listed I already knew because I have been actively using my G+ account ever since I was invited to become a member of the network during the “test phase”.  In other words they weren’t actually “surprising”.  Nevertheless, it was good to have a representative from a reputable company confirm the facts.  But the 5th reason?  Guess who is on the Top 10 List of Brands and Influencers that enjoy success using Google Plus?  The Dalai Lama!! That was surprising to me! 🙂

hannahlouise123 / Pixabay


That’s it for October! See you next month!



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