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For Home Biz Entrepreneurs | Gleanings: July 2016

The month of July is over and for this month, I gleaned tips and tricks and advice from a savvy Latina homebiz entrepreneur, Sonia Colon. Met Ms. Colon during my years when I was a newbie trying my hand at affiliate marketing, blogging, freelance writing and other work at home projects. It’s good advice for you to subscribe to her blog and receive her tips via eMail, so you don’t miss out.



Blogging, Work at Home and Home Business Tips

Are you a visual learner? They say an infographic is one of the best tools for visual and non-visual learners. At Sonia’s site she has shared many helpful infographics.  Links below lead to 4 that are very useful.

(1) Why Start a Blog?  PROS and CONs ~ My online endeavors did not start with a blog. But blogging was recommended as a means of increasing traffic to my website. The Blog versus Non-Blog infographic spells out plainly that the advantages of supporting your business website with a blog far outweigh the disadvantages.

(2) Keywords!  How often do your hear about sermons about how important they to your being a successful blogger.  yes.  But how do you perform successful keyword research?  Sonia shares 3 Simple Ideas and they’ve been right up under the entire time!  Who knew?  (O.o)

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(3) When it comes to social media sharing, many say they don’t tweet. Can’t figure out why not! It’s super easy to do! If Twitter was so ineffective and inadequate at getting the word out to the masses, why did Donald J. Trump take to it as a key means of communicating to the general public his aspirations to sit in the Oval Office? @realDonaldTrump  Don’t discount that little blue bird! Sonia doesn’t! See her tips on How To Use Twitter Effectively.

(4) Sonia’s 5 Essential Tips to Blogging Success are common sense. Yeah. But it took me years of screwing up blogs to figure them out!  So that you don’t have to go through my painful learning process, just use her infographic as your blog publishing “To Do Checklist”.



Miscellaneous (Lifestyle, Society and Culture, History, etc.)

Austin, Texas is now my home.  As the common expression goes:  “I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could!” 🙂  Not only is a great place to live and/or to go on vacation or pass through on your way to somewhere else, but if you are anywhere near this fun and fabulous city, there is no shortage of great places to eat and also to listen to live music. Sure!  There are other things you can do as well, but who doesn’t like good food and good music? Here are two reliable newsletters that share info about Austin’s incredible eateries and live music shows. Austin is touted as “the live music capital of the world”.  But as soon as we relocated here (back in 1998), first thing I remember my boss saying was this city has great restaurants.  She wasn’t kidding!  

Well that’s it for July. See you next month!


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