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HUBPages – Park Your Evergreen Content

HUBPages – Park Your Evergreen Content

UPDATE: March 12, 2016 – This will make the 3rd update for this blog post. Necessary clarifications so as not to mislead potential HUBPages contributors (i.e. authors who might be thinking to sign up to publish articles). Since the acquisition of Squidoo, HP has been in the process of making major changes and one of those improvements is the creation of niche sites.  Looks like it might be a change for the better but too soon to report on it. Bellatory is one of the niche sites.  ~  “Bellatory is Live!”  ~  What is significant to report on is this. Referral traffic has been discontinued altogether. The Author Referral Program is the only one still active. (Source: HUBPages Referral Program.*)  Even with this change the site still has consistent residual income possibilities.  If you want to write for the niche sites, you still have to sign up via HUBPages.

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■  UPDATE: This blog post or content was first published September 22, 2015. However, today – February 10, 2016 – is a milestone day, as my 20th article was approved by the HP editors and chosen to be featured. Whew! If you’re a HUBPages Contributor you know that’s a big deal! Sharing the link.


Who Decided the Great Political Party Divide?

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HubPagesStarted freelance writing back in 2011. It has taken several years to build my online presence. For one thing, there was a learning curve for me. But did a lot of writing in my former job as a civil servant so fortunately the curve wasn’t too steep. For another thing, and this was the discouraging part, some of the sites where my content was published went belly up! Ah well! Each day if life is all about a new beginnings.

My experiences, were they to be measured in dollars and cents, would be deemed “all work and hardly any pay”. But were it to be judged as gainful and productive self-employment with the potential for generating multiple passive or residual income streams, then the observers would be nodding their approval and saying: “Sounds like a plan. Go for it!”

Many online writing communities have exploded onto the scene and most of them offer free sign up, an easy publishing process, and a revenue-share plan. Have tried many of these sites and in my humble opinion, the best place to park your evergreen content is HUBPages.

My earnings come from advertisements on my published HUBs and from my sharing the HUBs of others. Just place your referral tracker in any HUB (or article) you share and you can earn income if a visitor enters the site because they clicked on the link*.

For additional clarification see How to Use Referral Trackers & The HubPages Referral Program. There are lots more ways to earn from your activity. But these two ways are the easiest for me.

To date, my profile displays 19 HUBs (titles listed below). If you create groups to categorize your articles it helps direct traffic to your content. In the dashboard for your account, you organize your writing work into groups. For the external reader, he or she will notice, at the end of each HUB, recommendations for “More in this Series”. Those are suggestions of material written by me and arranged according to my groups.


HubPages (Image credit:

These are my tried and true tips and tricks for successful Hubbing. If they work for me they’ll probably work for you too! Did I mention HUBPages loves bloggers?



GROUP: Movies OR Music OR Books (6 Hubs)

Brief Bio of Voltaire and Intro to Candide

Create Your Own Rainbow and Own It!

True Stories of Ships Lost at Sea

Book Review: Annie and the Old One

Book Review: The Signature of God

My List of the Best Classic James Bond Theme Songs


GROUP: History OR Politics OR Religion (10 Hubs)

The Passion

The Seven Kings of Rome

Illegal Immigration in the USA: A Proposed Solution

The Book of Judges: A Timely Application

Character Study of Twelve Women: Bible Women From Ur to Nazareth

The Sons of Eli and Samuel: Children of Priest, Prophet and Judge

Paul and Friends

Witchcraft: Past and Present

The French Revolution: From Bastille to Bonaparte

No More Whigs


GROUP: Business AND Personal Finance (3 Hubs)

International Real Estate Investing – Awesome Choices!

My Father’s Country: The Bahamas

Online Writing Communities Have Mushroomed


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