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United or Divided? United is Better!

The argument for: United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

  • Union or Secession? United or Divided? United is Better! Just sayin’.
  • Before you jump on the “EXIT” bandwagon, think it through very thoroughly.

A house divided against itself, can not stand.” It’s a very common expression. You can choose to be united or you can choose to be divided. History has proven that even though it’s not always 100% “the right way to go”, more often than not maintaining unity is usually better than encouraging division.

Have often envied Europe because it is a huge land mass of connected countries. The geography makes them united, in a sense. Used to think how cool it would be to be able to move from one country to another. It’s the main reason I thought the idea or ideal of the European Union was smart. Well! With the recent news about BREXIT (Britain exiting the EU), maybe the theory of a union is great, but smoothly implementing the concept was not so easy. The vote of the citizens seems to indicate that in the end a nation prefers its sovereignty and reserves the right to rule itself. Although the vote was very close. Almost 50/50. Half the people wanted to stay and the other half wanted to leave. In a democracy, where the vote is cast and the majority wins, though many may complain about the exit, the voting results stand! Britain is taking pains to completely remove itself from the European Union. Wonder what the other EU member countries will do? No crystal ball, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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By contrast to Europe, here in the USA, we don’t have connected countries but we do have a huge land mass that connects states. We also have states and territories that are not a part of the land mass which we can travel to with ease, not needing a passport: Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, to name a few places.

Each state is very individual and unique. You could view each state as being its own country because each has its own governing body and its citizens can secede from the union. Secede? That means leave! Yes We Can??  Uh huh.  Although we can, it is highly unlikely that any state we will. Nevertheless, every once in a while, the folks might get a bit restless with the way the nation is being run and start talking about seceding.

My current residence is in the state of Texas. A little about Texas history. It was not always a part of the United States. In fact, the political leaders argued long and hard about the decision to finally admit it to the union. Finally, on December 29, 1845, statehood was granted to Texas. It seems however, that Texans like to talk about leaving the union. Not sure if this is a recent attitude that the people have developed or if they were always like this. My family relocated to Austin, Texas in 1998 and between 1998 to the present, the mention of a possible secession has cropped up more than once. My opinion? Eh! It’s all bluff. Let’s view this realistically.

Let’s say Texas secedes from the Union and becomes it’s own country.

What’s the next step after that? Is the rest of the United States going to become “The Enemy”??

That’s how the world works you know? Countries don’t stand alone. They have allies or they have enemies. If the US is going to be our enemy, that’s stupid! If they’re going to be our ally, then why even bother to secede?

flagsAnyway! The news articles make for interesting reading.

God bless the USA. 🙂



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