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5 English Words That Begin With …

5 English Words That Begin With …

When I was in elementary school as a method of enriching our vocabulary and improving our word skills, the teacher would send us home with a list of about 10 words. The home work assignment was to look up the definition of the words in the dictionary, write down the word and the definition, and write a sentence we made up using the word. Thinking back, it was a good exercise.

alphabet-word-imagesRecently finished watching a K-drama television series about a king who had a dream. He dreamed of a nation where everyone could read and write. Even poor people! Did others oppose his ambitious endeavor? Of course! But he accomplished his goal anyway! He devised a system of 28 alphabets and from those letters, all words could be created. Sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?

Our American English alphabet is 26 letters. Our words are derived from the languages of various civilizations: French, Latin, Greek, languages of the Native Americans, etc. The creation of most of the words we speak rest on 5 of the 26 letters, which we call vowels. A – E – I – O – U. Sometimes the letter Y is considered a vowel. Bur purposes of this discussion we will count it as a consonant.

What do you do when you don’t have the Internet? Oh! I don’t know! Clean your house? Read a book or a magazine? How about … learn some new words? Where’s my dictionary?

Started out entertaining myself by scanning pages of a lexicon and honing in on words I didn’t know. Then I thought to myself, many members of online social communities where I am an active member, are non-English speaking. Why not share my treasure finds with them? There are also some members who speak “the real English”. Per my husband, there’s real English and then there is the English that Americans speak. Those community members may enjoy my findings as well.

So I’ve published this series of short posts. Why isn’t the series longer? Well because I got my Internet back. 🙂 Looked up the meanings of “5 English words”. The pattern if you can’t detect is first vowel in the alphabet paired with the first consonant in the alphabet; second vowel with second consonant; third vowel with third consonant, etc. Similar to my homework assignment from elementary school, wrote down the word and the definition. I did not however use the words in a sentence. Why? Like I said, I got my Internet back! 🙂

Anyway … as I only wrote down the word and the definition, maybe the reader can go the extra step and use it in a sentence. 🙂

One last note. Keep in mind that some of the words you probably won’t use in casual conversation. But if you love to play word games, they might come in really handy! 🙂

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